Aging Muscle Queen With A Loose Hole

19 June 2012 | 1 Comment

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Yesterday there was a little window to fuck early in the evening – right after 5… I got on BBRT and there was this guy who looked pretty hot and muscley who was available. It had to be a pump-n-dump since he had to leave his place by 6:30. I left as soon as we confirmed and got down to Chelsea in about 35 minutes.

When I got to his place he wasn’t as good in person as he looked in his pictures, his toenails were painted, and when he opened his mouth his purse sorta fell out. It’s not that he was a flaming queen, but he definitely wasn’t butch. Eh, whatever… It was a pump-n-dump, and even though he wasn’t as hot as his pics, he was still reasonably attractive. Plus, I was there just for his hole…

I’ve been wearing my PA since Saturday, and he wanted me to take it out. No problem… Then he got on the floor and started sucking my cock. Blowjobs just aren’t doing it for me these days and I find it a little embarrassing to get sucked when I’m soft. That, plus the fact that we needed to get things over with quickly… I told him I wanted to rim him.

I should stop and say we were in the living room, not a bedroom… He got on all fours on the ottoman and rimmed him. His hole looked like it had seen some substantial use over the years, but again – perfectly fuckable…

When I got hard I spit on my dick, stood up and slid in. Getting him on his belly just wasn’t an option since we weren’t fucking on a bed. I’ve tried to get guys on their bellies on couches before and it never works all that well.

So I stand behind him and fuck him doggy style. It’s been a little while since I’ve nutted that way. Given the time constraints and the position, I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to cum, but pretty soon I started to get the sensations that told me I would blow my load. Problem was the sensations kept going an going and I didn’t actually feel the load building up in my balls. It was actually a bit weird – I felt like I’d cum any second, but it just went on and on…

It didn’t help that he kept moving a bit. Just as I would feel like I was about to cum he’d move a little and I’d have to work to get just the right sensation again. His hole was pretty loose, but at one point he tried to grip my dick a bit and that did help…

Eventually I did cum. I pulled out my dick after I finished and there was shit on it. HATE that, but on the plus side at least it didn’t stop me from cumming. When I realize a bottom in dirty in the middle of sex that usually kills it for me.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my dick, and as I was getting dressed he started asking about my old neighborhood. I told him how to get to the cruisey park, etc. Those questions and his California phone number makes me think he was a tourist.

The moral of the story is a lot of guys might just write him off for being an aging, muscle queen with a loose hole, but actually there’s nothing wrong with that… He had a good hole on him that got me off – even in a position I don’t usually cum in.

Fucked A Skinny Asian Bottom With My PA

26 July 2010 | No Comments

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Last week I was chatting up this Asian guy on BBRT. He was out of town but said he was planning on coming to NYC the next weekend. All of a sudden he said…

So I just confirmed my trip to NYC this Friday-Sunday. When can we meet? … It was your PA that made the decision point.

From the sound of it he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA. In one way it’s nice, in another it sorta obligated me to hookup with him. (If you’re reading this and thinking of doing something similar – don’t do it – chances are I will not be able to hookup with you).

His pics were just so-so and I wondered what I had just gotten myself into. On the other hand, he wanted to get fucked with a PA and it had been a while since I did that and there were things about him that looked interesting… He was Asian and I like Asian guys. He seemed like he was in reasonably good shape, but not great shape, but good enough. And the part that was most curious was that his profile didn’t just say he was neg, but in his profile text he listed the date of his last test. But he asked me no questions and his “looking for” status was “no preference”. Combine that with his wanting to get fucked by a PA that would probably tear him up a bit and he seemed like a bit of a hungry pig – that much I knew I was going to like.

We exchanged texts and set up a time. I really did get the sense that he came into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA – it was sorta weird. Friday evening I had a barbecue at a friend’s place in Jersey, so we arranged to meet Saturday afternoon.

