Fucked Him So Good He Came Without Touching Himself

Load 2008-5

On my way to the gym last night I did a stop over to fuck the latin guy I first fucked 10 years ago. The door was ajar so I let myself in. I figured he’d be in the bedroom ass up or something. When I got to the bedroom I found him legs up, getting nailed by this beefy white guy. I love sluts, so the fact that this guy wanted me to see him getting fucked by someone else was hot.

I took off my clothes and joined them. Didn’t want to bother the other top so climbed on the bed and offered my dick to the bottom. He sucked it a little, but was being a good bottom and paying attention to the top who was fucking him. Incidentally the top was using a condom, which was too bad, but whatever…

Now I gotta tell you what the bottom looked like. I’ve known him for a long time and even though we haven’t fucked as often as we should have, I’ve seen him around the neighborhood a fair amount. Last night he was all tanned and dark with a nice tan line. He’s got a hot little body, a huge dick for a guy his size, and has always had a lot of tattoos, but he seemed to have more last night and I think it was because he had had full back wings put on… Given that we haven’t taken off our clothes and fucked in a bed for a long time (mostly parks and bathrooms), it has been a while since I’d seen him naked and I definitely liked what I saw…

The other top had to leave or something but hadn’t cum, which was too bad ’cause I was at least hoping to use the cum from the condom for lube… As he pulled out his dick I saw his dick was pretty small – the condom was like a loose bag on it… The bottom made a little small talk with him and then the guy left. The bottom then told me the other top was a “kid” from his building and this was the first time the kid had been there when someone else was around.

He then proceeded to sit on my dick, then we swapped positions with him on his stomach (my favorite position with little guys). You gotta realize – I’m a bit smitten with this guy – always have been – so fucking was really easy – he’s totally my type…

We switched again – this time with his legs in the air… His eyes were shut most of the time and he seemed to just want to concentrate on the sensation of getting fucked. The nice part for me was he was small enough that I was hitting bottom when I fucked him. I love this with little guys… With some I even get into the “2nd sphincter” – feels really good to me and incredibly intense for the bottom, but bottoms often don’t clean that far so it can be messy…

Then all of a sudden he says “you’re going to make me cum”… I look down and his big 8 1/2 inch uncut dick is spurting cum all over his belly… I stop for a second – pull out 1/2 way, scoop up his cum, wipe it on my dick and continue… Felt really good having cum for lube…

He was having a hard time taking it after he came, so while I had just been enjoying the fuck, I concentrated a little more on getting things done and cumming in his ass – which I did a minute or two later…

We chatted a little, I got dressed and then I was off to the gym…

[If only I could keep this pace up all year… 7 fucks, 5 loads in 17 days – spread over a year would be about 140 fucks and 100 loads… Something will get in the way and slow me down, but it would be nice. I know those numbers would seem high to some people, but they really aren’t all that high. A guy I’ve fucked before is going to Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) today. Last year he says he got 110 loads in his ass over the weekend at MAL – those are high numbers though I don’t really believe the guy (another friend says MAL is 99% bottoms and getting loads isn’t all that easy) – I’m pretty tame by comparison… I am seriously considering going to IML this year (made hotel reservations just in case) – so that might kick the numbers up a bit and help make up for slow times… Hopefully this will be a really good year for me sexually…]

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  1. The Average Joe Says:

    damn its a special fuck that makes me cum without touching myself. i fucking miss that

  2. stjeff0 Says:

    I never was good at sharing. Not sure if seeing someone I liked getting fucked would make me jealous, or bring out my competitive nature to out do the last guy. Wish I was a little more mature in that area because I can see the benefits. I mean a good whore should be like any attraction and enjoyed by many.
    BTW I thought in the previous post that your Latin slut was paralyzed from the waist down?

  3. rawTOP Says:

    stjeff0 – no, fucked the latin guy, then learned another friend had been paralyed…

  4. Disappointing Hookup With Long-Time Fuckbud » rawTOP's Gay Bareback Sex Blog Says:

    […] Just after New Years I’m online and see him online so I send him a message. An hour or so after that I’m at his place (I needed to eat something first). He loves sex. He put me on my back and sucked my dick, got me hard, and then sat on my dick and rode me. Like he’s done with me before, he came on my belly without touching himself. […]

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