Group Sex In NYC Sorta Sucks

20 January 2014 | 6 Comments

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I went to a couple sex parties this week and I gotta say I was pretty disappointed. I know some guys may have been at MAL, but it’s not like all the piggy guys in NYC went to DC for the weekend.

The first one I went to was on Wednesday. Of the two it was the better one. There was a decent turnout, but not a great turnout. The problem was most of the action was oral or guys used condoms. There were maybe three guys there really taking loads and they weren’t getting all that much action. There were also a few guys who’d get fucked here and there, but I couldn’t really tell if they were getting fucked bareback. Case and point was this one really hot guy who came in, got fucked by this black top with a HUGE dick, and then I didn’t see the hot bottom the rest of the night. I know the top was fucking other bottoms raw, but not sure if the hot muscle boy took him raw – probably – I can’t see a standard condom fitting on that guy’s dick.

I fucked two of the bottoms. Would have fucked more but there were two issues… First, when I’d get hard and was ready to fuck the two bottoms I fucked were usually the only bareback bottoms available. And second, watching oral sex and sex with condoms just doesn’t make me hard. In a group setting I need visual stimulation – it’s not like it’s normal to stay hard for 3 to 5 hours straight. And what I was seeing wasn’t all that much of a turn on.

I didn’t cum that night, but that isn’t unusual for that venue – they don’t have beds so I can’t get bottoms on their bellies where things feel good enough to cum. Since the last time I was there they did add a long bench sort of thing, but it sagged in the middle, so when I got a bottom on it the position still wasn’t right. I gave it my all, but the orgasm just never came.

One thing I noticed about that party was that they put condoms in the play area. When CumUnion uses the same space they put condoms out in a place that’s more a hallway. Having condoms so easy available meant people were constantly grabbing for condoms. If they had been out in the hallway fewer people would have used them and the action would have been hotter. I’m guessing NYC requires the few commercial sex venues to have condoms available. I just wish the party promoters would be less enthusiastic in the way they comply with that rule. They should put them in a place where no one will notice them and make the lube packets readily available in the play areas.

But that party was good compared to the other one I went to. With the other one almost no one showed up. I was one of the first people to show up and stayed for three hours and right before I left they were handing out coat check number 19 to someone who had just arrived. The party was in a fairly big duplex apartment, but they held the party in the coat check closet. That’s just lame. The problem was that the apartment was cold and the coat check room was the only small space that was easy to warm up. If they have electric heat, given the prices for electricity here in NYC (25¢ per kWh), I sorta understand the problem, but the problem is that when you hold a party in a closet people just don’t come back. I know I wanted to go there the next night for another party and when I saw the problems with the space I just thought “forget it”.

That party had a lot of guys I’d call “inhibited”. They’d play around with raw sex – rubbing their cocks up and down other guy’s asses and maybe poking in briefly, but they’d generally rubber up to fuck. It was really frustrating. There was some barebacking going on. One hot guy was taking a good pounding and I felt his ass afterwards and it was totally cummy. But he had gotten fucked so hard he wasn’t up for another fuck.

I only fucked one guy at that party and I did manage to give him a load. It was a pretty huge load too – I felt cum dribbling out for a few seconds and than all of a sudden there was this huge tidal wave of cum that came out of my balls. It was sorta cool. The funny part was the guy had told me a few minutes before that he was thinking of leaving. I bet he was glad he stayed.

On top of inhibitions, that party was also very cliquey. Guys only wanted to play with certain types of guys and if you didn’t match what they were looking for they’d pretend you didn’t exist. That might be fine in a party with 150 guys, but it just doesn’t work in a party with 15 guys (or less).

And for the honor of going to that party I paid $25. Which is the other problem with group sex in NYC – it’s expensive which makes people think it’s just not worth it.

So I have no clue why the group sex scene in NYC is so lame. There are very few bareback (only) sex parties. The few I know about are in out-of-the way locations or are for “in shape guys only”. I don’t consider myself to be “in shape” so I don’t go to those, though I’m probably borderline and could get into some of those parties. The NYC bathhouses are just as bad. I was talking to one bottom who goes to one of the ones in Manhattan pretty regularly. I think he’s doing it behind his boyfriend’s back, so he only stays for about an hour and a half, but it sounds like a good night is 2 loads. I can’t see paying the outrageous entry fee to just get a load or two.

One thing I did notice that was encouraging is that the “Poz4Poz” party isn’t just for poz guys. They bill it as “for poz guys and guys who like a poz environment”. But the problem is that it’s held in that unheated duplex apartment. Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll give it a try. The question is are poz guys just as inhibited when they’re at a poz party?

