Gave A Bottom His 8th Load Of The Night

11 January 2018 | 13 Comments


Well, 2018 is starting off pretty well. Bred another bottom yesterday. I know 2 days in a row breeding is no big deal, but given my lackluster performance the past year or two, it’s a good sign.

This time the bottom was one of “New York’s regulars”. Usually he gets a hotel room with another bottom and they both take loads. This time the other bottom flaked and it was just him. When I got there there were 2 other tops – a bearish guy, and a really hot, fit Asian guy. Before I’d undressed another top showed up. Best way to describe him is just “piggy” – he had that look about him. (And he had an incredible ass!)

The bottom had to go to go pee right after I got there, when he got back he looked around for the hardest dick and the winner was the bearish guy, so he went and sat on it. Then he started giving the piggy guy a blowjob, so I got around behind and started fucking him. Felt good, but I wanted him on his belly (surprise, surprise), but there was a miscommunication and he got on his back instead. That way just didn’t feel as good. There was no way I was going to cum that way – he just wasn’t tight enough. So I pulled out and the Asian guy started fucking him. Then things switched up a bit and the piggy guy fucked him again.

You get the idea… He was basically just going from hard cock to hard cock and getting fucked (or spit roasted). In the middle of all this another top shows up – so the bottom is servicing 5 guys at once. (Lucky bottom!)

In fairly short order I got another shot at his ass and this time I got him on his belly. The position was a little off (maybe the bed was soft or something), but I still managed to cum in his ass. I wanted to make sure he got every drop so I sorta slow fucked him for a bit after – but not too long since other guys were waiting to fuck him. I asked and he said it was load #8.

I went to clean off my dick in the bathroom and the Asian guy followed me. He’d seemed interested the whole time I was there. He sucked on my dick a bit, but it was too sensitive from having just cum, so I had him stop. I should have gotten his name, number, profile name or something – he was cute.

As I left he was just over an hour into his gangbang. He had 8 loads in his ass and had 4 more tops (so at least 4 more loads) there ready to cum – and he was going to go for another 2 hours. I wonder what his total load count was?