That morning I decided I’d take a hot bath, try to stretch my PA and get my 0 gauge ring in. It didn’t happen – I didn’t get the 0 gauge ring in until the next day. But I thought it would be cool to  fuck with the additional weight of the 0 gauge. In hindsight it was good it didn’t go in. The 0 gauge has been a little painful as my hole stretches to adapt to it. Probably would have been a really bad idea to fuck with it a few hours after going up to the bigger size. As it turned out this was the last fuck with the 2 gauge – seems appropriate to fuck with it the last day it was in – sorta like a going away party for the ring – lol.

Now my next issue was that my PA is sorta distracting. I don’t fuck with it (very often) ’cause when it’s in I don’t perform as well. So knowing he wanted to get fucked with the PA was a bit of a complication. I decided to do both my herbal stuff as well as a little Viagra. So first thing in the morning I took some of the herbal stuff and then a couple hours before I was supposed to meet him I took about a 1/3rd of a Viagra (maybe a little less). I just hoped it would work well enough…

You’d think if he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me he’d pick a hotel that was easy for me to get to. Instead he picked one down near Wall Street. And then on top of it there was track work and I wound up having to go all the way to Brooklyn double back to get to him. It took a bit over an hour for me to get there. I did feel the Viagra kick in when we got to 59th Street, but by the time I was finally approaching his hotel I was thinking “I hope he’s worth it…” Oh yeah – and the temperature was in the 90’s with high humidity…

Then I get into the elevator at his hotel and realize you need a key card to get up to the guest floors. I texted him to come down. When he got there I was shocked – he was totally cute – unlike his pics, he was quite thin – so thin I’d call him skinny. And his face was so much more adorable than his pics – he looked like a bit of a nerd in his pics. He real life had this hot faux hawk and was 110% my type… Not perfect, but I don’t expect perfection – but he was damn close to it. Needless to say I was glad I bothered to hookup with him.

We get to his hotel room and strip down. He was totally into me (which I always find odd coming from guys who have great bodies), and as I’ve said I was totally into him. I had forgotten that he told me he liked to party. So it turned into a 3way with Tina/Chrissy… But oddly, he did it 3 times while I was there and the interaction with him was completely normal – like he wasn’t doing anything at all. Again, I lucked out… There wasn’t even the weird odor I’ve smelled when guys smoked up before sex – I wonder what it was that he was doing – maybe it wasn’t Tina… Anyway, a minor distraction, but not a problem.

We made out and I felt up his body for a little while. Then he sucked my cock for a few minutes. Then he got on all fours on the bed and I started eating him out. He had told me he took a load earlier in the day, but it was in there pretty deep (or he had cleaned out) ’cause I didn’t taste anything. He had a great ass and I finally got totally hard.

I stood up and started pushing my PA and cock into his ass. It’s always a little tricky getting such a big ring up some guy’s ass without hurting him or me in the process, but I did finally get it up there. I fucked him doggy style for a while, but every time I’d hit bottom in his ass it was a little painful for me as the ring would double back. So I pushed him onto his belly thinking maybe I wouldn’t get as deep in his ass that way.

With him on his belly there was still a little pain but not so much, but what I really noticed was hot small he was underneath me. He felt good… really good… There was something about his body where his hole was just in the perfect place for me. As you might guess, it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load in his hole. Between the Viagra and the herbal stuff I stayed hard after cumming and kept fucking his cummy hole (more slowly) for a while.

Finally I pulled out and he cleaned off my dick (it’s sorta surprising how many guys are into ATM these days – it seems everyone wants to clean off my dick after it comes out of their ass)… And given that my big PA digs up shit even in “clean” bottoms it said a lot about his ability to clean out that he could suck the dick right after it fucked him. Then I got behind him and started eating out his cummy hole. It tasted great… It’s sorta weird tasting my cum when I’m rimming a guy. I had fucked him enough after cumming that he had a fair amount of cum outside his ass – I didn’t have to work too hard to get my fill of cum.

We then laid around for a bit and chatted, cuddled, sucked each other’s cocks, etc. After 20 minutes or so I got hard enough for round two, but I wasn’t totally hard. In the past I’d noticed that my ring would hold my semi-hard cock in a guy’s ass, so I pushed the ring in and fucked him. I wasn’t totally hard and it was sorta an odd fuck. Seemed it was pretty intense for him – probably because my ring wasn’t as deep in his ass and when I’d pull out a bit the ring would stretch his sphincter. For me it wasn’t the greatest of fucks, but he seemed to like it because the PA was causing some pretty intense sensations.