Fucked 16 Guys In 5 Hours @ CumUnion

2 July 2013 | 9 Comments

I had SO much fun at CumUnion on Saturday night! I didn’t cum, but who gives a shit? It was just hour after hour of fucking – with a nice variety of of guys. As you can see from the title I fucked 16 guys. The space has a maximum capacity of 160 but 175 different guys were there over the course of the evening. So I basically fucked 1 in 10 attendees. If you were there and bent over taking dick and loads chances are I had my dick in you.

I actually lost count a few times so 16 is an estimate, but pretty close. And then there’s the issue of fucking a guy who’s bent over sucking someone’s dick and then later you wonder “was this the guy I was fucking earlier?” After all you don’t always see the guys clearly – they’re just a hole for your raw dick at times.

And I could have fucked even more. My dick would perform pretty well, then go soft for 15 or 20 minutes, then perk up again for a while, then go soft for a while. It was like that all night. During some of those down times there were some bottoms who wanted me to fuck them, but I wasn’t up for it at that particular moment. One in particular was one of the hottest guys there (IMHO). He was this smooth mid-to-late-20’s Latino. Nice slim body. When he first came in I swear he got fucked by guy after guy for probably 30 minutes. I stood in line to fuck him, but some of the tops were taking a long time so I went to look for other hole. Later he would have bent over for me, but the timing was wrong. The best part was he was versatile. Had a nice average sized dick on him and at one point I was laying on this “thing” (don’t know how to describe it) catching my breath and cooling down (since it was the coolest part of the place) and he was fucking this hot bottom right next to me. I love it when cumdumps are actually vers and share all that DNA they get.

Before that guy showed up the guy I thought was the hottest guy there was this really little Latino guy. I mean he was clearly under 5′ tall. A lot of guys who are that tall have weight issues, but he had a great little body. The size difference between us was sorta hot. The only down side was that I don’t think he realized how much I was into him. We kept being flirty, but he was a little hesitant about actual action. Finally I saw this other guy fucking him, so I knew he was up for getting fucked. A little later I came across him and turned him around and guided my raw dick up his ass. He took it like a good bottom. The position was a bit off so it wasn’t as good as I might have hoped, but it was hot. I mean it’s not very often that you get to fuck someone who’s like 4’9″ – I mean that’s the average height for a 9 year old – it’s a little pervy when you think about it. At one point I almost leaned over and told him that I thought he was the hottest guy there, but I didn’t do it. In hindsight I should have. I think he needed the ego boost.

Most of the black guys there tops. But there was one black jock who was flagging light blue right (cocksucker) who I saw bent over getting fucked. Immediately I wanted to fuck him, but he was busy and hard to get to. But maybe 20 min later the stars aligned and he bent over for me. He had one of the best holes there. I actually got close to cumming, but unfortunately I didn’t. Still, he was probably my best fuck of the evening.

When I got there initially I wore my big Prince Albert. And I fucked maybe 4 or 5 guys with it. EVERYONE seemed to want to touch it and the bottoms wanted to feel it up their ass. But all the tugging on it made it sore and I had to take it out. I tied it really tight to my boot laces and continued on with the evening. But I gotta say I get the same reaction at the Eagle on jockstrap night. I’ve gotten in the habit of letting the ring poke out of the edge of my jockstrap. Everyone looks and everyone who’s even somewhat bold wants to play with it. It’s a great way to get action 😉

The one disappointing fuck of the evening was this mid-20s twink. Cute as a button. Looking at him I’d guess he was a recent ivy league grad or something. Looked completely clean cut and innocent – except for the fact that he was bent over letting anyone and everyone fuck him. Problem was he had really long legs and he didn’t bend them very much so his hole was too high for a lot of guys. The first time I fucked him he was sucking some guy’s dick. He kept moving around positioning himself for the cocksucking which would throw me off. All in all he just never focused on the needs of the guys fucking him. Needless to say he wasn’t getting fucked as much as he might have if he had been a better bottom.

In the entire time there I think only one or two bottoms said they wouldn’t fuck raw – so clearly the fact that CumUnion is promoted by sites like BBRT and my Breeding Zone helps keep it pretty bareback. In the ads for the one this coming Saturday they’re designating this small loft-like room as the cocksucking and safe sex area. But it wasn’t a safe sex area this past week – I fucked a fair number of guys raw up there.

