Not As Good As His Pics…

26 June 2010 | No Comments

My dick with a big Prince Albert piercingIt’s always been a goal of mine to only cum when I’m fucking someone and not cum in between. It keeps me needing to fuck and focused on what I should be doing. Thing is, that’s easier said than done when you work on porn most of the day. You get hard, you jack off, and even if you don’t mean to cum, it happens. I’m not 18 years old – if I cum, it’s not like I can cum again in 5 minutes.

For some reason I’ve felt like wearing my prince albert lately. So I put it in a little over a week ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that having my PA in accomplished the goal… Jacking off with a PA just doesn’t feel as good and even if I do it, I don’t even get close to cumming. So if I wear my PA I don’t cum between fucks. Perfect!

[And those of you who were asking about my foreskin – well, you can see it in the pic. I haven’t pulled it down as much as I could, but as you can see, the doctor who circumcised me was a little sloppy and it sometimes covers part of the head of my cock. I’ve actually had guys think I’m uncut.]

Earlier this week I had a 5 day load built up and wanted to unload. There was this guy on Adam4Adam – my age, a little shorter, and fairly thin. He looked nice in his pics so I told him to come over. Just before he came over I clicked on his face pic and noticed his face had “a bit more character” to it than I could see in the smaller pic. Whatever… I like faces, but a pretty face isn’t mandatory…

He shows up, we go to the bedroom, and we strip down. It was one of those really hot days and he got here early. I had only turned the A/C on in the bedroom maybe 20 minutes before and it didn’t feel all that cool yet, so I took off everything as well (usually I’ll leave a shirt on, but I didn’t want to over heat).

His body wasn’t exactly what I was expecting or hoping for. He was really skinny, but sorta had a little belly too. His profile had said “neg, safe sex only” though he hadn’t asked any of the follow-up questions you get from guys who are worried neg bottoms. When he was on his way over I was envisioning a hookup with a guy who was a bit more “innocent” (it’s hard to find the right word). But as he sucked my dick and I started fucking him that image just didn’t really fit and it threw me off a bit. For one, his hole had seen a lot of use – that’s not a bad thing at all – it just didn’t fit the image of what I thought I’d be fucking that day.

Then I realized what his “type” was… He reminded me of the skinny guys you encounter in dark rooms. Attractive enough, decent bodies but not great bodies – they’re literally just holes who will take dick from anyone. I’m not saying that’s his scene – it’s just the image that came to me as I was fucking him.

I was reasonably hard as he was sucking my dick and then as I was fucking him, but something about it just wasn’t working. The heat in the bedroom wasn’t helping. If I had jut been laying on the bed it would have been fine, but as I exerted myself it got pretty hot. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a position that works with skinny guys, but with him nothing seemed to work.

Finally I just pulled out ’cause I wasn’t hard enough. He tried to get me hard – sucked my dick, etc. and after a while I did get hard enough to fuck again. This time the thoughts in my mind were completely different – I saw myself using some slutty hole who spends his nights in dark backrooms taking cock after cock. But even with that fantasy going through my head I could just tell I wasn’t going to cum. Which is sorta surprising ’cause I hadn’t cum in 5 days. So I just gave up.

We laid there, he jacked his dick. I sucked it for a while. It’s sorta funny his dick pic made him look like he had a little dick, but he actually had a very nice one (it was the one thing about him that was better than his pics). But my blowjob wasn’t getting him to cum (I’m hardly an expert cocksucker), so I pulled off, and he jacked his dick. Just as he was cumming I tried to go back down on him but he made it difficult, but I persisted and got his load. I find it really weird that he wouldn’t want me to swallow his load. I know some poz guys are like that with neg guys even though it’s pretty safe. Maybe he wasn’t so ‘neg’ after all and maybe my fantasy of him spending time in some dark room taking cock wasn’t so far from the truth… Who knows?