Finally, Some S/M @ IML

30 May 2008 | 1 Comment

Building on the last encounter where the straight lawyer did sort of a dominance battle with me where neither one of us was exactly in control, I contacted the bottom I’d hooked up with a couple times so far – he was my first load at IML, and then later I fucked him with 3 other guys plus watched a dom top use him. Anway, I contacted him to see if he wanted to hang out and have drinks at the bar. He said yes, so I went up to his room. We chatted briefly, I told him I hadn’t cum in a while and didn’t know if I could, but if he wanted to work for it he might get it. As you might expect he did want to work for it…

He unbuttons my pants and just as he starts sucking my dick my phone rings. It’s my bf. I answer (while the guy is sucking my dick), and chat with my bf a little and then he asks what I’m doing later and I tell him I’m going down to the bar to have drinks. He asks with who, I tell him, and then say I should probably go, ’cause the guy is sucking my dick. My bf takes it in good stride and I hang up the phone and get down to business.

Long story short (’cause this is just the beginning), I give him a half way decent fuck. Pound him pretty hard, but just can’t cum (in hindsight, since this post has taken a while to get up, I had the beginnings of a cold and was feeling run down). So we wind it up and head downstairs to the bar.

Most of the people going to IML had left earlier in the day – the crowd at the bar was pretty sparse. There’s a bunch of Treasure Island guys there, including Brad McGuire. In general the mood at the bar is about the best I had seen it all weekend. Guys were happy, goofing around (one group kept throwing each other over their shoulders and horsing around). It was groups of friends, things were over and everything was really relaxed.

After two pints of beer I had to piss, so we headed upstairs. As soon as we got to my room there was no need to go to the bathroom – the bottom just got on his knees and drank every drop. Since it was beer piss he said it tasted better than the other night – less rank. Right after he drank my piss he got up and wanted to kiss. I wasn’t so sure about that one (didn’t really want to taste my own piss) and made the kiss pretty superficial.

Then I showed him the whip the top from earlier in the day had left, and we decided to start playing again… I had the puppy mitts out from the session with the top, so I put them on him (he hadn’t worn puppy mitts before), then we tried on a few hoods. The bottom really doesn’t like hoods – he had told me as much before. So I tried to start with a really thin spandex hood, but it was too small for him. Then we tried the thicker spandex hood and that worked, but since we were trying things out I put the leather hood on him next.

Sub bottom bound and hooded with his ass exposed

I knew being hooded was a big step for him, so we took it really slow and easy, and it was good I was someone he trusted… His initial panic subsided and I decided since he was hooded I’d take advantage of the situation, take pictures, use him, and videotape it. I put his legs in the air, pull down his pants, exposed his butt and well, the rest you can see in the video below… It’s probably my best video yet – nearly 18 minutes long… Basically I fuck him, spank him, and whip him, and paddle him…

I didn’t realize at the time exactly how stinging the other top’s whip was, but I paid attention to the bottom and his reactions to what I was doing and managed to not go past his thresholds… Still what you saw in the video above hurts like hell. It’s just the bottom likes a certain level of pain – earlier at the bar he had been showing me the bruises he got that weekend and remarking how he wished he had gotten more and bigger ones.

Submissive bottom restrained with his ass waiting for abuse

So what you see in the video was my most S/M experience at IML – glad I got it on tape! And next time I want a lot more like that – and even before next time I’ll be looking for bottoms who get into this stuff… I’ve got the one sub bottom who will let me go there (he’s load #30 that I still haven’t gotten up yet), but if any of you want to volunteer, let me know

The bottom and I got to be pretty good friends at IML – we even met for lunch the next day and went to the Art Institute of Chicago before we left town… He’s got an interesting story to tell and I’m hoping he’ll write up his thoughts so I can share them here… Let’s just say he’s pretty much given up with risk reduction and knows full well what that means… He’s a sane, rational guy in a long-term relationship and is completely responsible in just about every other aspect of his life… He’s not what you’d expect of some one taking such a big risk…

UPDATE: Well, the bottom liked the video…

the video is great. it’s almost exhilarating watching my ass get redder and redder as you’re beating it, knowing how much it was hurting me and how much i was enjoying it. and yet watching it as a viewer, detached from the pain now, is an interesting experience. i think it is a good video and a good scene, it’s not all the same thing, it shows a good view of my red ass, it shows you off well and shows you very much in control, and it succeeds in dehumanizing me by hiding my face and head almost all the time, while focusing on my ass.