First Load Of 2014 Deposited In Smooth Asian Hole

3 January 2014 | 1 Comment

Load 2014-1

Had a good hookup yesterday with a neg bottom who’s a bit of a slutty cumhole, but really clean-cut appearance outwardly. He’s the Asian guy I fucked last month. He wanted me to come over right as another top was leaving, so he’d get loads back-to-back.

I get to his building and had to wait a couple minutes for the top before me to leave. He was in a nice building downtown – doorman, concierge, etc. When I got up to his apartment I sorta expected him to be naked since he’d just been fucked, but he was fully clothed. His apartment was quite nice, which was a pleasant change of pace from most of the places I see when I fuck guys. Clearly his life is going pretty well.

We strip down pretty quickly and he gets on the bed and throws his legs in the air. That’s when I remembered he’s not really into blowjobs. That’s fine with me – eating out smooth Asian hole is hardly a bad way to work up a hardon. As I rimmed him I was sorta hoping I’d taste the load that got deposited by the other top, but I never did taste anything in particular.

Once I was fully hard I climbed on the bed and pushed into him. His hole felt really good. A little slick (probably from the load in him), but also sorta tight and hitting in the right spots on my dick.

After fucking him briefly on his back, I rolled him over  bit and fucked him on his side. That felt really good and I could start to feel my orgasm building. I didn’t want to rush it too much – figured I’d just take my time (not that I ever take all that long to cum). But I wasn’t quite sure I could cum in that position, so I rolled him all the way onto his belly and experimented in that position until his hole was working my dick just right. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I blew a nice big 3 day load up his ass.

It was good I came when I did. I was sorta out of breath by the time the load came. I laid down next to him and spooned him with my dick still in his ass – just slowly pumping in and out of his cummy hole. We chatted a bit as I felt up his body.

After a little downtime he tried to get my dick up hard enough to fuck, but my load was shot and it wasn’t really happening – close, but not quite. After laying around a bit and chatting I eventually got dressed and left.

He’s a good cumhole – hopefully I’ll get to breed him pretty regularly this year.

Fucked A Hot Young Cub

26 December 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-54

Just had a hookup with this young hot cub. I think it’s hot when I get to fuck guys who are less than half my age and he was that with a couple years to spare. Usually I don’t hookup with cubs. My dick is a little unpredictable with stocky guys, but this guy was really short and just “stocky”, not really “fat”, so I went for it. And I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up. I’d actually put him in the “muscle cub” category – though he wasn’t overly muscular – but he was definitely solid with muscle.

Anyway, one of the things that stood out with the hookup was that he was really detached. He really didn’t talk much at all. He almost never looked me in the eye and when he did he diverted his gaze really quickly. And when he showed up and we got naked he didn’t really go down on me or anything. In fact I started things off by giving him a blowjob. He had a nice cock and he got hard quickly, but he was a total bottom (according to his profile), so it wasn’t about his dick.

After blowing him briefly I told him I wanted to rim him. When I tell most guys that they get on all fours. Instead he got on his back and put his legs up. I didn’t really care what position he was in – I just dove in on his hole. He had a nice, slightly hairy hole. It got me hard pretty quickly, at which point I lubed up my dick and his ass.

I pushed in slowly, and he had no trouble taking me. I then fucked him with his legs up in a missionary position for a little bit. He had been jacking his dick a bit when I was rimming him. That sorta stopped as I fucked him – which was good ’cause I didn’t want him to blow his load.

I then moved him onto his side and fucked him that way. At that point his hole was making my dick feel really good. I was pretty confident I’d be able to cum with him, but I had jacked off the day before so I wasn’t 100% certain I was going to be able to cum.

Then I rolled him some more so he was now completely on his belly. Things still felt really good and it wasn’t long  before I could feel my orgasm building and then I was blowing my load up his ass. As I came thing tingling sensation shot through my body. I think it’s happened before, but it’s been a long long time. It was sorta hot to sort of have a full-body orgasm.

We laid there for a bit and he still wasn’t really talking. I tried to start a little conversation. He answered my questions, but didn’t really help keep things going. Then his phone was going off so he got up, did a little texting, and then got dressed and was on his way.

I’m still not sure what to think of his “distance”. I mean I just don’t know his story. His profile says he’s neg and it’s the say after Christmas. Maybe Christmas didn’t go so well for him and he’s consoling himself by taking loads. Who knows?

He lives in the neighborhood, so hopefully his distance didn’t mean he wasn’t really into me. ‘Cause I’d sorta like to fuck him again in the not-too-distant future.

