Morning Fuck Of Skinhead Bottom

1 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-26

The last two months have been good for fucking. In the last 59 days I’ve fucked 19 guys – so just about a fuck every 3 days, or just about 10 fucks a month. And, other than the lame “raw” sex party where the bottom I fucked wanted me to rubber up, I’ve cum every time (even came twice with Drew Vergas). In fact so far this year I’ve already given 3 more loads than I did in allĀ  of last year (it wasn’t the best of years). And I’ve beat 2006 & 2007 (which were the first years I started keeping track – and sorta slow years0. If I can keep that pace up I’ll average 100 fucks and loads a year – which has always been a goal of mine… The most loads I’ve given in a year was 67 (in 2009) – even with the slow start this year I could beat that number.

And that’s been despite some obstacles – like workmen in our place just about every day (it’s sorta hard to host when you might be walked in on or be heard). The other obstacle is they still don’t have our A/C working yet and without going into detail, we can’t just throw an A/C in the window. The heat’s been brutal and it just drains energy out of you. Needless to say I have zero sex drive when I’m that hot. I’ve had guys say “I have A/C, come over”, but honestly, it take a couple hours in the cold for me to regain my sex drive. It’s not like I want to sit around talking to a bottom for 2 hours while I get in the mood. Given that I like pretty anonymous fucks, that would be rather counter productive.

So when it’s hot I’ve been looking for fucks first thing in the morning when it’s still sorta cool. This morning I got hit up by the “skinhead” I fucked 3 weeks ago. I told him I could be there in 45 min, but then just as I was leaving I remembered I didn’t write down his address, so I checked my email and there was a message saying come a half hour later – he was gonna get another load really quickly before I came over. That was fine with me for a couple reasons – 1) I had taken a Cialis and it would give it more time to kick in, and 2) I’d much rather fuck a cummy ass.

I get to his place a little early so I send him a message but he doesn’t reply until a couple minutes before I was supposed to get there. I go up (he’s in a 5th floor walkup – not the most fun on a hot day), when I get to his door it’s ajar, so I just go in and lock it behind me. Like last time he’s on the bed ass up. He looks back briefly and then just puts his head down. He hat turned his A/C off – so there was some residual coolness but it was pretty warm. I strip down ’cause I know I’ll never last in the heat with any clothes on.

When I’m ready I get him to scoot back so his ass is on the edge of the bed. It’s a little awkward ’cause he doesn’t have a box spring and his bed was made for one so the wood on the side goes higher than the mattress. But I make it work. His hole was lubed and unfortunately I sucked and sucked on his ass, but never did taste the load he just got. I don’t think he got the hint that he should push some cum out. [Bottoms – if a top is literally sucking on your ass and you’ve got cum in there – be nice and push some out…]

curved barbell in prince albert piercingWhen I went to fuck him I had the curved barbell in my PA, not a full ring (see picture to the left). He mentioned it had been a long time since he’d gotten fucked with a PA. I pushed in pretty hard, but I just couldn’t get my dick in. I’ve done 3 fucks with the curved barbell lately. I had problems getting in the first time too… I think what’s happening is that the ball on the barbell is pushed in my dick at the tip and then that pushes the ball out on the underside of my dick. The ball protrudes so far from my cock that it makes it nearly impossible to get in a tight ass.

So I took out my PA. He flipped over on his back, put a pillow under his ass, and threw his legs in the air and I pushed in that way. Despite the fact that he’s a load collecting slut, he was pretty tight (usually guys like that aren’t all that tight).

After a couple minutes of fucking him missionary style, I rolled him over and shoved back in. By this time I could really feel the load in him he got earlier. His ass was this silky hole that felt great on my dick. I gotta say, I love sluts like him who live for cum in their ass. They’re a lot of fuck to fuck.

It didn’t take long to cum. I could feel it boiling up and had to stop and then spurt after spurt poured into his butt. It had only been 3 days since I came, but I think I gave him a nice big load.

