Skinny Black Guy Got Two Loads From Me

3 February 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-8/9

Well, the hookup I just had helped catch me up a bit on my 100 load goal for the year – the guy got two loads from me – which is rare for me – so by definition a good hookup.

I wasn’t really all that sure I wanted to hookup. I was having a nice mellow day – getting stuff done on Tumblr & on my blogs. I’d occasionally look at BBRT & A4A – and oddly, A4A was far more active today. There were two black guys on A4A who both wanted to hookup and both were definitely my type. One was up for videotaping the hookup which is a good thing, but I have to be in the mood for it since it just takes more effort since you have to be “on” completely when the camera is rolling. The other thing going for the other guy was that he was close by. I sorta wanted to host – after all he said he’d be up for stuff like bondage and flogging, but he wanted to host. Since he was within walking distance I said I’d go over, but I knew that meant no BDSM – unless he had gear laid out when I got there, which I doubted with this guy.

It took me a little bit to get out the door ’cause I had gotten the 11mm ring in my PA and it was in there so tightly that I had trouble getting the ring out. But I did finally get it out. I headed over to his place. I think I know why he wanted to host – he was in one of those nice new buildings that are all over Harlem these days. For a 20-something to have his own place in a nice building and have it nicely furnished – he was clearly above average and it was his way of letting me know that.

And he was well above average in terms of looks too. He had a nice tight body. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were a model or something. He offered me a drink, which was cute, but I was there for sex. We played a little bit (awkwardly) in the main room and then I suggested we go into the bedroom. Once there I proceeded to strip down as did he. He had a pair of those assless underwear / jockstraps on that are so popular these days. (They’re not exactly jockstraps – what is the proper name for them?) He seemed a bit unsure of what to do and just stood there, so after fingering his ass while feeling up his body, I finally suggested he get on the bed so I could rim him.

I couldn’t quite tell if he was completely clean or not, so I went pretty gently on the rimming, but still gave it my all – I just didn’t get too deep (so to speak). That got me rock hard, but I took my time, stopped jacking my dick and just paid attention to his ass for a bit before finally getting up, lubing my dick and pushing into his hole.

I wouldn’t call his hole loose, but he took my rock hard cock pretty easily. I fucked him doggy style for a minute or two and then got him down on his belly. He was pretty thin which I like when I fuck a guy. His hole felt good, but didn’t grab my dick and really massage it like some holes do. But it was a good hole. It wasn’t long until I could feel my orgasm coming. Then a little bit later I felt a little spurt, but not much of anything. I kept fucking and felt a bit more, but it wasn’t exactly a major load. When I say that sometimes I can’t feel when I cum, this was borderline one of those cases – I barely felt it, but this time at least I knew for sure I was cumming at least a little bit.

As I slowed down he said “you’re incredible”, which was sweet… Clearly he was enjoying himself.

I actually think I came a fair amount. His hole had felt pretty silky before I came – almost to the point that I wondered if he didn’t already have some loads in him. But after I came it was really slick and silky. It felt really good. I got down lower on top of him so I wasn’t having to work so hard to support the weight of my body and I just pistoned in and out of his ass slowly. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was hard enough for a slow fuck.

I never really went soft. I just kept on slowly fucking him for what must have been 5 minutes or so. Then I rolled us onto our sides and still just kept slowly fucking him. That lasted another maybe 5 minutes and then I felt my dick grow and I knew I was getting my second wind. I rolled him onto his belly again. This time I was a little bit at an angle and that was enough for his ass to work my dick pretty much perfectly. I could slowly feel another orgasm building. I was thinking, “this is rare”, but just went with it.

I was fucking him to suit my needs, not his. It was about me getting off – in that moment he was just a hole and I honestly couldn’t have cared whether he was enjoying himself or not. I could hear him grunting and making sounds like he was in pain. When I could clearly see his face he was totally in pain. But he wasn’t telling me to stop or slow down. He was just laying there taking the abuse to his hole. Needless to say I wanted to cum a second time and I did what I needed to do to make that happen.

It took a while for the second orgasm to come (so his pain was pretty drawn out) but when it did come, it was major. I could feel my load totally flooding his hole.