I wasn’t going to cum, so eventually I just pulled out and we went back to cuddling, talking, sucking cock, etc. At this point I asked him what was up with him since he put the date of his last HIV test in his profile but then had “no preference” in for “looking for” status. He misinterpreted what I said and before I got “no preference” out he said “‘don’t care’ – did I forget to change that?” In other words before his test his HIV status was apparently listed as “don’t care”. Anyway, his answer was pretty simple – he had gotten into barebacking, loved it, never wanted to use condoms again and knew he’d eventually become poz. That still didn’t answer my question as to whether putting his HIV test date in his profile was there to attract neg tops or attract gift giving poz breeders. Either way, I didn’t get the sense he was bug chasing so much as just aware it would happen sooner or later and enjoying life in the process.

I seem to get a fair number of guys assuming I’m poz. I wonder if his coming to NYC paying for transportation and hotel mostly just to get fucked by one top wasn’t because he was thinking that being fucked with a big PA would be a memorable way to get pozzed. Thing was, even when we were discussing his status he didn’t ask questions about mine… He clearly just didn’t want to know. There are times when I wish I could be a mind reader…

When we went to fuck the third time I took my ring out. It was a big enough distraction I knew I’d do better without it. I rimmed him little before I started, but by this time his ass was pretty musky from all the fucking and cum, so it really wasn’t that big of a turn on. But when I went to fuck him it was a good fuck. Once again we started with him on all fours. He was jacking his dick, which usually I don’t like, but it wasn’t interfering with anything. Then he stopped and I asked if he had cum – he had. He didn’t ask me to stop, so I pushed him onto his belly and kept fucking him. There was something about his hole that felt incredible. It was cummy and I was going in at just the right angle, and of course like before I could feel how small he was under me. I almost came a second time. In all my preparations for that day I had forgotten my cock ring. Had I remembered it my dick might have been a little thicker and a little more sensitive and I just might have cum the second time. For me it was probably my favorite fuck of the day – even though I didn’t cum.

Afterwards we cuddled and he actually fell asleep in my arms for a few minutes. Eventually I had to go. It had been a busy 2 hours and I needed to get home.

All in all an excellent fuck…

Bred A Big Muscle Bear Daddy

15 June 2010 | 5 Comments

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It’s always weird to do a write up knowing the guy I fucked is going to read it, but here we go… It’s also weird to feel like a tourist attraction. “Yeah, I went to see the statue of Liberty, went to the stop of the Empire State Building, got fucked by rawTOP, and saw Central Park”, but that was sorta the case with this hookup as well. Usually things don’t work out with tourists. They’re just not in town long enough, and to put it bluntly, I have a life and my schedule just doesn’t work with theirs. But yesterday things did work out.

Between medical tests yesterday, I spent the afternoon downtown with Jayson Park – curiously not having sex. We were talking business instead. But talking business while sitting in a public place (Whole Foods TriBeCa) does take a little delicacy when the business is porn (most of the sites I wanted to go to were blocked by Whole Foods proxy server). Luckily Jayson had managed to snag the corner table so we had some privacy. I was sorta hoping I’d have time to fuck someone while I was downtown after meeting up with Jayson. There was this neg, “safe sex only”, vers top I really wanted to fuck, but he wigged out on me when I got serious and gave him my number.

As I was killing the last hour before my 2nd test I logged onto Adam4Adam and BBRT. My iPhone battery was dying, so I didn’t have  much time. Luckily there was this hot tourist muscle daddy who got to the point and gave me the address for his hotel and room number pretty quickly. Mobile interfaces leave a lot to be desired and I could tell he was hot, but couldn’t tell much more about him. I could also tell from how he worded things that he connected me with this blog.

