Bred A HOT Bottom

10 January 2018 | 8 Comments

Load 2018-1

I know I’ve been really really horrible about maintaining this blog. My New Years Resolution is to breed more asses and when I’m breeding regularly it’s fun to talk about it. So you should see more blog posts…

Last year I did a bunch of sex parties, but rarely cum when I’m standing up with the bottom bent over, so I did fuck 95 holes last year, but only managed to cum 18 of those times. If I put my mind to it I should be able to double that number this year pretty easily (hopefully get closer to tripling the number).

The first hole of the year was this hot, 30ish guy. I’ve always heard guys look best they ever look around the age of 30, so it’s a fun age to fuck. He first hit me up in July saying he’d gone off PrEP and wanted me to fuck him with my PA. There are a lot of guys who fantasize about being bugchasers – they’ll talk the talk, but then get cold feet. Off PrEP and wanting a rough fuck sure sounded like he was in bug chaser mode to me. And on top of everything else he said he had a boyfriend who didn’t know he was getting fucked and could only host during the day. Things didn’t work out in the summer, but then I heard from him again in November, and then yesterday he gives me the room number at a hotel near where he said he lived.

I’ve started cycling a lot, which means I’m FINALLY losing weight. [More on that in another blog post, maybe. Bottom line I’m not the bear I used to be.] Anyway, my plan that evening was to cycle to my gym in Midtown, then go to a meeting nearby, and the guy’s hotel was right on the way. So I left 20 minutes early to give me enough time to fuck him. I hadn’t actually got a response from him saying the time was good when I left, but by the time I got to midtown and checked he’d said the timing was perfect.

And I hadn’t really taken the time to study his profile and my notes on him before I left. All I knew was he seemed like he’d be a good fuck. I get to the (rather nice) hotel, go upstairs, and found his door ajar (as I’d suggested he do). I pushed the door open and there he was naked on the bed. He was actually much hotter than I was expecting. Quite smooth, lightly muscled, and very fit.

He flipped over and got on all fours as soon as I opened the door. At the time I didn’t know what to think of the look on his face. He didn’t really smile, so I was thinking maybe he wasn’t into me. I wondered if he was expecting me to be hotter or something.Β  His smooth perky ass looked absolutely perfect, and he presenting it for me to fuck, so I really didn’t care if he was into me or not. I just wanted to give him my load.

I unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants and then fumbled around in my bag to find my cockring. Then I started rimming him. His ass was perfectly smooth and muscled enough to make it perky. And best yet, not a hint of mustiness. I wondered if there were other loads in there, but couldn’t taste any.

Then when I was hard enough to fuck I stood up and pushed my dick in (still fully clothed). His hole felt really great. I almost thought I might be able to cum in that position (doggy), but didn’t want to take any chances so after a bit I had him get on his belly. It actually didn’t feel quite as good as it did with him on all fours, but I just stuck with it and it wasn’t long before I gave him a nice big load.

My dick seemed clean, but just in case I wiped it off with his sheets πŸ˜‰ He flipped over and again I couldn’t tell what he thought of the fuck. He seemed a bit indifferent.

Then I gathered up my stuff and left. The total encounter was maybe 5 minutes. Definitely less than 10 minutes. I then stopped at a table in the hallway to put my coat on and get ready to do the next leg of the bike ride to the gym.

When I got home there was a message from him saying it was hot and the first time he’d knowingly taken a poz load. It was at that point when I understood his indifference. It wasn’t indifference – it was ambivalence. He was probably numb from the idea that with that fuck he was committing himself to possibly getting pozzed. It’s a big step and I can totally see a bottom seeming ambivalent the first time they actually go through with it.

I just hope the desire for poz toxic cum grows in him and he keeps seeking it out. And if he wasn’t actually off PrEP I hope he takes that step too. Clearly at least part of him wants to be poz, otherwise he wouldn’t have hit me up and said the things he did. And he wouldn’t have knowingly sought out his first poz load. (My dick is hard thinking about him getting pozzed 😈 ).

[And for the record, IMHO, some – probably most – people should stay neg and with PrEP they can. But when poz becomes your fetish – the thing you think about when you’re jacking off – then, for those people, yeah, I totally think they should get off PrEP and get their asses pozzed. It suits them.]

Old Fuckbud Still Hot As Ever

5 June 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-17

The very first entry in my spreadsheet of fucks was this hot Korean guy who I fucked back in January of 2006. (It’s just the first in the spreadsheet – hardly the first guy I fucked). My load was the first one he ever took, which was sort of a cool way to start the spreadsheet. I LOVED fucking him back then. He had this perfect body – slim, but muscled, and a great hole.

I fucked him another time in 2008, but we haven’t fucked since – until this past Sunday and once again he was a hot fuck. The years have been kinder to him than they have to me. I’m a lot more of a bear than I was back then. He’s not quite as muscley – now he’s more just smooth and lean – but he’s still totally my type…

A few years ago I noticed his profile status changed from “neg” to “not sure” and then to “undetectable”. It’s a progression… Being a neg top I’m often fucking guys when they’re first starting out with bareback. When I give them a load I know they’ll want another load, and then another… After a few years (if not sooner) their status changes…It’s just the way it is…

Anyway, this time I go down to his building and there’s a doorman out in front. That’s a bit of a problem ’cause I forgot his name and he didn’t give it to me again. I check and he’s offline. I’m pretty sure I have his name/number in my phone from years ago, so I start going through my address book. As I get to the end of the list – there it is… So I go in and tell the doorman the name and apartment number and it turns out he’s lazy and I didn’t really need the name – he has me push the button. Guess he was just outside to get some fresh air.

My fuck buddy meets me at the door stark naked. He’s got this hot little body – he’s just adorable. I strip down. Given that I’ve gained a few since we last fucked, I kept my shirt on – but he told me to take it off.

He wanted porn to be playing on the computer, so while he was picking a video I start eating his ass… He’s so smooth – it was cool. And he was nice and clean – so it was a great hole to eat out.

He then gets on the bed and we wind up with him sorta on his side and me fucking him. His nipple was sort of in the perfect spot for me to suck on a little, so I did… Turns out getting his nipples worked while getting fucked is sorta nirvana for him. I suck on and off (’cause I’m not there to service him), and his hole is feeling SO good on my dick. He didn’t want me to fuck him too deeply, so the shallow strokes helped me last a bit longer.

But soon there was just no way to hold back. I haven’t jacked off for over a month (I only cum when I’m fucking a guy), so I had a 7 day load in me – there’s just no way to hold on for too long when I haven’t cum in that many days and the hole feels that good… I could feel it as I came – he got a big, thick load… πŸ™‚

I slowed down a bit, but I kept thrusting in and out of his ass. Finally I spooned with him and kept working my dick up his ass… He was a bit clingy, but not in a bad way – he wanted me to hold him tight, and when my dick finally popped out of his ass maybe 10 minutes later he seemed a little disappointed.

We laid there talking a bit. Then he wanted me to suck on his nipples. He’s aware of the blog and knows that I’m not really into servicing bottoms – so he kept apologizing for asking me to work his nipples. I didn’t mind (much), so I did it for a while until I had sorta had enough.

Then we talked a bit more. Then I got hard and fucked him some more (but didn’t cum).Then I started sucking (and lightly biting) his nipples. I added to that fingering his ass and after a little bit he blew a decent size load on his belly which I licked up. I don’t taste cum often enough…

By that time we were hot and sweaty, so we wrapped things up and I was on my way… It was good to see him again – and see how he’s developed as a bareback bottom.




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