Slow Progress @ The Gym

11 September 2014 | 9 Comments

Well, I’ve been going to the gym for about 4 months now. It’s sorta weird – I notice a change. My boyfriend notices a change. But my weight has only gone down 2 or 3 pounds and the body fat percentage my scale reports is pretty much the same – maybe 1 or 2 percent less. The change you see in the pics is sorta minor, but it’s there…

Before - front view After 4 months - front view

Lighting and color are better, and I guess you can see a bit more definition in my shoulders and my gut doesn’t look as big.

Before - side view After 4 months - half turn

Once again – the difference in those pics is slight, but there is progress. It’s like a bit of my weight has shifted from my belly to my pecs and shoulders and I’m just a bit less dumpy.

Where I see the biggest progress is in my ass. I really hated how it looked before, now it’s getting close to “OK” – though it still clearly has a ways to go…

Before shot of my ass My ass after 4 months at the gym

So every so slowly I’m whipping myself into shape. I know I could work harder – both exercise-wise and diet-wise – and get faster results like I did back in 1997, but the pace I’m going is sustainable, and that’s more important than anything. The worst scenario is that I burn out and stop going to the gym.

My boyfriend is away thru Monday morning. Part of me wants to be a big slut while he’s gone, but a bigger part of me just wants a quiet, relaxes, productive weekend. To that end I think I’ll skip the sex party tonight and instead go to the gym and stay in, relax and do a little work. Boring, I know, but in a way body and work come before sex these days. I’ll do some parties on Friday and Saturday…