Two Very Different Hookups

19 December 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-51 & 2013-52

Had two very different hookups last week. The first one was with the black thug that I fucked at the beginning of the year. He was back in town and had been hitting me up wanting my load. I get the sense that we come from very different backgrounds and perspectives. The connection is completely in the sex and in breeding his ass. He was hungry for it and I needed to get off.

It was a pretty routine hookup. He arrived, we stripped down, he started sucking my dick but as usual the blow job wasn’t really doing it for me (I just had a chubby – not a full hardon), so I had him get on all fours on the bed and I rimmed him to get fully hard. I then fucked him on his belly and it didn’t take all that long before I blew a load up his ass. I had taken a Cialis, so I just kept fucking him slowly until my dick finally went down (which took a while). He bills himself as vers, so I was sort of expecting him to jack off, but he didn’t feel the need. Then we chatted a bit, and then he got dressed and took off. The only slightly weird part of it was that he wanted moisturizer when he getting dressed. (Is that a black thing? I think I’ve had some other black guys ask me for moisturizer as well.)

The other guy is someone who’s been hitting me up for a while now – he looks Middle Eastern (comes from a place that is on the edge of the Middle East). I was a little worried about the hookup. He said he’d been parTying (bad sign), and even joked about having me pick up needles for him (I had to stop by a pharmacy on the way there). Guys who slam are generally pretty mess and not the greatest fucks, but I was in his neighborhood and figured “what the hell?”.

I get there and he’s probably 25 or 30 pounds heavier than in his pictures. My dick doesn’t really do well with stocky guys and he was definitely rather cubbish. I mean cubs are cute and he was rather adorable when he was sucking my dick and looking up at me, but that was sorta of strike two. Even though he had plenty of warning on when I’d be there, he wasn’t ready and he left me alone in his bedroom for a while when I got there. I just spent the time jacking my dick. It was a little odd, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was strike three or anything.

He was definitely an eager and enthusiastic bottom. In that way he was a great fuck. But despite his wanting my load and his having parTied, he had issues taking my dick. He kept wanting me to slow down or pull out for a break. That much was sorta typical for someone who’s high unfortunately. I kept trying to cum, but wasn’t having any luck. Tried all sorts of different positions, but nothing seemed to get my orgasm to cum.

Towards the end he got into a little HIV fetish talk. He’s neg and on PrEP but has a fantasy of getting pozzed. That sort of thing might have gotten me over the edge if it had happened earlier in the hookup, but at that point my dick was starting to be uncooperative. We fucked a lot, but I finally just had to say sorry for not cumming, but I need to go.

But then later he texted me saying all sorts of cum was pouring out of his ass. Apparently I had cum in him quite a bit and didn’t realize it. It happens. I just wish I had known I was cumming.

This week I had horrible luck hooking up on Monday. I was going in and out of being horny – with generally isn’t a very good sign for me. When I was horny, no one was interested. When I wasn’t horny guys were hitting me up. In fact two different REALLY hot young jock bottoms wanted me to fuck them, but it happened at a time when I wasn’t really in the mood and they wanted me to travel to them. My mind was willing, but my dick and libido just weren’t cooperating. I wound up just jacking off and collapsing in front of the couch to watch TV.

We’ll see if I get any action today. I’m hoping I get a simple, decent fuck in.


Videotaped A Fuck With A Neg Sub Bottom

28 June 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-25

There’s a sub bottom who’s been hitting me up for a while now. Finally yesterday things worked out and we were able to fuck. What put a smile on my face was he asked if I was going to videotape it. I figured “what the hell… I really should be videotaping more of my fucks”, so I said yes and got things ready.

He had hit me up via text, so I hadn’t gotten a chance to study his profile before he got here. All I remembered was that he was really sub and he’d be up for S/M. He did mention that he wanted to be hooded for the video, so I got out a hood for him and for me as well as puppy mitts for him.

I put a hood him while he was stripping down and then put mine on and turned on the camera. He started by sniffing my pits, and licking me a bit. I had sweat when I did a little tanning before he got there, so I was probably a bit musky – but in a good way (I think). He seemed to get into it.

My intention was to lay back and let him suck me and get me hard, etc. I had gone out to jockstrap night at the Eagle the night before and was still a bit hung over. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to perform. But when I told him to get on the bed he got on all fours with his ass up. That always gets me going, so instead of him sucking on my dick, I sucked on his hole.

Rimming a sub bottom

And of course once I had his hole lubed up with spit the next logical thing was fucking him. I was just shooting with natural daylight so I had to reposition a bit. And I probably should have used some lube, but I just went with spit. There were all these things I wasn’t doing as planned, but it felt right in the moment.

