Michael Musto @ The NYC Eagle

27 July 2009 | 2 Comments

Guys at the NY Eagle bar

Went to The Eagle last night after going to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was threatening to rain but the roof deck was packed with people. We managed to find a decent place to stand and other than dealing with people who were too drunk to observe NY norms of personal space it was pretty good. However, there was one guy behind me that kept backing into me hard enough that I’d just about spill my beer. Had he actually made me spill it I was tempted to pour the rest all over him…

Anyway, we’re standing there and who’s standing directly in front of me next to the bar? Michael Musto – the long-time, iconic Village Voice reporter for NY’s gay scene. And he looked just like he did 18 years ago when I came to NY – same signature glasses, and horror of horrors the same sweater thrown around his shoulders he used to wear back when it wasn’t out of fashion. It was like he was some sort of yuppie from the ’80s. You have to realize – it was hot and muggy yesterday and threatening to rain. Any sort of sweater was inappropriate given the weather, and doubly inappropriate given that the Eagle is supposed to be a leather bar. But that’s just Michael.

After it started sprinkling we stayed on the roof deck when most people ran downstairs, but then it turned into a solid rain and the tree we were under stopped being an effective umbrella, so I went downstairs and got another beer from my favorite bartender (the one with the fuzzy beard – who has a thing for other guys with fuzzy beards – he even remembered my drink order). Then I went over to the cruisey area by pool table and bathrooms.

Along came Michael Musto and his sidekick – this tall thin guy who was wearing a golfing hat. It was like the tall thin guy was Michael’s scout or something. Despite the golfing hat (which he didn’t wear 100% of the time) the tall thin guy was at least dressed more appropriately. At one point he was directly in front of me and in the darkness it looked like he had a poka dotted blue hanky in his left pocket. In other words he was flagging bareback top… But it was dark and I’m not sure I saw things all that clearly.

But the funny part was how they were acting. Two masculine guys were making out in the corner and both of them were totally titillated – they couldn’t stop looking and were practically giggling out loud like teenage school girls. Then the tall thin guy discovered the rather tame sex going on in the bathroom and pulled Michael in to observe. We were leaving, but I was tempted to turn around and go into the bathroom with Michael an come onto him just to see what he’d do. He’s always an observer and (as far as I know), never a participant. What would he have done if I had come onto him? Something in me would like to be able to say I felt up Michael Musto…  But I didn’t…

After I had left I realized one of the guys I follow on Twitter (ajinnyc7) had been at The Eagle that night as well. Small world, too bad I didn’t see his tweet while I was there… And then I found out a piss bottom I’ve hookup with in the past was there as well trying to get guys to fill up his cup in the bathroom (didn’t see him though)…

Looking at the crowd last night made me want to make and sell t-shirts… We could use some t-shirts that identify us as barebackers – especially ones that others won’t necessarily understand. (Like “well bred” or “breeder”). Told my bf about the idea and he wants to screen print them. So I think we could make it happen….




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