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4 February 2017 | No Comments

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So middle of December I changed gyms from the rather boring (and sometimes hostile) YMCA in Harlem to a much friendlier chain of gyms. I wasn’t really thinking about sex at the time I made the change, but damn it became clear to me what I’d been missing the first time I worked out at the new gym.

At the Y about the most that ever went on was there was this skinny black twink who liked to lay ass up in the steam room. But that literally was about as erotic as it ever got. I can’t even remember seeing a hardon there. I did see some hardons at the 14th Street location. And occasionally there would be stuff to see at the UWS location, but that location was also pretty hostile. You’d get yelled at if you didn’t sit on a towel, etc.

So the first time I went to the new gym there was this horny black “kid” (18+) with a hardon under a wet towel that came into the sauna. As other guys cleared out it was me, the kid and this (white) poz daddy. The poz daddy started feeling the kid’s ass and then sorta forced the kid onto his dick and he wound up giving the kids a small cum facial. It was sorta weird because the kid was clearly horny, but also sorta reluctant. On the one hand it looked like the poz daddy was raping him. On the other hand all the kid had to do was get up and walk out of the sauna. Anyway, a very hot first day at the new gym.

Anyway, in the past nearly two months now I’ve been to a bunch of the locations of the new gym. Some have been boring, but others are quite active. Usually it’s just guys jacking, occasionally there’s some quick oral action. But a week ago I was at one of the locations where there always seems to be at least a little bit going on and the crowd thinned out in the steam room so it was just me, this rather sexually aggressive guy I first pegged as a bottom, and this poz daddy with a big unkept beard. First the bottom guy started sucking my dick, then he had the poz daddy suck my dick and he got behind the poz daddy and started fucking him. (Guess he wasn’t just a bottom after all).

My dick was rock hard ’cause I’d taken a Levitra recently and I hadn’t cum in a while, so I wanted to fuck… So I freed my dick of the poz daddy’s mouth and got up. I’m not sure they got my intention, but “the bottom” stopped fucked the poz daddy and I slid my dick in. I was really nervous about someone walking in, so I kept my towel around my waist and kept looking at the door for shadows of people who might be coming in.

I tend to cum pretty quickly which was a good thing in a situation like a public steam room, and it wasn’t long before I dumped a load in his ass. I did it pretty quietly, so the poz daddy didn’t really know I’d cum. He sat down and started sucking my dick, probably hoping for an oral load. Then he looked up and smiled. I’m guessing he tasted the cum and figured out I’d already given him a load in his ass.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and went and took a shower. Thanks to the Levitra my boner just wouldn’t go down. Finally I just wrapped things up and walked out into the locker room. By the time I’d gotten to my locker it was still pretty big, but not a full hardon. It as at that point that I saw a brown spot on my towel. The poz daddy apparently hadn’t been completely clean. But his smile afterwards meant he must have been mostly clean. It was a bit confusing, but whatever.

I threw the dirty towel in the bin and went and did my workout and then hit the steam room again afterwards, but that time around there was only just a few hardons.

One thing I have learned is that I get better hardons before I workout. I work out hard enough that afterwards I’m sorta drained. So when I’m going to a “good location” I make sure to hit the steam room before I workout (and again after).

Actually, I may be over-training. My shoulder has started giving me problems and so I’ve gone to see a doctor and now a physical therapist. The PT wants me to keep going to the gym – just make some modifications to what I do. Which is good because I was really making progress – losing fat and gaining muscle. I mean I could do a month or two of just cardio, legs and abs if I had to, but I’d rather not lose my momentum.

But even if I could only do cardio, I think the sauna and steam rooms would keep me going 😉

[And no, I won’t publicly say which gym I’m going to now. Let’s just say the police arrested 3 guys for doing stuff in the steam room at one of the locations last month, so there needs to be a certain amount of discretion about where stuff is going on. I wish we lived in a world where fucking in a steam room was no big deal, but we don’t. Even progressives can be Nazis in the name of things like “public health”. It’s why I just identify as left-of-center / liberal, and not a progressive.]

Didn’t Want To Waste A Cialis…

8 July 2014 | 1 Comment

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Sunday there was this mid-day gangbang I wanted to go to. The bottom seemed hot – a lean, youngish black / mixed race guy. He had asked people when they planned to arrive and I told him towards the end of the 2 hours he was going to take loads since I like fucking a cummy hole.

So Sunday morning I woke up and realized the gangbang was in a few hours and I hadn’t taken my (daily) Cialis in a few days, so I went and took one of my full strength ones – giving me about 4 hours for it to kick in. When we got up my bf asked what the plans were for the day and I told him there was a hookup I wanted to go to around 12:30 and then we could go to the gym. I didn’t want to go to the gym first since it was leg day and I knew I’d be wiped afterwards.

