Gave A Load At A Hot Gangbang

7 July 2015 | 3 Comments

Load 2015-17 & 2015-18

Since the last fuck I wrote up I’ve fucked another 19 guys. Two at a sex party out in Queens. Then 15(!) at a sex party Pride weekend. It was a lot of fun getting my dick in so many holes. I’m still not sure what the magic ingredient was that night that kept me rock hard most of the time, but whatever it is, I wish it would happen more often. But I couldn’t manage to cum at either of those parties.

Then last Thursday I was at another sex party. This smooth jock was presenting his ass to be fucked. I squatted down and started rimming him and this sweet cum was just leaking out of his hole, so my rimming was actually felching. That got me totally hard so I stood up and shoved my dick in. His hole felt really good. It was totally wet and cummy – just how I like it. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm cumming. I don’t usually cum at sex parties, so I didn’t hold back. He got a really big 4-5 day load. The orgasm was really intense – a full body experience – one of the best orgasms I could remember in quite a while. But then I squatted down again to felch some more, but that time the taste was horrible. It tasted like nicotine. I spit out what I could, then went to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth.

Anyway, the fuck I really want to tell you about was the one last night. The guy who I called “the perfect bottom” a few months ago (@musclebttm77 on Twitter) was back in town and had rented a hotel room for a night so he could get gangbanged. I wanted to go but have been feeling weird the past few days. I just feel a bit drained and have an intermittent upset stomach. So at one point in the afternoon I texted him and said I didn’t think I could make it. But then I got a hardon and realized that it’d probably be a good gangbang and nothing really gets me harder these days than watching a bottom get fucked raw by a bunch of guys. So I went anyway, and I’m glad I did.

I got there and two guys were just finishing up/leaving. So it was just me and him. The guy watching the door said he had 4 loads in him. He was blindfolded so he didn’t know it was me. I got down and starting rimming him and he was nice and cummy. So once again my rimming became felching. I sucked a bit on his hole. Figured he’d get plenty of cum to replace whatever I sucked out. When I was completely hard I slid in. His hole felt really good. He was in doggy position and if I tried I probably could have cum that way, but I had him get on his belly and then his hole felt incredible on my dick. It wasn’t long before I blew my load in him.

Since no one was there (other than the guy watching the door) I rolled him on his side and we cuddled a bit until another top arrived. Apparently he didn’t know it was me. When I got up he spoke briefly with the guy watching over things. I had told the bottom I’d bring him a #BBBH t-shirt that my husband and I had made up. He was a little confused when the guy told him I “brought him clothes” but then I said “it’s the t-shirt we talked about” and at that point he knew it was me. He pushed up his blindfold and we chatted briefly while the other top was getting ready to fuck.

Anyway, I decided to stay. I figured I might have another load in me, so I sat on the bed and jacked my dick. About that time tops started arriving one after the other. For a while there were literally 9 tops lined up waiting to fuck him. I was rock hard watching him take dick after dick. A few didn’t cum or left without fucking (possibly because the line was too long). I was there for maybe an hour and he went from 4 loads to 12 loads over that time. He was one lucky bottom.

But then things died down around 7 (2 hours into the gangbang). Before I left we chatted some more. He was really affectionate with me which was sweet. And the guy watching over things said I was “cute”. That’s not a word I get called very often. Not sure it really applies to me, but I appreciated the gesture. Apparently I was the guy’s type.

Later that evening I checked and he was up to 17 loads with #18 on the way over. He wanted to hit 22 since he’d never taken more than 21 in a night previously. This morning he said he got 23 loads in total – so he had his best night ever.