At that point my dick did start to deflate pretty quickly. We spooned and I caressed him. He was quiet – so quiet I wondered whether he was falling asleep. Finally, I wanted to go so I stirred and he got up as well. He commented “that was intense – intense in a good way though”. Usually you think of black tops as being the ones who really can “turn out” a hole, but today that top was me and he got fucked really good and hard.

I’m not sure he was expecting a fuck like that. In the moment I think he may have been a little freaked out by it, but I think he’ll remember it as a hot fuck and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for more.

Tomorrow an 18 y.o. is supposed to come over. Hopefully that works out. Last time I fucked an 18 y.o. he later told me he had only been 17 at the time. Luckily 17 is legal in NY. But one way or the other it’s always hot to breed a teen and help them learn to take semi-anonymous loads from complete strangers.

Bottom Wanted A Quicker Fuck Than Me

30 January 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-7

Well, after a slow start I’m starting to pick up my pace. To reach my goal of 100 loads this year I should be doing 8.3 per month. Looks like this month it’ll just be 7 – but that’s not too far behind – though next month is a short month.

Anyway, I was sort of looking to fuck today. By sorta I mean I didn’t feel like traveling or putting much effort into it, and honestly the quicker the better – so I could get back to work. There were a few options, but nothing definite and honestly it was a pretty slow day. But finally a guy hit me up and said he could be right over, so I said yes.

He arrived a little later than he said he would – but still pretty quickly. As he walked in he said the place looked better than last time he was there. Honestly I had forgotten that I’d fucked him before. (That’s a little embarrassing). So I covered my lack of memory by asking him what the place was like last time he was here. He said it was months ago.

Anyway, we both stripped down and he got on his knees and started sucking my cock. I was maybe half hard – I’m always a little self-conscious when a bottom is sucking me and I’m not hard. I feel like it’s my job to be hard and blowjobs don’t always do it for me, and if I do get hard with a blowjob it can take a while. But despite the fact that I wasn’t completely hard, at one point he stopped saying he had to breathe. I didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t breathe through his nose, and it wasn’t like I was hard enough to deep throat him…

I took the pause in action to change things up – had him get on the bed on all fours so I could rim him. I gotta say I really loved his ass. It was clean, but didn’t taste like soap. It was a little hairy, but not all that hairy. There was just something about it that was incredibly hot. (And I eat a lot of ass – so that’s saying something).

Needless to say that got me hard, so I lubed up my dick, then stood up and started fucking him. He was in this position where he was sorta curled up in a ball on the bed. The guy is pretty skinny – the overall effect was pretty hot. And his hole was pretty tight and felt good on my cock.

I pushed him forward and told him to get on his belly. He hesitated and said it hurts that way sometimes, but he complied. Since he was willing to do it, I felt I needed to take it a little easy on him. I pushed his legs together and didn’t fuck too deeply. I just worked the first few inches of my dick into him on each stroke. His ass was rubbing the bottom of the head of my dick really good.

I came pretty quickly and when I did I had this electric feeling go all through my body. It made for an unusually good orgasm. Nor sure where the feeling came from – haven’t felt it so strongly in a long time.

After cumming I rolled the two of us over and kept my hard cock in his ass. He wanted to jerk off and did. My cock wasn’t getting smaller – it liked being up his ass. But while I was still hard and inside him he said “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I need to be somewhere by 5, so I need to run.” I’m thinking, “dude, I haven’t even gone soft yet”, but another part of me sorta laughed. Usually I’m the one who ends the hookup earlier than the bottom wanted. For once the tables were turned on me and I was the one who wasn’t getting as long of a fuck as I wanted. Mind you, I probably would have laid there for another 5 minutes or so, and it was a really good fuck on a number of levels, so I can’t complain…

Bred A Skinny Black Guy With A Big Fat Dick

26 June 2012 | 3 Comments

Load 2012-24

Yesterday there was this guy who was hitting me up saying he wanted to take my load – he said he was neg but poz friendly. He kept practically begging me to tell him my status, but I just wanted to mindfuck him and make him wonder so I told him I’d tell him after he got my load. In the meantime I planned on teasing him a bit while I was fucking him – asking him if he wanted a poz load in his ass and then when he said ‘yes’ I’d razz him for being a bug chaser. Then when I was done I’d tell him chances are I’m neg…  (Sorta due for a test, but I’d be really surprised if I test poz). I know it’s a bit callous, but honestly, if he’s taking poz loads, what’s the harm? It’s all about mindfucking him and getting him to face his fears – and even be turned on by his fears…