Fucking a sub bottom

One thing I did know was that he was neg as of a test a couple months ago. So I was pretty verbal with him about raw fucking his neg hole. At one point I even said “You want my dirty load up your neg hole boy?” And he came back with “Yes SIR” – like a good sub should always answer. Even though I’m neg it’s always hot breeding neg guys. I love the risk they take getting fucked raw. (But more on him being neg in a bit…)

Even though I’ve been wearing my big Prince Albert lately I took it out to fuck. Guys were tugging on it all night at the Eagle the night before and it was rather sore. And as it turned out it was good I did take it out. Typical for me I came pretty quickly and he got a HUGE 5 or 6 day load. But then when I pulled out I figured out he was dirty. UGH! For being dirty it wasn’t too bad – didn’t get on the sheets or anything. But just imagine if I had been wearing my PA – it would have been covered in shit right then. To complicate matters I had to get the puppy mitts and hood off him while standing there with shit on my dick. Needless to say I did it as quickly as possible.

Don’t get me wrong – “shit happens” – I wasn’t upset with him or anything. It was just a complication. We went to the bathroom and I washed off my dick and gave him a portable douching bulb which he used to clean out some more. Meanwhile I went back to the bed, laid down and jacked my dick a bit.

When he came back I hooded us again, turned the camera back on and we got back down to business. While it was a bit backwards it was at this point we did some foreplay. (Is it still foreplay if it happens after you cum?) He sucked my dick a bit, and licked my pits, etc. As he was licking my pits his cock was rock hard and pushing at my hole. He wasn’t getting in my hole, but he did manage to make it clear that, if SIR wanted to get fucked, it was an option.

Then I moved him around into a 69 position to rim him. Usually guys suck on my dick in this position – and he did a little, but what we was mostly interested in was rimming my ass…

Reciprocal rimming

For a sub bottom he had a rather big top streak in him 😉

After a while I got a bit of a second wind and I put him on his belly and fucked him a bit more. Thing was I had already cum, so it wasn’t the most intense of fucks and I didn’t cum – it was more of a play fuck.

Fucking a bottom on his belly

You can tell in that pic (and one I posted on Twitter) that, while I’ve got a ways to go to be “in shape”, I’m in way better shape than I was a year+ ago. I’ve been a little frustrated since I haven’t lost weight since Thanksgiving, but I do want to get back to the gym in a few weeks with the goal of being a lot closer to “in shape” by MAL in January.

Anyway, getting back to the hookup… We then cuddled a little bit, then finally turned off the camera, took off our hoods and laid there a little more talking, etc. At one point I got hard again and fucked him a bit more (off camera). While I had my dick in him that last time I asked “So I see in your profile you’re neg, but you’re taking raw dick…” He said I was the first guy to cum in his ass in a long time (years) and prior to that he had only gotten bred by boyfriends. There was only one regular fuck buddy he’s been seeing for years that fucks him raw and the guy pulls out when he cums. I was a little shocked – usually I think of barebacking as a one-way street – once you do a bit of it you want more, and then a little more, and a little more, etc. But here was someone who didn’t do that. He said he trusted me because he’s been reading my blog for years and I seem honest – and I’m on PrEP so he was pretty sure I really was neg.

Still, he’s a sub bottom who pokes his rock hard cock at your hole. And he’s a bareback bottom who’s managed to say ‘no’ to more barebacking (at least taking loads). And he’s in a really femmy profession but not femmy himself. He’s definitely got some unexpected elements to him.

Since he’s up for video hopefully we’ll hookup pretty regularly. When I get a chance I’ll edit the video and put the full version on and a shorter clip on

Oh yeah – there’s one hookup (with another neg bottom) that I haven’t written up yet. I think there’s going to be a part 2 to that hookup, so I’ll write it up then.

Twink Asked Me To Pull Out…

16 April 2013 | 3 Comments

Load 2013-15

I know – it’s practically sad that I’ve only given 15 loads so far this year… At this rate I’ll only give 52 loads this year – half what I wanted to give. But I’ve been sick a lot this winter. So if I can just get over all that I should get back in the swing of things and the numbers should go up.