I switch to texting ’cause it takes less battery, and I’m running a little late. He asks me if I like a cummy hole and I say yes. When I show up he’s as hot as I thought he’d be – this big muscular, solid guy with a sexy foreign accent. He had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel around his waist. He was a little shy, which surprised me a little. It was a bit warm, so I stripped down to just my socks (in hindsight that’s sorta a tribute to Jayson since he’s got a white sock fetish, but I didn’t think of that at the time)… He asks me if I like using a hole with another top and I answer ‘no’ mostly ’cause I needed to get home and really only had time for a pump-and-dump.

We start playing, but he’s a little bit tentative. I start playing with his nipples, stuff like that… All the while jacking my dick. I had taken a pill that morning, but didn’t bring a cock ring, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have problems – especially since I’m hit or miss with big, beefy guys, but my dick was getting pretty hard, pretty quick. It helped that it had been 2 or 3 days since I had cum and I hadn’t had sex for over a week since there were a few days there where I was pretty fatigued for some reason.

Finally he sucks my dick. In hindsight I’d been running around in fairly hot weather. I hope I wasn’t too rank down there. Guess I should have asked. He didn’t suck me for very long. When he was done I got him on all fours on the bed and started eating out his ass. He was nice and clean and his hole actually felt good on my tongue. He seemed a bit loose, but not too loose. I remembered what he said about a cummy hole so sucked on him a bit, but wasn’t tasting any cum. I asked if he had loads in him and he said he’d taken 2, but then had to clean out, so didn’t have any in him right then. Too bad.

I stood up, grabbed his lube, lubed up, and started fucking him. His hole really did feel good. I was sorta standing behind him with him on the edge of the bed. I can actually fuck for a long time that way ’cause it doesn’t take nearly as much exertion as when I’ve got the bottom on his belly and I’m lifting my whole body up and down. But I didn’t have a lot of time so I pushed him forward onto his belly since that’s usually the way that makes me cum fastest.

I was a little worried ’cause he was such a big guy and I usually don’t do well with big guys, but things worked really well with him. Looking back I wonder if part of it isn’t the lube. He had Wet Platinum, which is silicone based. I sorta think that might’ve really helped. One way or the other his hole felt perfect, the pressure on my dick was perfect and it wasn’t long before I was blowing a nice big load up his muscle butt.

In hindsight I should have gone down and felched his cummy ass, but I didn’t. I cuddled with him for a few minutes. He was surprised I was “so cuddly”. Actually, I didn’t cuddle with him as long as I usually do.

Then there was a knock on the door. Turns out he had tried to get another guy to come over to give him a quick load so he’d have a cummy ass for me. (Such a good bottom!) That’s what he was asking about when he asked if I liked working over a bottom with another top. Given that things were sorta done, it would have been fine if the guy had come in. I would have gotten into seeing him get fucked by the next top as I was getting dressed to leave. But he seemed to want a little more 1-on-1 time with me, so he told the guy to wait. I figured the guy was going to come back in 15 or 20 minutes, ’cause he was completely unrushed and we continued talking for a little bit longer. I felt like I was the one rushing out of there to get home. Turns out the other top was waiting patiently in the hallway for me to leave. He was a bit younger and pretty cute/hot…

This morning I started thinking… The guy was from South Africa (hence the sexy accent), and I realized we don’t really think about the fact that African guys can get reinfected with HIV when they have sex with American guys. In Africa the dominant type of HIV is HIV-2. In Europe and North America the dominant type of HIV is HIV-1. While it’s almost unheard of to get two strains of HIV-1 or two strains of HIV-2, you can get both HIV-1 and HIV-2. I don’t know what the guy’s status was. His profile just said “Ask Me”. Given that he was about to get load 4, and probably got more loads later that night, and presumably had gotten equal numbers on other days, I’m assuming he’s poz. If he’s not on meds, then I’d think getting HIV-1 would be a bit of an issue for him. If he was on meds (more likely) then the question is will the meds for HIV-2 protect him by acting as a form of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV-1? What if the US top had a really high viral load – would his meds still be able to protect him? These aren’t things we really think about much ’cause we rarely ever fuck with guys from Africa, but I can see where they’d be issues for African guys who go on sex holidays like he was doing (he started his trip by going to IML).




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