One thing I realized is that I need to go to more gangbangs. It’s really hot seeing a guy take load after load. It’s hot felching a cummy hole. And it’s hot sliding into a cum-drenched ass. Problem is, so many bottoms start their gangbangs late at night. This bottom took my advice and started it early to get the after work crowd and I’m guessing that’s why he was able to get so many loads – the longer the gangbang, the more loads you get…

Despite the silence, I have been having sex…

24 April 2015 | No Comments

I apologize for not being better at blogging. The last loads I wrote up were loads 3 & 4 this year, but I’m actually up to load 14 so far in real life. A lot of the fucks have been at sex parties, so I’ve actually fucked more than I’ve cum – the number of times I’ve fucked stands at 57 so far this year. To put that in perspective, if I keep that same rate up I’ll give 45 loads this year and fuck 183 times. I know that load count is pretty low, but it is what it is. I’m just not always in the mood to fuck.

Let me do a quick rundown of the loads…

Load 5 – was at the CumUnion After Party. A guy was bent over in a dark corner and I just went up and fucked him and blew a load in his ass. I think he was Latino, but it was too dark to get a good look.

Load 6 – was given to the skinny black dude with the big dick from my neighborhood.

Load 7 – was with another black fuckbuddy of mine. I’ve been fucking him for years. He’s got this big muscley ass that always feels good on my dick.

Load 8 – was another black guy. This one was young and super skinny with a big fat cock.

Load 9 – was an anonymous pump-n-dump with a white cumdump in my neighborhood. A few weeks later I figured out it wasn’t the first time I’d fucked him 😉

Load 10 – was given to this Middle Eastern guy who’s usually a top and almost never takes loads.

Load 11 – was at a sex party. It was sorta a slow party and finally I just went up to this black kid with a big ass and shoved my dick into him while he was on a bed sucking another guy. He complimented me on my dick and how I fucked when I was done, which was nice.

Load 12 – was at a hotel sex party/orgy. A guy was there who I’ve seen top at gangbangs and online, but he’s totally my type (short, Latino with a tight body) and he’s vers, so I fucked him and gave him a load.

Load 13 – was at a bathhouse. The bottom (Latino) had posted on BBRT that he was there looking for loads. His ass was shaved and stubbly, but regardless he was still the hottest bottom there, so he got my load.

Load 14 – was at a different bathhouse. That experience was frustrating. Bottoms were telling me “no thanks” despite the fact that they were on their stomachs and not getting any action. Finally I found one who was cute (short, smooth, Latino) and wanted to fuck so I fucked him and dumped a load in him.

So that makes 4 black guys, 4 Latinos, one Middle Eastern guy, and only 1 white guy. That’s sorta normal for me though – Latinos are my all-time favorite ethnicity to fuck, and I live in Harlem, so plenty of black guys to choose from. White guys just don’t turn me on as much – or their fatter, or something.

Tonight I’m going to another sex party, and this weekend I’m going out to Fire Island. We’ll see what trouble I can get into though it’ll be on the cold side while I’m there. I’ll try to post stuff on the blog in a more timely manner, but we’ll see…

Lots Of Holes, But Just Two Loads…

15 January 2015 | 2 Comments

Loads 2015-1 & 2015-2

One of my goals this year is to go to more sex parties, bathhouses, etc. Basically more “public sex”.  To that end I’ve been to three sex parties so far. I already wrote up the first sex party – a Friday night CumUnion where I fucked 17 guys. It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t cum.  A week ago now I went to another sex party where I fucked 6 guys, but I still couldn’t cum. Or, if I did cum, I didn’t feel it (that happens more often than I’d like).

Then last weekend I went to another party and this time I just needed to cum. The first bottom I fucked was this lean guy with a beard. He had a nice body on him and a sweet ass. I think he already had some loads in him when I fucked him. Part of the problem at the other parties was the venue doesn’t have beds, so I can get bottoms down on their bellies like I like. But this place did have a bed, so I got him on his belly and once I figured out his hole was feeling good on my dick, I just concentrated on giving him my load and I came a couple minutes later. There were several strong spurts so I think he got a pretty nice big load. Of course, once I had cum my dick wasn’t super cooperative, but I still managed to fuck 4 other guys.