I drove down to Chelsea, and rang the bell and the guy on the other end trying to say something but I can’t understand him. He buzzed me up and told me the gangbang ended (prematurely) 20 or 30 min ago. Some top with a huge dick came in and gave a really rough fuck to the bottom who was “a little thing” and then the bottom couldn’t get fucked anymore.

I was bummed. I was all ready to fuck – had even taken a full Cialis and there was no gangbang. So I got online and was willing to fuck just about anything. There were a couple options. One I knew would be a decent fuck, but he didn’t get back to me in a timely manner. Then there was a guy who said he was usually a top but wanted to get fucked. He replying to me, but not with a full address. Finally this bottom hit me up – his pics looked a bit slutty. He said he had just taken two loads and wanted a third. Bingo! And he gave me his cell number, so I texted him and had an address almost immediately. I parked the car and as I walking to the bottom’s place the top finally gave me his address – too late.

I got to the bottom’s place and was a little surprised. The guy looked like an extremely clean-cut, preppy cub. And his apartment was immaculate. If he had told me he was renting the place on AirBnB I would have totally believed him. I kept thinking how the place was like hotel room that had just had maid service.

Anyway, we both took off our clothes. As I saw his body I was pleasantly surprised – the best way I could describe him is somewhere between “average” and “cub”, but with some muscles. His ass was muscular, with a deep hairy ass crack. I rimmed him hoping, with two loads in him, the rimming would turn into felching, but no such luck. In fact, if he hadn’t told me he’d just gotten fucked I would never have known – his hole was completely tight and dry.

Rimming him got me hard pretty quickly and then I lubed up and pushed in. I did my usual doggy -> then on his belly. Not sure if it was the loads in him, but his hole did feel really good and I came pretty quickly. The weird part was right before I came he told me he really liked my blog. The comment sorta came out of nowhere and given that I could feel my orgasm coming, the timing was pretty funny.

After collapsing on him for a little bit, I rolled him over and pumped in and out of his ass and then pulled out and tried to felch his ass. I didn’t try to hard, but once again his ass just wasn’t all that cummy. It’s like his hole is a sponge and hangs on dearly to every drop of cum put up it.

I had to run, so didn’t stick around. I needed to get home to go to the gym with my bf and was pushing the limit of when he expected me home.

Later he hit me up saying the previous hookups had been blindfolded, “poz cumdump” sorta hookups where he never got to see who was fucking him. While I like those types of hookups, I was glad I got to see his face. He also mentioned he does web development – so I may get together with him soon to fuck him and then discuss development stuff. It’s rare to find a proud pig who’s a competent programmer…

Average Guys Can Be Excellent Bottoms

29 November 2010 | 4 Comments

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While it’s hot to fuck a muscle boy with zero body fat, the fact of the matter is that average guys (even below average guys) can be incredibly hot fucks too… That was the case the day after Thanksgiving. A guy I fucked a few months ago came back over. Honestly, I was a bit wiped from drinking for 9 hours straight the day before (even though I paced myself). I was horny, but didn’t want anything too involved. I was mostly looking for something in the neighborhood, but I knew this particular guy was submissive enough that he’d travel and be happy even if it was just a quickie pump and dump, so I told him to come up.

Long story short he was an hour late getting here, but he did finally get here. As I sorta implied he’s sorta ‘average’… His profile says he’s the same age as me, but he seemed a bit older. I’m pretty sure he’s poz – he sorta looks like he might have been poz for a while (though I know that’s not something you can ever say for sure)…

Anyway, before he came he said he’d be up for drinking my piss. When he confirmed I really had to piss right then. I tried to hold off, but just couldn’t, so I took a piss and drank a bunch more iced tea. But then he was an hour late. I kept running to the bathroom to piss just a little bit and relieve the pressure, but finally I just had to take a serious piss. So then I drank a bunch more iced tea, but this time I saved a bunch and gulped it down when he rang my bell.

So first thing he did was get on his knees and take my soft cock in his mouth and drink my piss. I was wearing my PA, so it wasn’t quite as uneventful as it sounds. Since I had already been pissing it took a while to get much out. He’d pull off briefly and a little would spill on his t-shirt. But eventually he got a fair amount of piss.

He then sucked me briefly, but I wasn’t really looking for a blowjob – with the PA in they’re awkward anyway. He finished taking off his clothes (left his shirt on) and I had him get on all fours on the bed and I started eating out his ass. You could tell he’s been fucked A LOT. It was an “experienced” hole. He could push it out a bit which was sorta cool cause it gave me something to eat. It’s very different than an inexperienced bottom where everything is flush with his ass…

After rimming him for a while (and jacking my cock), I lubed up my dick with Wet Platinum and pushed in. For an experienced ass he was a lot tighter than I thought he would be. It actually took a few attempts before I could get the PA in. I could tell it was painful for him, but he pushed through it (like a good sub bottom).

