Bottom Worked HARD For The Load

21 September 2012 | 4 Comments

Load 2012-47

There’s another couple hookups I have to write up from Wednesday, but let me tell you what happened last night…

Yesterday I woke up with a hardon that wouldn’t go away. I had taken a Cialis the day before and as typical Cialis seems to give me the biggest boners the next day. I couldn’t hookup until the afternoon but when I looked in the afternoon no one was available. Around 5 or so there was suddenly a flurry of guys who wanted to hookup. I’ve learned in the past you go with whoever commits first. (A bird in the hand, is better than 2 in the bush).

My bird in the hand was a mixed race guy with a stocky build. Of course just after I told him to come over this smooth, young, muscular blatino guy wanted to come over… But that was just too bad…

I’ve been paying a little more attention to Adam4Adam lately. There’s a lot of guys on there who say “Neg, Safe Sex Only” and then tell me they have no problem barebacking. My mixed race guy was one of those. When I asked about bareback he said “Yes, you’re neg, I am.” Thing was, he didn’t actually ask me my status. He was going off my stated status on my profile and we all know how accurate those are.

Around the time I was telling him to come over I was noticing the raging hardon I had all day wasn’t there anymore. That concerned me a bit… But more about that later…

So he shows up, he’s stockier/beefier than I usually hookup with, but still attractive. Even though he’s mixed race, he looks black (it feels like I’m fucking a lot of black guys lately). Then I notice he’s nearly fully hard and not even touching himself, while I’m completely soft. Ugh… I really didn’t want to have to deal with my dick not cooperating…

He immediately gets on his knees to suck my dick, and I let him for suck for a little bit. But I knew that was going to go anywhere, so told him I wanted to rim him. He gets on his back and throws his legs in the air and I dive in. I couldn’t quite tell how clean he was, so I didn’t really suck on his hole. It was more of a “polite” rimming.

That got me to about 80% hard, so I got up, lubed my dick and started fucking him figuring I’d get fully hard as I fucked him (it usually works). But the problems I’ve had with beefy guys in the past came into play. It was hard to find a position that rubbed my dick the right way. The best position I could find (him on his belly, legs together), just wasn’t doing it – I couldn’t get in deep enough.

I give him the best fuck I can manage and when I get worn out I stop and we roll on our sides and I continue pushing in and out of his ass. But it turns out he’d rather suck my dick, so he pulls off me and cleans off my dick and continues sucking. (That answered my question about whether he was clean or not). He sucked and sucked and sucked. I realized he was a very oral bottom. I ranged between about 40% hard and 80% hard – the dick wasn’t really cooperating, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. At one point he licked my balls and my taint while I jacked my dick. That got me pretty hard…

Finally I told him I wanted to rim him some more. This time I did a better job rimming him, but just didn’t get hard enough to fuck. I was just about to give up and call it a night, but he got me on my back and started sucking my dick again. Then he had a stroke of genius – he decided to 69 me – me rimming him, him sucking me.

I went to town on his hole now that I knew it was clean. I really started sucking on it. After a few minutes of sucking ass the coolest thing happened – his ass lips started to get puffy and prolapse a bit. I think that’s the right term – basically they started extending out and actually got a bit hard. I’ve never had sex with a woman, and know almost nothing about female anatomy, but I’ve always heard the clitoris is a bit like a little dick. That’s sort of what his prolapsing hole became – it was actually a bit hard – it was like I was sucking on a really small dick – only it was his ass. I’ve never really experienced that with anyone else – it was sort of weird. It was totally cool and a huge turn on (I’m getting hard thinking about it).

Needless to say my dick responded and after a bit I realized he was choking on my dick as he tried to deepthroat it. I let him have some fun for a bit and then said I wanted to fuck. I put him on his belly, legs together and start fucking him. There still wasn’t a lot of sensation, but my dick was harder and hence longer, and so I was going deeper. There was just enough sensation – especially when I did longer strokes and fucked him harder. So fuck harder is exactly what I did. My mind went to him assuming I was neg ’cause my profile said I was neg and then to the flu-like illness I just had a few weeks ago. While it probably wasn’t fuck flu, I can’t rule that out. It was sort of hot thinking I could be blowing a toxic load in his hole. With all that going through my mind I didn’t cum quickly, but eventually I did feel the load building up and I was able to blow in his hole. Not the biggest load (since I’d cum the day before), but big enough to do the job. 😉

After I came he wanted me to stay inside him while he jacked off. It took quite a while for him to cum, but he did eventually cum. As he came his hole tightened up and pushed out my semi-hard cock.

As we lay next to each other we got to talking – and he was quite the talker – he sorta had verbal diarrhea. But what he was saying was pretty interesting and relevant to my experience living in Harlem (he grew up in a similar neighborhood and was telling me stories about what it was like as a black man to grow up in a place like that). Eventually things needed to wrap up, so I turned on the light, and then started getting dressed while I continued to listen to him. He got the hint and got dressed himself, and that was the end of things.

So this is one hookup where I was glad to not be with a submissive bottom. If he hadn’t worked and been so insistent about keeping things going I probably wouldn’t have cum and I definitely wouldn’t have figured out the joys of a slightly prolapsed hole. 🙂




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