Don’t Invite 3 Tops Over If You Don’t Really Want To Get Fucked

2 August 2009 | 8 Comments

So this past Thursday I had a ton of porn stuff to do – a minimum of 8 blog posts (times two, since I post each of them in two different places). I was trying not to get stressed about it like I usually do and it was generally a pretty good day. But working on porn all day does get you horny and I kept jacking my dick throughout the day.

A guy messaged had me on one of the hookup sites and I told him I’d be available after work. He was in the neighborhood so long story short I texted him and he said he had another top coming over – did I want to join in? I figured, why not. So I headed over. By the time I got there he said the first top (who he’d described as cute, 25, and hung) had just left, but another top (big, beefy and older – sorta like me) had arrived just before me (I saw him going in the door as I was trying to figure out what buzzer to ring). So, according to him he’d just gotten fucked and taken a load, and now he had two more tops to fuck him. Busy boy…

The bottom was pretty hot – nice body, pretty lean, cute bearded face, and generally seemed like a nice guy. The other top had a big, thick cock that looked like a phenomenal fuck stick. Since he was in the neighborhood and I didn’t have 45 minutes to let a pill do it’s magic, I hadn’t taken one. Since I had been hard most of the day I didn’t think it would be an issue. But the other top’s unfailing big hard dick did put mine to shame a bit… I got hard and had no problems performing, but it came and went depending on what was going on…

While the bottom was giving a blowjob to the first top I figured I’d rim him. Got down there and he had a nice ass. It was a little unusual in that he had what I’d described as a swollen bit of skin – sorta like a huge skin tag that was full. It was the same color as everything else – so in some ways it looked like it might be normal for him, but I wasn’t sure… More on that later…

Anyway, he had me fuck him first which I did for a little while and then the other top took over. Problem was I never could get in a comfortable position – he liked to get fucked on all fours and his ass always seemed to be in the wrong place to fuck comfortably. And he wasn’t really getting the fact that I was having a difficult time due to the position.

As the other top was fucking him he was jacking off and then all of a sudden he came and wanted things to stop. Thought it was a bit weird, but whatever… I mean neither of us had even come close to cumming. We took a break and the other top and I swapped blowjobs and jacked each other’s dick. But the uncertain prospect of fucking the bottom again didn’t help my hardon.

Then the bottom came back into the room and after a bit he was up for getting fucked again. It was pretty much a repeat of last time only for a little while I did get him sorta on his belly in a slightly more comfortable position. Then the other top fucked him and once again the bottom came while getting fucked and everything stopped. Then he said he wasn’t really up for getting fucked any more… The other top jacked off on the bottom’s chest. The bottom didn’t even want it in his mouth. I licked some up (it was watery). It was like I was more into cum than the bottom. Needless to say, if he wasn’t willing to take my load up his ass, he wasn’t going to get it jacked onto his chest.

I got dressed and left and wondered what in the hell just happened. Most bottoms who have three bareback tops over want at least three loads up their ass. I didn’t see the first top and didn’t taste his load when I was rimming the bottom – so I can’t say one way or the other whether he actually was ever there. But it was like the bottom got titillated by the prospect of having a bunch of tops fuck him raw, but had strategies to make sure he didn’t actually get cum in his ass. Or maybe the “thing” by his hole was a hemorrhoid and it was really painful for him to get fucked. But he wasn’t exactly squealing in pain – getting fucked made him horny and got him to cum.

Either way – why in the hell did he hookup with three tops if he didn’t really want to get fucked that much? One top would have been more than sufficient.

He was a hot bottom physically and his hole seemed like it had potential if I could just get him in a good position. The other top was a distraction though… Since he’s in the neighborhood and easy to hookup with and could work out to be a good fuck buddy if the circumstances were different, I think I will try fucking him again – but just 1-on-1 this time and once I’m in him I’m not pulling out till my load’s up his hole. And with him on his belly he won’t be able to jack his dick and cum and stop things prematurely…




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