Fucking The Energizer Bunny

22 January 2014 | 3 Comments

Load 2014-4

Fucked an Asian guy the other night. He arrived with a load already in him and after me he went over to Paddles to get fucked some more (though it sounds like he mostly had oral sex).

But I’m ahead of myself… The guy lives in another city and gets to NYC every now and then. I’ve been chatting with him for years. At one point during the hookup he said I fucked him years ago. Actually, he said I tagged him with a black guy. I totally don’t remember that and can’t find the blog post, but if he says it, I believe it. It must have been a really long time ago.

Anyway, he needed to use the bathroom when he got here, so I stripped down and waited for him on the bed. He came in, stripped down and started sucking me to get me hard. He was small enough that I could reach around and feel his hole while he sucked me. It felt a little puffy and loose – like it had been recently fucked. It wasn’t long before I was completely hard. When I was fully hard I started feeling his teeth as he sucked my cock. That wasn’t a pleasant sensation so I figured I’d just cut that short and fuck him.

Usually I’d rim someone like him before fucking him, but I was hard and felt like fucking. I didn’t even use lube. I had a bottle laying on the bed, but he didn’t seem to need it. I just put a bunch of spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. I asked him “do you have other loads in you?” The answer was “Yea, I’ve got a load in me.” That sorta turned me on. Asian guys are typically so clean-cut, I always love it when an Asian guy is a bit of a slut.

As I fucked him I wondered how things would be different if my boyfriend were a bottom who liked taking loads. It would be hot to have a boyfriend come home with loads from random strangers. But alas, my boyfriend is nothing like that and too much is right about our relationship to seriously wish he were different.

I thought briefly about putting a whole bunch of weight on him as I fucked him (like how Tyler Reed did when he fucked Draven Torres) but decided to keep it simple. He hole felt pretty good. I could feel a wetness from the load that was already in there which make things feel nice and silky. Needless to say with a cummy ass it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load up there. I could feel the orgasm cumming, but the actual cumshot took it’s time. He knew he was getting the load and I think he thought I had already given it, but then the cumshot came and I filled him up pretty deep.

I then collapsed on top of him. I think he liked feeling engulfed by my body since I’m so much bigger than him. Then I rolled us over on our sides and kept fucking his cummy hole a little. I pulled out a little earlier than I usually do, and it was at that point that he started doing all sorts of stuff to service me. He sucked and sucked, he sucked on my nipples, he licked my pits… It just went on and on. I felt like I was having sex with the Energizer Bunny. He wasn’t furry and pink, but he just kept going, and going, and going…

He really wanted to get me hard enough to fuck him again and get another load, but I had cum the day before at the gangbang. He did manage to get me hard enough that I started feeling his teeth again when he sucked me. I actually had to tell him to watch his teeth – which is something most experienced bottoms know to avoid. But I chalk it up to him having a small mouth and when I’m fully hard I filled his mouth pretty completely. It sounds like he did a lot of cocksucking at the JOC party after leaving me. I’m not sure how he managed to suck some of the really big black cocks you typically find at one of those parties.

I think  he could have gone on and on, but there was a point where I was sorta done and wanted it to end so I gently worked things so it was clear things needed to wrap up. We chatted a little about how he should get from my place to the JOC party, and then he was on his way.




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