This week I’ve concentrated on getting work done, not sex, but once I had a 4 day load in my balls I needed to fuck someone. The black guy in the neighborhood hit me up. I warned him I hadn’t taken a Cialis, so wasn’t sure how hard I’d be, but I needed to cum and I was getting hard looking at porn – it just wasn’t the instant and thick boner I sometimes get with pills.

He came over and I stroked my dick while he did something in the bathroom. When he came out I was pretty much ready. I rimmed him briefly and got completely hard. Then I lubed him up with spit and tried to shove in. He was surprisingly tight. Took a couple tries to get in, but I finally managed. Then I put him on his belly and just concentrated on giving him a load.  His hole feels different ways depending on how much sex he’s had recently. This time it was pretty tight and was gripping my shaft really nicely. It only took a few min before I blew a nice big load in him.

After I came we had a bit of a quiet moment sorta cuddling. Then I asked if he wanted to cum. He said yeah – apparently he hadn’t cum in a week… His dick was HUGE and rock hard. He jacked off and then put the head of his cock in me as he blew his load. Then he kept jacking ’cause his dick was staying hard and he thought he could beat out another load, but he never did manage to cum again. Still it was nice to go back to work with a load in me without having to really get fucked. The Bareback Brotherhood is about sharing DNA with each other, right?

So we’re two weeks into the year and I’ve only given two loads. I’m a little disappointed. Sorta wish I were at double that number, but I’m having fun. I mean I’ve fucked 30 holes this year many of which were nice and cummy… So my dick is seeing a fair amount of action. Now I just have to try to cum more often.

A 1-On-1 Hookup & A Sex Party…

4 August 2014 | 2 Comments

Loads 2014-18 & 19

I’ve been bad about keeping up with my blogging. Nearly two weeks ago now I hooked up with this hot black guy. He didn’t love very close, but he was willing to travel, seemed serious about hooking up, and he said he already had a load in him and was looking for more.

I had seen some pics but wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to be like. I was pleasantly surprised – he was cute and short and had a nice body. We stripped down and I had him get on the bed so I could rim his ass. It seemed a bit “musky”, but it wasn’t like I tasted shit or anything, so after I knew it was good to go I did a bit of sucking on his hole, but never did even a hint of cum. Whatever loads he had in there were pretty deep.

Anyway, I was pretty horny that day and got hard pretty quickly, so when I figured out the rimming wasn’t going to turn into felching, I got up and started fucking him. He had one of those perky, muscular asses that rubs against your hip bones – you feel like you’re literally riding his ass. Oh, and when I got in all the way in the best word that I can think of that describes the sensation is “squish”. Whoever came inside him had dumped a BIG load in there. It felt great.

Needless to say between his perky ass, his cummy hole, and me being particularly horny, I came pretty quickly. I had taken a Cialis earlier that day, so I stayed nice and hard after cumming. So I put him on his side and slowly pumped in and out of his cummy hole for probably another 10-15 min before I finally got too soft to fuck.

The whole time I had him on his side he was slowly jacking his dick. About the only thing that sort kinda went wrong was that he came without warning. Not that I wanted him to fuck me (I liked the vibe of me as top and him as bottom), but it woulda been cool to have him stick the head of his dick in my ass as he came. There’s something about taking a load from a dedicated cumdump that’s a pretty hot.

Then a few days later I went to this sex party. The first 30-45 min were dead. There was almost no one there and the one or two other guys clearly weren’t interested in me. It was too bad, ’cause most of that time I had a raging hardon – I really wanted to fuck a hole. Then this gaggle of black guys showed up, but they only seemed interested in each other.

There was this one hot black muscle bottom who was pretty incredible and very hungry for cock. Eventually I did get to fuck him, but his M.O. was to pull off guys pretty quickly unless he was 110% into them. He seemed like he wanted to get fucked by as many guys as possible, but only wanted to take loads from guys he was really into.

I hate to say it, but I’ve forgotten who the second guy was that I fucked. But the third guy was this older piggy bottom with a decent body. I fucked him for a while. He had a good hole and liked taking dick. After fucking him my dick sorta lost all its energy, which makes me think I came in his ass and didn’t realize it.

