2015 Year-End Wrap Up

18 January 2016 | 3 Comments

So 2015 was a slow year in some respects, but not in others… I only gave 31 loads last year. That was 2 more than 2014, but generally a pretty slow year. And those 31 loads were spread out over 59 times (sessions) when I fucked guys. So I only managed to cum about half the times that I fucked, which is not good, but more about that in a moment.

The 59 fuck sessions is up from 42 the year before, but there have been better years. 2008 was probably my top year – 67 loads over 89 sessions. But even as recent as 2013 I was did 55 loads over 77 sessions.

BUT where things went way up is in the number of fucks I gave – 176. Basically I went to a lot of sex parties last year where I’d fuck multiple guys in one session. Which also explains why I didn’t cum very often. If I cum early in the night then my dick sometimes things it’s done and stops cooperating – which defeats the point of going to a sex party. On the other hand, when I hold out and don’t cum, by the end of the sex party I usually don’t have enough energy to cum. And the other thing that limits how much I cum is the sex party facilities. I can usually only predictably cum when the bottom is on his belly, and the sex club I go to the most often doesn’t have any beds – making it harder for me to cum.

The other thing that is of note in 2015 is me getting back to the gym (started in 2014, but I managed to keep it going). The problem is that I got a shoulder impingement in late October / early November. It was consistent and concerning enough that I took time off from the gym since so much of what you do at the gym hits the shoulders. But it didn’t repair itself, so in late December I finally went to see a doctor about it. And I started physical therapy a few weeks ago. Bottom line is that I lost some muscle mass because of all that. And I’m now getting back to the gym but at a reduced schedule. My physical therapist has me mostly working my back to get things back in order.

So for 2016 I sorta just want more of the same. It would be nice to get to giving 50+ loads. I think the secret to that is to just force myself to get out there at times when I’m not really feeling like having sex. I mean there are periods of a month or more when I just don’t have sex sometimes. If I can eliminate those periods, my numbers will go up.  And then body-wise I just wanna keep at the gym. Perhaps not as much as I was doing since I’m being productive in my programming for some new sites and don’t want to mess that up. But as I get older I see how important fitness is.