Anyway, as we talked he started to seem like he was the type who’d flake – there just seemed to be too much fantasy. It went over the top when he said he was into bondage and wanted to be tied up. At that point I just sorta wrote him off. Maybe he was for real, but it was looking less and less likely… I mean a neg guy wanting to get tied up and fucked by a potentially poz top? IF he showed up, chances are he was going to start wigging out in the middle of sex. But he did come back online in the evening when he said he would – problem was when I asked if he was cleaned out and ready to go, he said he couldn’t douche where he was. Not only that, but he didn’t really say how he was going to clean out. I just told him I hated dirty bottoms – and ignored him.

So that meant I needed a hole to fuck. There were a couple options on BBRT, but I didn’t feel like traveling, so I went with this black guy who lived a few blocks away. He’d been hitting me up pretty intensely since I moved to Harlem. He said he was cleaned out and could be over in 20 minutes. He gave me his number and told me to text him. I texted him my address, and he came over right away.

When he got here he looked older than the age on his profile. I’m not sure if he was older, or if he’s the PNP type (drugs age you pretty quickly), or if that’s just his genetics… Even though he looked older it wasn’t a big deal to me – he was still pretty hot.

How he was dressed was actually really nice – simultaneously really casual but refined – it’s a look I always want to achieve and never manage to pull off.  But even though he was dressed well, when he took off his clothes he got even hotter. He was skinny as a rail, but still had definition and muscle (washboard abs, etc.), and while he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, he had a HUGE fat dick. Literally the only place on his body that had any fat was his dick – it was soft and looked like it would be a third leg if it got hard.

Anyway… Getting to the sex… He dropped to his knees pretty much immediately and started sucking on my cock. I had a curved barbell in my Prince Albert – not a full ring. I could feel the metal hit his teeth a couple times, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. Usually I don’t get hard all that quickly when a guy sucks my dick (that’s why I rim their ass almost immediately). On top of that it was well over a week since I’d taken a Cialis in over a week. But despite all that I could feel my cock slowly begin to grow. He managed to get me hard – which hasn’t happened so easily with a blowjob in a long time.

I then have him get on all fours so I can rim him. When he gets up on the bed his big dick is swinging between his legs – it’s sorta hot – but I ignore it ’cause I want his hole, not his dick. I go to rim him and he’s pre-lubed. The taste of the lube was a little distracting so I didn’t spend too long down there or get into it too much.

Then when I stood up to fuck he curls up in a way to sorta make his body compact and just be a hole. It’s hard to describe but I hadn’t seen a bottom do that before. Or maybe it was just that because he was so skinny he was able to get into a position other guys aren’t able to do.

I went to push in and it seemed like his hole was really tight, but then I stated wondering if I was just messing up somehow with my PA and it was getting in the way. I don’t remember fucking with the curved barbell before. I think it may have been sticking out from the underside of my dick or something. But I did finally work it out. It didn’t go in easily, but I did finally get inside him. The sensation on my dick was a little uncomfortable. It didn’t feel like the ball on the underside of my dick ever made it past his sphincter.

I stood behind him and fucked him like that for a little bit and then pushed him forward onto his belly. His body and hole felt SO good that way… It’s hard to describe exactly, but it everything was just in the right place and our positioning seemed absolutely perfect. And yeah, didn’t take long for me to unload, but before I did I gave him a decent pounding (I’m never sure how much a new trick can take).

When I was done he did a motion that made it clear he wanted me to lay on top of him, which I did – but I did it in a way that didn’t put all my weight on him. Then, after a little of that, with my dick still in him, I rolled him onto his side.

What was cool was when he looked around at me he had this HUGE grin on his face. It was like he was a little kid who just got the bike he wanted for Christmas – and the grin didn’t go away. It was sorta sweet. I don’t know if he grins like that a lot or he was just really happy to get my load. He did say “I’ve been wanting that load for a long time” – and said it twice. And later he said “do you still blog?” – so it’s not like he’s just seen me online for a while – he knew I was rawTOP. Either way, he was a really good fuck – he liked it and so did I… Since he’s so close, hopefully we’ll fuck on a regular basis.