Let’s see – other memorable bottoms… One was this skinny tall Asian guy – probably on the young side of mid-20s, but might have been pushing 30 – couldn’t quite tell. He had this really small dick that almost never got hard. I think I was his first fuck of the night and I fucked him with my PA. He wanted it, but as I was pushing this huge ring in his rather tight hole I was wondering whether it was going to work. But he was a good bottom. He put up with my ring and later in the evening I saw him legs up on the medical exam table getting fucked by top after top for probably 30 or 40 minutes solid. He was clearly a “power bottom”. A power bottom with a tight hole is a great combination. He’s another guy I wish I had given my number to – I’d like to fuck him again and give him a load.

There were plenty of other bottoms who I fucked. One guy was this tall, somewhat ‘thick’ guy who couldn’t take my PA, but as soon as he saw it was out his face lit up and he wanted me to fuck him. Then there was this really really skinny guy. He must have had a 24″ waist. And there was the older poz-looking guy who was smooth all over with really pronounced nipples. He had a rather large bottle of lube in his boots. It was funny seeing someone pull out something so big given that everyone was naked. There were a few average stocky-ish bottoms who were good cumholes.

I had taken a Cialis earlier in the day, and then I drank a 5 Hour Energy right before I got there. I had never tried one before. True to it’s name it gave me almost exactly 5 hours of energy. But when the 5 hours were up I could feel it. My dick just refused to get hard again. It was over, so I finally just left and went over to the Eagle. One of the bartenders there had told me he’d give me a VIP card next time he saw me and I wanted to go pick it up at a time when there were no lines. It was after 2am so I was expecting there to be a fair amount of action going on, but I was surprised. There was a little cocksucking in some of the corners, but that was about it. I was really disappointed. There’s way more action with a smaller crowd on jockstrap night. I guess the moral of the story is if you want guys to get sexual make them go naked (or close to it).

On that point I’m sorta rooting for Anthony Weiner for mayor right now. I’m hoping with his sexual history he won’t be a prude when it comes to sex in bars. It’s really pretty lame that you can’t fuck in NYC bars and clubs these days – and the bathhouses suck. We need a mayor who will make enforcement of other things a higher priority and lay off a bit when it comes to consensual sex between adults. (Or, it could be that with his sexual history Weiner will over-compensate and keep the crack downs up – who knows?)

I’d sorta like to go to CumUnion again this Saturday, but chances are the boyfriend will want to do something. Can’t abandon him two Saturdays in a row…

Afternoon Sex Party

13 May 2013 | 2 Comments

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This weekend a friend asked my boyfriend to spend the day with him which left me to my own devices. I knew there was a sex party in the afternoon and it seemed like good timing. So I check with my bf to make sure he was OK with me going and then cleaned up and headed over to the sex party. They had a deal where you got reduced admission if you showed up early. I got there right after they opened since I didn’t have anything better to do.

Because they had the special a few guys did show up right when it started. So it wasn’t like I was the only one there. A couple of them were pretty hot, but they were being body snobs and completely ignoring anyone who wasn’t as hot as they were. The other guys were OK, but at that point didn’t really inspire me to want to fuck. So things got off to a slow start – but that’s sort of expected when you go so early.

Eventually things did pick up. One of the bottoms was this short hairy guy with a big dick. I had sucked his dick a little earlier when he was standing against a wall. I hadn’t really pursued fucking him at that point, but later he climbed into the sling and I got down on my knees and ate out his hole. There are some asses that when you suck on them they get all puckered and the ass lips start protruding out – like a small prolapse. At that point you can actually start sucking on the prolapsed bit – it’s rather hard and feels a bit like a small dick – it’s sort of cool. Anyway he had one of those asses, so I played around with it a bit but didn’t take it too far. Then I got up and shoved into him slowly. He started complaining saying take it easy – which is rather funny ’cause I saw him nearly split a bottom in two with his dick earlier by not being gentle with his first few strokes.

Right about at that time they announced that someone had left their black t-shirt in the dressing area and they needed to claim it immediately. I had been wearing a black t-shirt, and was pretty sure it wasn’t mind, but I pulled out and went to check. That was a bit of a mistake, ’cause he wasn’t in the sling when I went back. Later on I did fuck him a little more, but never did get a good fuck with him.

The biggest problem with the party was that the really hot bottoms weren’t very friendly with “average” guys like me. There were some older bottoms who were willing to let me fuck them raw and I did fuck a couple of them, but they didn’t inspire me enough to want to cum with them.

There was a reasonably hot guy who was totally into me, but he stopped me after a few strokes, so that didn’t go anywhere.

