Two Hookups With A Black Muscular Fuckbuddy

5 May 2014 | No Comments

Loads 2014-10 & 2014-11

For some reason last week one of my black fuckbuddies just couldn’t get enough of me. It’s always nice to have an ego boost like that – especially when it’s coming from a guy who’s in-shape, muscular and a good piggy fuckbud.

Anyway, Thursday I was going to go to an impromptu gangbang. But the hosting bottom wasn’t giving out a lot of details, so when my black fuckbud hit me up I canceled my invite for the the gangbang and went over to his place. I had a multi-day load and just needed to unload.

Over the years fucking this guy I’ve gotten to know him a lot better than most of the guys I fuck. We chatted a bit before fucking – that can be a problem with some guys since I like anonymous sex, but it wasn’t a problem with this guy. I actually came pretty quickly. The only negative was that I should have asked him for lube – his hole was a bit dry. But since I came, clearly it wasn’t a big deal.

After getting him off, we laid around talking for over an hour. It was nice and relaxed and not really something I do with many guys.

The next day he came over to my place before going to the gym. It was pretty much a repeat (only with more lube and less hangout talking) and I came really quickly – so quickly it was a little embarrassing, but he was happy ’cause he likes going to the gym with a load in his ass. He’s told me before that he likes to see if he can get fucked in the steam room. I’m sure when guys feel up his ass it helps if they notice it’s a bit cummy from another fuck.

Today I jacked off first thing in the morning. I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t get anything done and I really needed to get some work done. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my dick wet. We’ll seeā€¦