Fucked One Of The Big Craigslist Cumholes

26 May 2011 | 14 Comments

Load 2011-8

A bit over a week ago I hooked up with one of those guys who constantly posts on Craigslist looking for loads. I hooked up with him through a hookup site, but he had the same pics and previously I had asked if he was the guy who was always on CL and he said ‘yeah’ (and asked why I hadn’t fucked him yet if I had seen his ad so many times).

Let me back up a bit… It was first thing in the morning when I started looking for a bottom to fuck and there were a few guys interested. One would have been a new hole for me and his profile said he was neg and he was young and hot – so I went with him, but I wondered how serious he was. He wanted to “party” with me – I told him I wasn’t interested – I just wanted to fuck. At first he wanted me there immediately (before his high wore off) then he was OK with a little later.

He had given me his address but not his apartment number so I told him to text me with his apartment number and I headed out. I had to go down a huge hill and then climb up another huge hill to get there. He still hadn’t gotten me his apartment number, so I got on the web (thank god for iPhones) and told him I was there, to let me in and tell me which apartment. He got back with “give me 5 minutes”. I’m thinking “I just climbed a huge hill to fuck your ass”… I mean, let me kn and I’ll sit in a corner for 5 minutes. Finally someone came out of the building and I got in. I knew which floor he was on, so I climbed the stairs (a 4th floor walkup). I sent him another message saying I was outside his door (I could hear the beat of ‘gay’ music). Still nothing. Finally I just left. As I was going out the door of the building I got a blocked call. I knew it was him, but I just ignored it. He would have been a bad fuck… Been there, done that. He called another two or three times as I walked home.

The Craigslist cumhole is one of the guys I had passed up to fuck the other guy, so I got back in touch with him. He wanted me to go to his place. I didn’t really want to travel that far, but I knew if I didn’t fuck right then I’d spend just as much time hunting for dick and being frustrated, so I went.

When I got to his place he was younger and cuter than I was expecting. I pulled out my dick and he blew me. Then he got on his futon couch and wanted me to fuck him. It was sorta funny… He had a hard time taking my dick, but then when I got in he was really loose. Anyway, the couch wasn’t working for me so I asked if we could fuck on his bed and we moved in there…

When I got him on his belly on the bed it turned into a really good fuck. He was skinny (just like I like bottoms) and it was sorta hot pounding his little ass. I didn’t last all that long fucking him – maybe 5 or 10 minutes. I had taken a pill so my dick continued to be hard, so I just kept fucking him slowly after I’d given him my load. I could tell he wanted more – at that point he kept bucking back onto my dick.

Eventually I rolled him on his side and we had sorta a quiet moment with my dick in his ass until I got soft and my dick popped out of his hole.  A little while later I buttoned up and left (I hadn’t taken off my clothes)…

All in all a good fuck…

Not As Good As His Pics…

26 June 2010 | No Comments

My dick with a big Prince Albert piercingIt’s always been a goal of mine to only cum when I’m fucking someone and not cum in between. It keeps me needing to fuck and focused on what I should be doing. Thing is, that’s easier said than done when you work on porn most of the day. You get hard, you jack off, and even if you don’t mean to cum, it happens. I’m not 18 years old – if I cum, it’s not like I can cum again in 5 minutes.

For some reason I’ve felt like wearing my prince albert lately. So I put it in a little over a week ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that having my PA in accomplished the goal… Jacking off with a PA just doesn’t feel as good and even if I do it, I don’t even get close to cumming. So if I wear my PA I don’t cum between fucks. Perfect!

[And those of you who were asking about my foreskin – well, you can see it in the pic. I haven’t pulled it down as much as I could, but as you can see, the doctor who circumcised me was a little sloppy and it sometimes covers part of the head of my cock. I’ve actually had guys think I’m uncut.]

Earlier this week I had a 5 day load built up and wanted to unload. There was this guy on Adam4Adam – my age, a little shorter, and fairly thin. He looked nice in his pics so I told him to come over. Just before he came over I clicked on his face pic and noticed his face had “a bit more character” to it than I could see in the smaller pic. Whatever… I like faces, but a pretty face isn’t mandatory…

He shows up, we go to the bedroom, and we strip down. It was one of those really hot days and he got here early. I had only turned the A/C on in the bedroom maybe 20 minutes before and it didn’t feel all that cool yet, so I took off everything as well (usually I’ll leave a shirt on, but I didn’t want to over heat).