Finally one of the hot young guys was standing around and I started playing with him. He didn’t seem to mind. He was playing with this other guy when I walked up, but when the other guy left to get a condom I moved in and before the other guy got back I had the young Latino bent over with my raw dick up his ass. He was pretty hot – nice body, fairly short, completely smooth all over (very much my type). His ass felt good on my cock. We fucked with him bent over and me standing for a while, but I really wanted to cum with him and I wasn’t able to do it standing up. So I took him over to a small cushioned thing (wasn’t really a bed) and got him flat on his stomach and started fucking him. That felt a lot better and there were a couple times when I felt so close. In fact I’d think I was cumming, but then couldn’t feel anything come out.

Finally after trying and trying my dick started going down, so I stopped and apologized for not giving him a load. Thing is, in hindsight I’m pretty confident I did give him a load. There are times when I don’t feel it, but based on how my dick reacts after I’m pretty sure I did actually cum.

After that my dick was pretty useless – which is how I figured out I came. I took off my cockring and put it around my wrist and walked around for a while. I continued to amuse myself here and there by sucking some dick (as I’d been doing the entire time), but when guys would grab my head and start really face fucking me that was too much and I’d stop it.

Finally with my dick not cooperating and no more willing bottoms who really inspired me, I left. I may not have fucked a lot of guys but I still had fun. I’m liking going out to highly sexual environments where I can fool around. Wish there were more of them in NYC.

Fucked 8 Guys…

6 March 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-12

My bf was out of town this past weekend so I figure I’d use the opportunity to slut around a little. I went to a sex party over in Queens that a fuckbuddy had told me about. I wouldn’t say it was over the top great, but it was definitely fun.

It was sort of a weird place – had vestiges of being an office, but there were beds scattered here and there and some booths were built into some of the rooms – some with glory holes. I kept my boots on and I was sorta glad I did – ’cause god knows what was all over the floors and there were times when I’d go into the dark area thinking I could see what was right in front of me and then bump into someone. I probably stepped on a few guys feet in the process and was sorta glad my boots protected me when other guys “returned the favor”.

When I got there I found a bed in the dark room with three guys ass up on it. It took me a while to feel around and figure out what was up. I fucked each of them and I’m pretty sure the third guy got me to blow my load – at least my dick acted like it had cum the rest of the night. It never got quite as hard, etc. But I did manage to fuck 5 more guys (some more than once).

One guy in particular was sorta weird – this hot little black guy (or dark skinned blatino – not sure which). Anyway, when I rimmed him there was a weird taste to his ass and the lube on my beard and lips felt weird. I think he might have had desensitizing cream on or something. I realize why he may want desensitizing cream, but it’s not very good for the tops. He was really hot – so fucked him anyway and then I tried to rinse the shit off my face and dick.

The only real problem with the place is that bottoms guard their place on that bed in the dark room. It’s really quite stupid. They’re not having sex and some poor bottom can’t get fucked properly ’cause he doesn’t have a spot on the bed. There were bottoms I’d encounter who were just bent over in the middle of the room – but that’s not a great position for the bottom or the top. They really should make a rule that if you’re not getting fucked you need to get off the bed. If I could have fucked more guys on the bed I probably could have cum more. Oh well. (They should add another bed or two in there). Still, it was a lot of fun.

I wanted to do more over the weekend but came down with a bad head cold. Just my luck. I’ll have another weekend to myself in a few weeks. So hopefully I can do a lot more then.

Sex Party Was A Waste Of $20

26 July 2012 | No Comments

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Went to a sex party last night. It started at 7pm. From (limited) experience I knew that the first hour at a sex party is pretty dead, so I didn’t rush to get there, but I got tied up with something else and didn’t get there until 8:45. The doors closed at 9. I had been there before and when there were 3 of us arriving at the same time I figured it would be busy. It wasn’t. I counted and there were just 9 guys there. It was sorta sad.

What was a little weird was the host and I had talked. In the past he knew I was rawTOP, but there was zero recognition this time. His only comment was “you’ve been here before, right?”

Anyway, this stocky Latino was eyeing me up, and even though I’m not generally into stocky guys, he was OK… We started feeling each other up. Even though I had taken a Cialis an hour and a half before, my dick wasn’t all that excited to be there. I had to spin him around and have him bend over so I could rim him. His asshole was really deep in his ass cheeks – I never was quite sure if I was hitting his hole with my tongue or not, but that got my dick hard 😉 and we were off and running. He sucked my dick a bit and then we fucked. He was a bit obsessed with lube – but it did make the fuck better.