Since my dick stopped cooperating, I finally just left and joined up with my boyfriend who had gone out drinking with friends. Wish I had fucked more guys though – that’s the problem with paying $20 for a sex party – it’s sort of a waste of money if you just stay an hour or two.

Group Sex In NYC Sorta Sucks

20 January 2014 | 5 Comments

Load 2014-2

I went to a couple sex parties this week and I gotta say I was pretty disappointed. I know some guys may have been at MAL, but it’s not like all the piggy guys in NYC went to DC for the weekend.

The first one I went to was on Wednesday. Of the two it was the better one. There was a decent turnout, but not a great turnout. The problem was most of the action was oral or guys used condoms. There were maybe three guys there really taking loads and they weren’t getting all that much action. There were also a few guys who’d get fucked here and there, but I couldn’t really tell if they were getting fucked bareback. Case and point was this one really hot guy who came in, got fucked by this black top with a HUGE dick, and then I didn’t see the hot bottom the rest of the night. I know the top was fucking other bottoms raw, but not sure if the hot muscle boy took him raw – probably – I can’t see a standard condom fitting on that guy’s dick.

I fucked two of the bottoms. Would have fucked more but there were two issues… First, when I’d get hard and was ready to fuck the two bottoms I fucked were usually the only bareback bottoms available. And second, watching oral sex and sex with condoms just doesn’t make me hard. In a group setting I need visual stimulation – it’s not like it’s normal to stay hard for 3 to 5 hours straight. And what I was seeing wasn’t all that much of a turn on.

I didn’t cum that night, but that isn’t unusual for that venue – they don’t have beds so I can’t get bottoms on their bellies where things feel good enough to cum. Since the last time I was there they did add a long bench sort of thing, but it sagged in the middle, so when I got a bottom on it the position still wasn’t right. I gave it my all, but the orgasm just never came.

One thing I noticed about that party was that they put condoms in the play area. When CumUnion uses the same space they put condoms out in a place that’s more a hallway. Having condoms so easy available meant people were constantly grabbing for condoms. If they had been out in the hallway fewer people would have used them and the action would have been hotter. I’m guessing NYC requires the few commercial sex venues to have condoms available. I just wish the party promoters would be less enthusiastic in the way they comply with that rule. They should put them in a place where no one will notice them and make the lube packets readily available in the play areas.

But that party was good compared to the other one I went to. With the other one almost no one showed up. I was one of the first people to show up and stayed for three hours and right before I left they were handing out coat check number 19 to someone who had just arrived. The party was in a fairly big duplex apartment, but they held the party in the coat check closet. That’s just lame. The problem was that the apartment was cold and the coat check room was the only small space that was easy to warm up. If they have electric heat, given the prices for electricity here in NYC (25¢ per kWh), I sorta understand the problem, but the problem is that when you hold a party in a closet people just don’t come back. I know I wanted to go there the next night for another party and when I saw the problems with the space I just thought “forget it”.

That party had a lot of guys I’d call “inhibited”. They’d play around with raw sex – rubbing their cocks up and down other guy’s asses and maybe poking in briefly, but they’d generally rubber up to fuck. It was really frustrating. There was some barebacking going on. One hot guy was taking a good pounding and I felt his ass afterwards and it was totally cummy. But he had gotten fucked so hard he wasn’t up for another fuck.

I only fucked one guy at that party and I did manage to give him a load. It was a pretty huge load too – I felt cum dribbling out for a few seconds and than all of a sudden there was this huge tidal wave of cum that came out of my balls. It was sorta cool. The funny part was the guy had told me a few minutes before that he was thinking of leaving. I bet he was glad he stayed.

On top of inhibitions, that party was also very cliquey. Guys only wanted to play with certain types of guys and if you didn’t match what they were looking for they’d pretend you didn’t exist. That might be fine in a party with 150 guys, but it just doesn’t work in a party with 15 guys (or less).