After I came I rolled over and pumped his hole with my still-hard dick (thank you Cialis). It wasn’t tender like it usually is with other bottoms – there’s something about him – he’s not someone who seems like he’s about tenderness and “the connection” – to him the connection is the moment he gets the load.

After a few minutes of pumping his ass my dick was starting to deflate so I let it pop out and then I got up. As I was getting up I leaned over and took a few sucks on his cum-filled butt. It tasted really sweet. (I LOVE felching loads. Then I got up and started putting my PA back in and we started talking a bit – I asked about his other load – seems his ex is in the neighborhood and calls when he needs to unload.

I was pretty sweaty and so he pointed out which towel I should dry off with. The interaction with him was interesting – his persona when you just see him is a bit tough – which is why tenderness wasn’t really on the agenda. But when he spoke he was “clearly gay” – I don’t mean feminine – just not all that “straight acting”. It was a twist I wasn’t quite expecting and it made him a bit more multifaceted and interesting..

At one point he turned to walk back into the bedroom – he was naked and he had the most perfect hairless ass… And his body was lean and slightly muscled. It was a good visual.

Quickie Pump-N-Dump With Skinhead(ish) Bottom

11 June 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-19

Back when the bathhouses in NYC used to be good (15+ years ago), Monday nights were always one of the best nights. Guys who didn’t have sex over the weekend would be there to make up for their (sexually) uneventful weekend, and since they were a bit overdue for hooking up, they weren’t overly picky…

These days you don’t have to wait for Monday night – Monday morning can be a good time to hookup as well. I hadn’t had sex over the weekend. I thought I was going to fuck on Sunday so I took a Cialis Sunday morning, but then plans fell through. So this morning I just needed to fuck since it had been 5 days since I last came.

This hot guy contacted me on BBRT, and within just a few emails I had his address and I was out the door. I get to his building and realize he’s in a 5th floor walkup (ugh!). After hauling my ass up all those stairs, his door was ajar. I let myself in and found my way back to his bedroom. There he was naked, ass up on the bed, with a hot little jock body and a hole that looked like it had seen some serious use. His head was pretty much shaved and he had this big tattoo that made me think “German Nationalist”…

He didn’t have A/C on and it was warm, so I stripped down and started eating out his ass, unfortunately it was greasy with lube. I should mention, at this point he hadn’t even looked back to see who I was, but as I was eating his ass, he decided he wanted to suck my dick. My dick was “chubby” but not fully hard. I let him suck for a little bit, but I really just wanted to fuck.

I turned him around and he propped his ass up on pillows – it was actually a bit too high, but I pushed in. I fucked a little bit that way, but it wasn’t really a good position. I pull out and start pulling the pillows out from under him and then he started changing positions completely – he gets on his back and throws his legs up. I push back in and with every thrust his head hits the headboard, so he cocks his head a little bit and we keep fucking (actually I never slowed down – he picked the position – it was his problem). Then he pulled a pillow from next to him and put it over his face. He had said he wanted an anonymous fuck. Usually guys who want anonymous don’t pick missionary position – guess he finally figured out face-to-face wasn’t anonymous. Around this time I start firming up something I was wondering earlier – most likely he was tweaking – he’s just distracted and thinking about everything else except the dick in his ass…

It’s rare that I cum in the missionary position, so I roll him on his side, but what I really want is him on his belly. In all honesty I’m worried I’ll overheat and be useless sexually and never cum. It was hot and as a bear I’ve got a bit too much “insulation” for warm rooms.

I reposition him on his belly, push in and just get to work. A few minutes later I felt my load coming. It didn’t cum right away – I had to stop and then my load came. I couldn’t see it (obviously), but it felt big and thick (after all, it was a 5 day load).

We hadn’t spoken a word, and his putting the pillow over his head had told me all I needed to know – he wasn’t looking for conversation – he was only looking for a load and now that he’d gotten the load it was time for me to leave. I got dressed as quickly as I could and headed out the door. We never did say a word to each other.

All in all, a good start to the week.




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