When a spot opened up on the couch we moved over there. He bent over and I fucked him. Then he had me sit down and he rode my dick. While he was doing it he was saying stuff. At one point I could swear he said “Fuck me rawTOP”. It’s possible he recognized me. Then he turned around and rode my dick with his back to me. Then I had him get on his knees on the couch and I fucked him that way. That position was the best of all of them. The other positions felt like pretty weak fucks. I never could get the position quite right. His hole just wasn’t rubbing my cock the right way and I never did feel an orgasm coming. He asked if I was going to cum and I said not quite yet.

As soon as I pulled out of his ass this Asian who was sitting next to us started sucking on my dick (ATM). We had come in together and he was the guy there who I most wanted to fuck. I had seen him getting fucked by some black guys, but hadn’t been paying total attention. We changed to fucking pretty quickly. His hole felt great. I learned later that he had two loads in there by then. Multiple loads always make an ass fun to fuck. Anyway, before long I felt a HUGE load blasting into his guts.

The huge load worried me a bit. Last time I went to the party I blew smaller loads and managed to cum 3 times. I took a breather after cumming and stood around hoping to regain my wind for a 2nd round. This black guy wanted to suck my dick while he was fucking this white bottom. I let him for a while, but he was more concentrated on the fuck and sorta just held my dick in his mouth. Having just cum, my dick was pretty sensitive and even that was too much, so I pulled off him.

The stocky Latino wanted me to come up behind him and fuck him while he was fucking this little chub. But my dick wasn’t ready to fuck yet.

After I was ready to fuck I did briefly fuck this white guy on the futon (I think he was the one the black guy was fucking). But I just couldn’t get the position right, so I gave up.

Then stocky Latino left. He was the person I was hoping to give my second load to. No one else there was really even close to my type. I mean if my dick had been hard I could have fucked them, but it would have been an uninspired fuck.

After that my dick was just barely cooperating. I tried to fuck this other white guy. I rimmed him, but just never got hard enough. However, when I went back to rimming the Asian guy he pushed some cum out of his ass. The felching got my dick up enough to fuck. I fucked him for a bit, but my dick was more thick and spongey than hard. We fucked like that for a bit and then gave up.

At that point no one else was going to arrive. My dick wasn’t cooperating. And there wasn’t really anyone there I wanted to fuck, so I left. The Asian guy left at the same time. I should have asked for his number, but I didn’t. He clearly did like me…

So in hindsight I shouldn’t have gone. There was this black guy I fucked a while back who’d taken multiple loads that day who wanted me to fuck him again. In hindsight I could have fucked him and saved the $20. Not only that, but he would have been a fun fuck. Could have fucked him with my PA, called him nigger, restrained and gagged him, etc. Oh well… Lesson learned – I should just stick with 1-on-1s…

Condoms @ A “RAW” Party :(

20 May 2012 | 2 Comments

My boyfriend has been really horny lately and wanted to go out to a sex party. He picked the party – it was one he’s known about for years. I think he hooked up with one of the organizers years ago, but never actually went to a party.

The party is advertised as “RAW” on multiple hookup sites, but when I told that to my bf (who usually rubbers up for tricks), he said that wasn’t what the promoter told him.

So we show up and I’m not really into the crowd. A lot of guys would have hated the crowd, but I gave it a shot. I think my bf had beer goggles or something, ’cause he didn’t seem to mind the crowd and usually he’s pickier than I am.

Like most sex parties there’s a relaxation room and a sex room. We go into the sex room and not much is going on. One or two guys are sucking dick and there are a few other guys standing around jacking their dicks. A few guys come up to me and play with my dick. One black guy in particular was pretty aggressive about it and got on his knees and started sucking my cock.

Long story short, there was a lot of cocksucking, but very little fucking at the party. What fucking there was all seemed to be safe sex with condoms – which was disappointing to say the least.

There was only one guy there I really wanted to fuck – nice body and an incredible ass (found out later he was visiting from Barcelona). When I first saw him he didn’t even notice me. He got fucked by a hot hairy daddy and had a bunch of other guys fawning over him. Later in the evening I saw him again and this time he was wanting me to fuck him. So after rimming him a bit (which guys seemed to think was a bit edgy), I shoved in. It took me a little while to get completely hard. The position was a little off ’cause he was standing up, so I couldn’t quite get to the point of cumming before he had some other guy fuck him. Then when he switched back to me he wanted me to rubber up. I said ‘no’ and that was the end of that.

There was one other guy there getting fucked by whoever. I think he was taking loads ’cause I heard him tell a top to cum and that he’d like it if the guy didn’t pull out. But the bottom wasn’t really my type. By the that time I was sorta over it.

In the end I was there for my bf’s benefit and he managed to fuck the hairy daddy who fucked the hot Spanish guy – so my bf had a good night, so all’s well that ends well… 🙂




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