And for the honor of going to that party I paid $25. Which is the other problem with group sex in NYC – it’s expensive which makes people think it’s just not worth it.

So I have no clue why the group sex scene in NYC is so lame. There are very few bareback (only) sex parties. The few I know about are in out-of-the way locations or are for “in shape guys only”. I don’t consider myself to be “in shape” so I don’t go to those, though I’m probably borderline and could get into some of those parties. The NYC bathhouses are just as bad. I was talking to one bottom who goes to one of the ones in Manhattan pretty regularly. I think he’s doing it behind his boyfriend’s back, so he only stays for about an hour and a half, but it sounds like a good night is 2 loads. I can’t see paying the outrageous entry fee to just get a load or two.

One thing I did notice that was encouraging is that the “Poz4Poz” party isn’t just for poz guys. They bill it as “for poz guys and guys who like a poz environment”. But the problem is that it’s held in that unheated duplex apartment. Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll give it a try. The question is are poz guys just as inhibited when they’re at a poz party?

Fucked 16 Guys In 5 Hours @ CumUnion

2 July 2013 | 6 Comments

I had SO much fun at CumUnion on Saturday night! I didn’t cum, but who gives a shit? It was just hour after hour of fucking – with a nice variety of of guys. As you can see from the title I fucked 16 guys. The space has a maximum capacity of 160 but 175 different guys were there over the course of the evening. So I basically fucked 1 in 10 attendees. If you were there and bent over taking dick and loads chances are I had my dick in you.

I actually lost count a few times so 16 is an estimate, but pretty close. And then there’s the issue of fucking a guy who’s bent over sucking someone’s dick and then later you wonder “was this the guy I was fucking earlier?” After all you don’t always see the guys clearly – they’re just a hole for your raw dick at times.

And I could have fucked even more. My dick would perform pretty well, then go soft for 15 or 20 minutes, then perk up again for a while, then go soft for a while. It was like that all night. During some of those down times there were some bottoms who wanted me to fuck them, but I wasn’t up for it at that particular moment. One in particular was one of the hottest guys there (IMHO). He was this smooth mid-to-late-20’s Latino. Nice slim body. When he first came in I swear he got fucked by guy after guy for probably 30 minutes. I stood in line to fuck him, but some of the tops were taking a long time so I went to look for other hole. Later he would have bent over for me, but the timing was wrong. The best part was he was versatile. Had a nice average sized dick on him and at one point I was laying on this “thing” (don’t know how to describe it) catching my breath and cooling down (since it was the coolest part of the place) and he was fucking this hot bottom right next to me. I love it when cumdumps are actually vers and share all that DNA they get.

Before that guy showed up the guy I thought was the hottest guy there was this really little Latino guy. I mean he was clearly under 5′ tall. A lot of guys who are that tall have weight issues, but he had a great little body. The size difference between us was sorta hot. The only down side was that I don’t think he realized how much I was into him. We kept being flirty, but he was a little hesitant about actual action. Finally I saw this other guy fucking him, so I knew he was up for getting fucked. A little later I came across him and turned him around and guided my raw dick up his ass. He took it like a good bottom. The position was a bit off so it wasn’t as good as I might have hoped, but it was hot. I mean it’s not very often that you get to fuck someone who’s like 4’9″ – I mean that’s the average height for a 9 year old – it’s a little pervy when you think about it. At one point I almost leaned over and told him that I thought he was the hottest guy there, but I didn’t do it. In hindsight I should have. I think he needed the ego boost.

Most of the black guys there tops. But there was one black jock who was flagging light blue right (cocksucker) who I saw bent over getting fucked. Immediately I wanted to fuck him, but he was busy and hard to get to. But maybe 20 min later the stars aligned and he bent over for me. He had one of the best holes there. I actually got close to cumming, but unfortunately I didn’t. Still, he was probably my best fuck of the evening.