Once I was in his hole felt good. I loved the fact that I just knew he’d let me do anything I wanted to him. He’s a real sub bottom who’s mission in life is to serve tops. It wasn’t a quick fuck, but it wasn’t a long fuck either. Eventually I did cum in him. It felt like a big load, but who knows… It’s not like I actually saw it…

Afterwards I rolled over and held him and caressed him. He caressed me back. That went on for a while and there was zero conversation. I was tired and I just liked how relaxing it was. I had to catch myself a couple times ’cause I nearly fell asleep on him. After probably 20 minutes he moved down and started sucking my dick and paying attention to other parts of my body. He was there to serve and was doing a great job of it. All I had to do was lay back and enjoy it. At one point I tried fucking him some more, but that didn’t really work – I was spent. So he went back to caressing me.

All in all that part probably went on for 45 minutes and there was almost no conversation the entire time… It was just nice and relaxing. I don’t think he wanted it to end. Every time I’d make a move to end it he’d want me to lay on top of him, or lay down next to him or something. He may be a cumhole who would be happy with a pump and dump, but I could tell he wanted so much more. It’s sorta interesting to me how anonymous bottoms sometimes crave more meaningful encounters.

At one point during that time I got on top of him and pissed an incredible amount of piss down his throat. It was literally gulp after gulp after gulp. He had gotten me so relaxed I was finally able to piss easily and the huge amount of tea I had had during the day finally came out. After that he had some pretty serious piss breath. That’s the one bad thing about being a piss top, but it’s not something I can fault him for. I like bottoms drinking my piss, and piss breath just comes with the territory.

After a bit more quiet time it was eventually time for it to end. I got up and he put on his clothes and left. Good fuck though – pretty much exactly what I needed.

Fucked A Hot Furry Poz Guy

24 November 2008 | 28 Comments

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There’s this guy who’s been corresponding with me for a while now about fucking him. For one reason or another we just never hooked up. In part I wasn’t sure he was really my type, but other times I just wasn’t in the mood to fuck, or there were scheduling problems.

Then last week I saw this ad on Craigslist saying a guy had recently turned poz and wanted to celebrate with a gangbang. I responded and the top who was organizing it sent back a pic of the guy I had been corresponding with. I didn’t go, but I did send the bottom an e-mail since I had just been chatting about hooking up with him like a week or so before. He got back saying it was him and that he had just found out he was poz and was trying to sort it all out.

Long story short, he wanted to take my load and I wanted it to give it to him, so we arranged for him to come over tonight after work. But then he sent a message this morning saying he was in sort of a funk about the whole poz thing and wasn’t feeling all that sexy. I suggested he rethink it ’cause back in the day (YEARS ago) when I used to get fucked I was most in a bottom mood when I was a bit down. He got my point and decided to come over after all and just lay there and be a hole for me.

He showed up and he was WAY hotter than his pic. When he took off his clothes he had this great body – not completely lean, but muscley in the right places and reasonably trim in others. And he had this really thick fur that knew where to stop, so to speak… He was definitely “good for his type”…

We talked a bit and he told me he’d been reading my blog for a couple years and it was one of the reasons why he felt more comfortable with raw sex and got more into barebacking. I didn’t say anything, but did the math on that and his present situation pretty quickly… 😉

Anyway, he was OK with me videotaping it (though not sure about it being pubic – so you guys may not see it). So I got out the video camera and set it up. Since it was probably going to be private, I didn’t bother putting on a hood or anything.

He gave me a blowjob while I was setting things up and then continued once I was ready to go. I had my PA in, so giving me a blowjob wasn’t an easy task. Then I had him get on the bed on all fours so I could rim him. He was a little “musky” so I didn’t exactly give it my all, but he had this nice hairy ass, and he had a piercing on the back of his balls – almost a guiche, but a further forward.

His hole seemed pretty loose, so I stood up and just shoved my dry dick up his butt. He had told me he sorta wanted the fuck to hurt, so I wasn’t too worried. There was some spit from my rimming, but still, taking a dry dick with a big PA isn’t all that easy. At least you’d think it wouldn’t be that easy, but he took it no problem.

He felt good to fuck. Nice hole. I was horny and somewhat unfortunately I came pretty quickly. But I guess that’s better than not giving him my load. I stayed pretty hard, so I kept fucking him slowly – almost pulling my dick out so it was just being held in by the PA, then pushing it back in.

Finally I pulled out, turned down the lights and we had a little quiet time when I felt his furry chest as he jacked his dick. After he came (in my mouth), we wrapped things up, got dressed and he left…

Hopefully I’ll get to fuck him again sometime soon… This time I really want to pound him and make him squirm ’cause I’m hurting him… Not often you find a bottom who wants it to hurt and I didn’t make good use of it this time – so I’ll have to do it next time. 😉




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