I’m just getting over a head and chest cold. I’m still coughing up phlegm every now and then and wasn’t really all that sure I was up for hooking up, but figured I’d give it a shot anyway. I was supposed to go to a gangbang tonight, but then I remembered I needed to go to a community meeting instead – but then that got scrapped when I had site problems with a new site and needed to stay home waiting for my host’s tech support to fix a couple things. So I’m sitting here writing this post while I wait for them…

Anyway, late this afternoon I looked around a little online for someone to fuck knowing I couldn’t make the gangbang tonight. There were a few options but then this early 20’s twink hit me up. The location in his profile was sorta far away, so I told him I didn’t want to travel that far. He came back saying he was actually close – that he’d moved and didn’t know how to update his location on his profile. That meant he was close enough that I didn’t mind going to him.

We started exchanging texts he he was telling me to be really rough. That was fine with me. So I get there and he’s actually incredibly cute – very much my type. But part of my “rough top” persona is not letting on that I actually like the bottom. A rough fuck should have a mental component – it’s not all about being physically rough. The bottom needs to feel like a hole / a piece of meat.

When I get to his (incredibly small) room he started pulling off my clothes. I got naked and he sucked my dick for a bit. I got semi-hard – but what I really wanted was his ass. So I got him to put his ass in in the air and I started a rough rimming of his hole. I’d bite his hole and sorta chew on it – not enough to make marks or break skin, but enough to rough him up a little bit.

When I was fully hard he got the lube and lubed up his hole and my dick. And I shoved in and pushed him onto his belly. I didn’t ease into it – he wanted rough after all. He tried to twist around and for a bit I fucked him on his back, but then I turned him over and went back to fucking him on his belly.

Problem was I started to smell shit. I didn’t see any, but I knew he wasn’t clean. But I just figured – what the hell – and kept fucking him – it wasn’t too bad… That’s sorta the problem with rough fucks – you gotta be really clean. I’m gonna get in deep and not be gentle about it. If you’re dirty I’ll find the dirt. After a while he stopped things and thought for a second about sucking my cock, but then realized he really wasn’t all that clean and neither was my dick. He used paper towels to clean up a bit and then excused himself and went to the bathroom. I cleaned up a bit more. It wasn’t as bad as it smelled. Everything seemed semi-clean to me (I’ve seen a lot worse).

In a weird way it was good that it he had to go clean out. I had started overheating from the physicality of the fuck and needed some down time. I laid on a part of the sheet I knew was clean and just jacked my dick – keeping it hard until he got back.

When he returned he went back to sucking my cock. Then he had me position myself more in the middle of the mattress and he started riding my cock. He was really going at it. I was sorta ignoring him – letting him do all the work and giving him no feedback. At one point he said he could cum without touching himself, but in the end he had to jack off a bit before he came all over my belly.

When he came I was thinking to myself “I hope you can still get fucked after cumming, ’cause I’m not done yet”. I pushed him down on his belly, spread his legs and went back to fucking him. This time it wasn’t overly rough – though I think he thought it was pretty rough. This time I was focused on having it work for me so things would feel just right and I’d cum.

Well, things did feel good and just as I was starting to cum he said “Don’t cum in me”. I don’t pull out. If you want me to pull out just don’t bother inviting me over. My profile used to be incredibly clear about it – now it’s not quite as clear, but still… By the time I had processed all that in my head he already had some of my cum in him, so I pushed in deeper and blew the rest of my load. I hadn’t cum in quite a few days so he got a nice big thick load up his hot little skinny twink ass.

He looked back at me when he realized I hadn’t pulled out and said “You came in me?” and I said “I don’t pull out. I’m really clear about that…” He seemed sorta pissed and I didn’t really know how things were going to go at that point, so I just got up and started putting on my clothes. I was sorta standing in front of the door, so he couldn’t run to the bathroom and shit out my load…  I did mention “I was tested literally yesterday and I’m neg…” I think that made him feel a little better.

I got out of there as quickly as I could. On the way home he was texting me telling me how he liked how rough I fucked him, that he was sorry he wasn’t clean, and that he hopes we can hookup again. I told him, sure – but I’m not going to pull out…

Looks like I’ve got a hot little twink in the neighborhood that I can make into a cumhole… I bet in a few months he’ll stop asking guys to pull out… 😉

Intimacy With Complete Strangers

10 April 2013 | 3 Comments

Load 2013-14

Apologies for now blogging sooner. Black Party weekend was a bit of a bust. I went out Friday night and did go to a sex party (hosted by Tony Serrano) and did fuck three guys, but I paced myself and then couldn’t cum. Then I went over to the Eagle where I had to wait quite a while to get in. It was supposed to be blackout night, but the lighting seemed pretty normal to me. The place was packed and there was some guys sucking cock, but almost no one was fucking. I got my dick sucked a bit, and sucked a few other guys, but didn’t give or get any loads. I stayed out way later than usual for me that night and it sorta ruined the next day. Then I started feeling a little under the weather. There was one other guy I fucked that weekend, but I just couldn’t cum with him (he was pretty beefy – which is a type I’m hit or miss with).

