Fucked 16 Guys In 5 Hours @ CumUnion

2 July 2013 | 8 Comments

I had SO much fun at CumUnion on Saturday night! I didn’t cum, but who gives a shit? It was just hour after hour of fucking – with a nice variety of of guys. As you can see from the title I fucked 16 guys. The space has a maximum capacity of 160 but 175 different guys were there over the course of the evening. So I basically fucked 1 in 10 attendees. If you were there and bent over taking dick and loads chances are I had my dick in you.

I actually lost count a few times so 16 is an estimate, but pretty close. And then there’s the issue of fucking a guy who’s bent over sucking someone’s dick and then later you wonder “was this the guy I was fucking earlier?” After all you don’t always see the guys clearly – they’re just a hole for your raw dick at times.

And I could have fucked even more. My dick would perform pretty well, then go soft for 15 or 20 minutes, then perk up again for a while, then go soft for a while. It was like that all night. During some of those down times there were some bottoms who wanted me to fuck them, but I wasn’t up for it at that particular moment. One in particular was one of the hottest guys there (IMHO). He was this smooth mid-to-late-20’s Latino. Nice slim body. When he first came in I swear he got fucked by guy after guy for probably 30 minutes. I stood in line to fuck him, but some of the tops were taking a long time so I went to look for other hole. Later he would have bent over for me, but the timing was wrong. The best part was he was versatile. Had a nice average sized dick on him and at one point I was laying on this “thing” (don’t know how to describe it) catching my breath and cooling down (since it was the coolest part of the place) and he was fucking this hot bottom right next to me. I love it when cumdumps are actually vers and share all that DNA they get.

Before that guy showed up the guy I thought was the hottest guy there was this really little Latino guy. I mean he was clearly under 5′ tall. A lot of guys who are that tall have weight issues, but he had a great little body. The size difference between us was sorta hot. The only down side was that I don’t think he realized how much I was into him. We kept being flirty, but he was a little hesitant about actual action. Finally I saw this other guy fucking him, so I knew he was up for getting fucked. A little later I came across him and turned him around and guided my raw dick up his ass. He took it like a good bottom. The position was a bit off so it wasn’t as good as I might have hoped, but it was hot. I mean it’s not very often that you get to fuck someone who’s like 4’9″ – I mean that’s the average height for a 9 year old – it’s a little pervy when you think about it. At one point I almost leaned over and told him that I thought he was the hottest guy there, but I didn’t do it. In hindsight I should have. I think he needed the ego boost.

Most of the black guys there tops. But there was one black jock who was flagging light blue right (cocksucker) who I saw bent over getting fucked. Immediately I wanted to fuck him, but he was busy and hard to get to. But maybe 20 min later the stars aligned and he bent over for me. He had one of the best holes there. I actually got close to cumming, but unfortunately I didn’t. Still, he was probably my best fuck of the evening.

When I got there initially I wore my big Prince Albert. And I fucked maybe 4 or 5 guys with it. EVERYONE seemed to want to touch it and the bottoms wanted to feel it up their ass. But all the tugging on it made it sore and I had to take it out. I tied it really tight to my boot laces and continued on with the evening. But I gotta say I get the same reaction at the Eagle on jockstrap night. I’ve gotten in the habit of letting the ring poke out of the edge of my jockstrap. Everyone looks and everyone who’s even somewhat bold wants to play with it. It’s a great way to get action 😉

The one disappointing fuck of the evening was this mid-20s twink. Cute as a button. Looking at him I’d guess he was a recent ivy league grad or something. Looked completely clean cut and innocent – except for the fact that he was bent over letting anyone and everyone fuck him. Problem was he had really long legs and he didn’t bend them very much so his hole was too high for a lot of guys. The first time I fucked him he was sucking some guy’s dick. He kept moving around positioning himself for the cocksucking which would throw me off. All in all he just never focused on the needs of the guys fucking him. Needless to say he wasn’t getting fucked as much as he might have if he had been a better bottom.

In the entire time there I think only one or two bottoms said they wouldn’t fuck raw – so clearly the fact that CumUnion is promoted by sites like BBRT and my Breeding Zone helps keep it pretty bareback. In the ads for the one this coming Saturday they’re designating this small loft-like room as the cocksucking and safe sex area. But it wasn’t a safe sex area this past week – I fucked a fair number of guys raw up there.

Let’s see – other memorable bottoms… One was this skinny tall Asian guy – probably on the young side of mid-20s, but might have been pushing 30 – couldn’t quite tell. He had this really small dick that almost never got hard. I think I was his first fuck of the night and I fucked him with my PA. He wanted it, but as I was pushing this huge ring in his rather tight hole I was wondering whether it was going to work. But he was a good bottom. He put up with my ring and later in the evening I saw him legs up on the medical exam table getting fucked by top after top for probably 30 or 40 minutes solid. He was clearly a “power bottom”. A power bottom with a tight hole is a great combination. He’s another guy I wish I had given my number to – I’d like to fuck him again and give him a load.

There were plenty of other bottoms who I fucked. One guy was this tall, somewhat ‘thick’ guy who couldn’t take my PA, but as soon as he saw it was out his face lit up and he wanted me to fuck him. Then there was this really really skinny guy. He must have had a 24″ waist. And there was the older poz-looking guy who was smooth all over with really pronounced nipples. He had a rather large bottle of lube in his boots. It was funny seeing someone pull out something so big given that everyone was naked. There were a few average stocky-ish bottoms who were good cumholes.

I had taken a Cialis earlier in the day, and then I drank a 5 Hour Energy right before I got there. I had never tried one before. True to it’s name it gave me almost exactly 5 hours of energy. But when the 5 hours were up I could feel it. My dick just refused to get hard again. It was over, so I finally just left and went over to the Eagle. One of the bartenders there had told me he’d give me a VIP card next time he saw me and I wanted to go pick it up at a time when there were no lines. It was after 2am so I was expecting there to be a fair amount of action going on, but I was surprised. There was a little cocksucking in some of the corners, but that was about it. I was really disappointed. There’s way more action with a smaller crowd on jockstrap night. I guess the moral of the story is if you want guys to get sexual make them go naked (or close to it).

On that point I’m sorta rooting for Anthony Weiner for mayor right now. I’m hoping with his sexual history he won’t be a prude when it comes to sex in bars. It’s really pretty lame that you can’t fuck in NYC bars and clubs these days – and the bathhouses suck. We need a mayor who will make enforcement of other things a higher priority and lay off a bit when it comes to consensual sex between adults. (Or, it could be that with his sexual history Weiner will over-compensate and keep the crack downs up – who knows?)

I’d sorta like to go to CumUnion again this Saturday, but chances are the boyfriend will want to do something. Can’t abandon him two Saturdays in a row…




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