When I got there initially I wore my big Prince Albert. And I fucked maybe 4 or 5 guys with it. EVERYONE seemed to want to touch it and the bottoms wanted to feel it up their ass. But all the tugging on it made it sore and I had to take it out. I tied it really tight to my boot laces and continued on with the evening. But I gotta say I get the same reaction at the Eagle on jockstrap night. I’ve gotten in the habit of letting the ring poke out of the edge of my jockstrap. Everyone looks and everyone who’s even somewhat bold wants to play with it. It’s a great way to get action 😉

The one disappointing fuck of the evening was this mid-20s twink. Cute as a button. Looking at him I’d guess he was a recent ivy league grad or something. Looked completely clean cut and innocent – except for the fact that he was bent over letting anyone and everyone fuck him. Problem was he had really long legs and he didn’t bend them very much so his hole was too high for a lot of guys. The first time I fucked him he was sucking some guy’s dick. He kept moving around positioning himself for the cocksucking which would throw me off. All in all he just never focused on the needs of the guys fucking him. Needless to say he wasn’t getting fucked as much as he might have if he had been a better bottom.

In the entire time there I think only one or two bottoms said they wouldn’t fuck raw – so clearly the fact that CumUnion is promoted by sites like BBRT and my Breeding Zone helps keep it pretty bareback. In the ads for the one this coming Saturday they’re designating this small loft-like room as the cocksucking and safe sex area. But it wasn’t a safe sex area this past week – I fucked a fair number of guys raw up there.

Let’s see – other memorable bottoms… One was this skinny tall Asian guy – probably on the young side of mid-20s, but might have been pushing 30 – couldn’t quite tell. He had this really small dick that almost never got hard. I think I was his first fuck of the night and I fucked him with my PA. He wanted it, but as I was pushing this huge ring in his rather tight hole I was wondering whether it was going to work. But he was a good bottom. He put up with my ring and later in the evening I saw him legs up on the medical exam table getting fucked by top after top for probably 30 or 40 minutes solid. He was clearly a “power bottom”. A power bottom with a tight hole is a great combination. He’s another guy I wish I had given my number to – I’d like to fuck him again and give him a load.

There were plenty of other bottoms who I fucked. One guy was this tall, somewhat ‘thick’ guy who couldn’t take my PA, but as soon as he saw it was out his face lit up and he wanted me to fuck him. Then there was this really really skinny guy. He must have had a 24″ waist. And there was the older poz-looking guy who was smooth all over with really pronounced nipples. He had a rather large bottle of lube in his boots. It was funny seeing someone pull out something so big given that everyone was naked. There were a few average stocky-ish bottoms who were good cumholes.

I had taken a Cialis earlier in the day, and then I drank a 5 Hour Energy right before I got there. I had never tried one before. True to it’s name it gave me almost exactly 5 hours of energy. But when the 5 hours were up I could feel it. My dick just refused to get hard again. It was over, so I finally just left and went over to the Eagle. One of the bartenders there had told me he’d give me a VIP card next time he saw me and I wanted to go pick it up at a time when there were no lines. It was after 2am so I was expecting there to be a fair amount of action going on, but I was surprised. There was a little cocksucking in some of the corners, but that was about it. I was really disappointed. There’s way more action with a smaller crowd on jockstrap night. I guess the moral of the story is if you want guys to get sexual make them go naked (or close to it).

On that point I’m sorta rooting for Anthony Weiner for mayor right now. I’m hoping with his sexual history he won’t be a prude when it comes to sex in bars. It’s really pretty lame that you can’t fuck in NYC bars and clubs these days – and the bathhouses suck. We need a mayor who will make enforcement of other things a higher priority and lay off a bit when it comes to consensual sex between adults. (Or, it could be that with his sexual history Weiner will over-compensate and keep the crack downs up – who knows?)

I’d sorta like to go to CumUnion again this Saturday, but chances are the boyfriend will want to do something. Can’t abandon him two Saturdays in a row…


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