His body wasn’t exactly what I was expecting or hoping for. He was really skinny, but sorta had a little belly too. His profile had said “neg, safe sex only” though he hadn’t asked any of the follow-up questions you get from guys who are worried neg bottoms. When he was on his way over I was envisioning a hookup with a guy who was a bit more “innocent” (it’s hard to find the right word). But as he sucked my dick and I started fucking him that image just didn’t really fit and it threw me off a bit. For one, his hole had seen a lot of use – that’s not a bad thing at all – it just didn’t fit the image of what I thought I’d be fucking that day.

Then I realized what his “type” was… He reminded me of the skinny guys you encounter in dark rooms. Attractive enough, decent bodies but not great bodies – they’re literally just holes who will take dick from anyone. I’m not saying that’s his scene – it’s just the image that came to me as I was fucking him.

I was reasonably hard as he was sucking my dick and then as I was fucking him, but something about it just wasn’t working. The heat in the bedroom wasn’t helping. If I had jut been laying on the bed it would have been fine, but as I exerted myself it got pretty hot. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a position that works with skinny guys, but with him nothing seemed to work.

Finally I just pulled out ’cause I wasn’t hard enough. He tried to get me hard – sucked my dick, etc. and after a while I did get hard enough to fuck again. This time the thoughts in my mind were completely different – I saw myself using some slutty hole who spends his nights in dark backrooms taking cock after cock. But even with that fantasy going through my head I could just tell I wasn’t going to cum. Which is sorta surprising ’cause I hadn’t cum in 5 days. So I just gave up.

We laid there, he jacked his dick. I sucked it for a while. It’s sorta funny his dick pic made him look like he had a little dick, but he actually had a very nice one (it was the one thing about him that was better than his pics). But my blowjob wasn’t getting him to cum (I’m hardly an expert cocksucker), so I pulled off, and he jacked his dick. Just as he was cumming I tried to go back down on him but he made it difficult, but I persisted and got his load. I find it really weird that he wouldn’t want me to swallow his load. I know some poz guys are like that with neg guys even though it’s pretty safe. Maybe he wasn’t so ‘neg’ after all and maybe my fantasy of him spending time in some dark room taking cock wasn’t so far from the truth… Who knows?

Fucked A Hot Twink Half My Age

20 May 2010 | 1 Comment

Load 2010-11

For a while now I’ve sorta had a goal of seeding someone half my age – well, it finally happened. Usually I hookup with guys who are upper 20s and 30s, but this one 21 y.o. had been hitting me up and finally things worked out and I fucked him…

He came by and he was possibly hotter than his pics. The perfect twink body – tight, low body fat, some nice tatts – and he was a nice guy with a cute face. When he took off his clothes he had on this neon lime jockstrap that really accentuated his ass beautifully.

I sucked his cock a bit, he sucked mine and then I got him on all fours with his ass hanging off the bed. I got some lube and started lubing up my dick and his ass. When I stuck a finger in him to lube his ass I could tell he was really tight. My finger didn’t go in easily despite the fact that he’s a versatile bottom. Made me wonder exactly how much he gets fucked.

When I went to push my dick in it was a good thing I was pretty hard ’cause it wasn’t easy getting in. I put on more lube, and finally my dick popped into his ass. But it hurt him so much he pulled off. I put on some more lube and he went and laid down flat on the bed. His little perky ass was hot and I knew with him on his belly there was no way he could pull off. So when I pushed in again I tried to take it easy on him, but he wasn’t going anywhere – he sorta had to take it.

I was really gentle until he loosened up a bit then I started fucking harder and harder. Didn’t have to go all that hard ’cause he was still so tight he made me cum just a few minutes later. I was a little disappointed I had cum so quickly, but hey, it was still a good fuck.

I turned him on his side and spooned a bit with my dick in his ass. I was pretty tactile but he didn’t really return it. It was sorta weird, I knew he was into me – he made that clear in what he said, but at the same time he was sorta hands off.

He wanted to cum and started jacking his dick. I asked him what would get him off and he said he was tactile, so I just felt up his body while he jacked off (rough job, but someone’s gotta do it). When he got close I started sucking on the tip of his dick and got his load (sorta mild – not too tangy)…

We then laid there a bit and talked. Interesting guy.




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