Fucked A Hot Furry Poz Guy

24 November 2008 | 28 Comments

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There’s this guy who’s been corresponding with me for a while now about fucking him. For one reason or another we just never hooked up. In part I wasn’t sure he was really my type, but other times I just wasn’t in the mood to fuck, or there were scheduling problems.

Then last week I saw this ad on Craigslist saying a guy had recently turned poz and wanted to celebrate with a gangbang. I responded and the top who was organizing it sent back a pic of the guy I had been corresponding with. I didn’t go, but I did send the bottom an e-mail since I had just been chatting about hooking up with him like a week or so before. He got back saying it was him and that he had just found out he was poz and was trying to sort it all out.

Long story short, he wanted to take my load and I wanted it to give it to him, so we arranged for him to come over tonight after work. But then he sent a message this morning saying he was in sort of a funk about the whole poz thing and wasn’t feeling all that sexy. I suggested he rethink it ’cause back in the day (YEARS ago) when I used to get fucked I was most in a bottom mood when I was a bit down. He got my point and decided to come over after all and just lay there and be a hole for me.

He showed up and he was WAY hotter than his pic. When he took off his clothes he had this great body – not completely lean, but muscley in the right places and reasonably trim in others. And he had this really thick fur that knew where to stop, so to speak… He was definitely “good for his type”…

We talked a bit and he told me he’d been reading my blog for a couple years and it was one of the reasons why he felt more comfortable with raw sex and got more into barebacking. I didn’t say anything, but did the math on that and his present situation pretty quickly… 😉

Anyway, he was OK with me videotaping it (though not sure about it being pubic – so you guys may not see it). So I got out the video camera and set it up. Since it was probably going to be private, I didn’t bother putting on a hood or anything.

He gave me a blowjob while I was setting things up and then continued once I was ready to go. I had my PA in, so giving me a blowjob wasn’t an easy task. Then I had him get on the bed on all fours so I could rim him. He was a little “musky” so I didn’t exactly give it my all, but he had this nice hairy ass, and he had a piercing on the back of his balls – almost a guiche, but a further forward.

His hole seemed pretty loose, so I stood up and just shoved my dry dick up his butt. He had told me he sorta wanted the fuck to hurt, so I wasn’t too worried. There was some spit from my rimming, but still, taking a dry dick with a big PA isn’t all that easy. At least you’d think it wouldn’t be that easy, but he took it no problem.

He felt good to fuck. Nice hole. I was horny and somewhat unfortunately I came pretty quickly. But I guess that’s better than not giving him my load. I stayed pretty hard, so I kept fucking him slowly – almost pulling my dick out so it was just being held in by the PA, then pushing it back in.

Finally I pulled out, turned down the lights and we had a little quiet time when I felt his furry chest as he jacked his dick. After he came (in my mouth), we wrapped things up, got dressed and he left…

Hopefully I’ll get to fuck him again sometime soon… This time I really want to pound him and make him squirm ’cause I’m hurting him… Not often you find a bottom who wants it to hurt and I didn’t make good use of it this time – so I’ll have to do it next time. 😉