Feeling a bit under the weather (or a lot under the weather) has been my story for too much of the year so far. If it’s not one thing, it’s another – usually a head cold, but then a couple weeks ago I got what we thought was food poisoning but as the days went by it was more like a gastro bug. Anyway, that cleared up just in time for me to go to a porn conference in Phoenix. One or two guys were a little flirty with me, but not enough that we wound up in bed, and security at the hotel was really tight so I couldn’t have anyone in and without a car I couldn’t travel. Plus, honestly, I still felt a little under the weather and didn’t feel like fucking.

That means it’s been almost 3 weeks since I gave someone a load – that’s not good… So I’m now trying to get back in the swing of things. I still cough a lot – guess I should go see a doc – and I feel a little run down, but trying to fuck at least a little.

Anyway… on to the fuck story… 😉

One of the things I love about anonymous sex is how surprisingly intimate it can be. Innocently85 posted a message on Breeding Zone saying he was neg in NYC looking for loads…

Just moved here and looking to be used by raw tops. Free any evenings and weekends. Total bottom, easy going, love being made into a pig and used hard. 27, 5’10, 150, blonde/blue. Live alone, love to play around or just put my ass out to be dumped in.

When I looked at his pics I remembered talking to him in the past. He was sort of a boy-next-door type. While he didn’t post in the bug chaser section, a post like that on Breeding Zone indicates at least that he doesn’t care if he gets pozzed. And his BBRT profile had “don’t care” for “your status”. While my last test was just over a month ago and it was neg, I gotta say I get turned on by the idea of pozzing someone. So it was a pretty big turn on to fuck him and think about knocking him up.

I don’t usually make plans to hookup, but I did with him. We confirmed the day before and then the day of. He was so accommodating. I told him I wanted it to be pretty anon – at least initially… I wanted him ass up on his bed in a darkish room. And that’s exactly what I found when I got there…

Innocently85's ass

I stripped down – he had the window open and it was a bit cold, but I knew that would keep me from overheating. I rimmed him for a bit and then took some pics of his hole and my dick pushing in his ass…

Fucking Innocently85

I had taken a Cialis the night before and my dick was really hard. Plus, anonymous dark room scenes just turn me on – especially when it’s a neg bottom who is willing to give you pretty much anything you want. 😉

I got him onto his belly and started fucking him. His hole felt good. It had been a few days since I’d cum, my dick was hard as a rock and the hole felt good… I couldn’t ask for more… 😉  I almost expected to cum immediately, but it took a little while – though not long. But he definitely got my load.

After I came I just kept fucking him. It felt good and my dick almost refused to go soft. After a little bit I rolled on to our sides and continued to slowly fuck his hole as we spooned. That went on for a LONG time and he seemed to like it. I’d slowly caress him as I pumped his ass. It was a pretty intimate and connected moment. It’s sorta funny how you can have those moments with complete strangers. But I think it’s one of the healthier parts of bareback sex. Cumming in someone’s ass (or having someone cum in your ass) is such an intimate act – but it’s often done in rather sleazy settings. I mean the bottom in this case hadn’t even seen me yet, but he had my load in his ass and there I was caressing him as I continued to fuck him… There’s something about those moments that are really special.

The only negative in the whole hookup was that he had shaved at some point and was really stubbly all over – especially his chest which I had my arm wrapped around. Stubble is temporary, so it’s not a big deal. But my suggestion for guys like him is to buy a beard trimmer and trim your body with that if you don’t want to look so hairy. I mean – some of you are pretty hairy – just own that fact – but don’t try to be smooth – it’s just not who you are. Actually, knowing him and how submissive/passive he is – some top probably shaved him or told him to shave. So I don’t even blame him for the situation – and again… it’s distracting, but not a deal breaker…

Finally my dick got soft and came out of his ass and we laid there and cuddled for a bit. Then I tried felching him, but the only thing on the outside of his ass seemed to be lube – nothing tasted like cum. Which is fine – I’m glad my load was deep inside him absorbing into him.

Finally I told him I was going to go. At which point he asked “Can I see you?” He had intentionally not looked at me – knowing I wanted anonymous sex. He didn’t have to go that far, but he did… It was sorta cute and hot… I said sure and for a couple of minutes we were face to face looking at each other, then I got up and dressed and left.




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