Suprisingly Good Hookup With A Beefy Asian

5 July 2010 | 2 Comments

Load 2010-17

Well, wearing a PA to avoid cumming worked – possibly too well. About 3 days after the hookup with the black fuck bud I tried to hookup, but had “some problems” making it happen, then life got busy, and then at about day 6 or 7 I sorta felt run down and not up for fucking (which is weird ’cause I had similar symptoms about 2 weeks after fucking the black guy last time). I wasn’t totally run down – just sorta.

I felt good enough to give it a shot and on day 7 had my Brazilian fuck bud over. He sucked my cock with my PA in, which was probably a mistake since it was sorta distracting when I wasn’t feeling 100%. I tried to make fucking happen, but it just wasn’t happening, so we both gave up.

Two days later I had a huge 9 day load in me and needed to unload. This “Asian / Pacific Islander” hit me up on Adam4Adam. He didn’t have a face pic, had a fuzzy torso shot, but had a nice butt pic (but even it was a little on the beefy side). I just had to cum so I said yes even though I really didn’t know who was going to show up at my door.

Before he got here he said he was looking for an anonymous hookup. I told him there’d be no taking then and I asked him if he’d be up for a hood or blindfold, he said yes, so I got my leather blindfold ready. His profile said he was neg, but didn’t say anything one way or the other about safe sex, and he asked no questions. I didn’t really know what to make of that – sorta guessed he was poz, but not public about it…

When he was a block away he texted saying he wanted a hood, so I scrambled and pulled out a hood for him, though I really wanted him blindfolded. He showed up and 1) he was a lot cuter than I thought he’d be, and 2) he was a lot heavier than I thought he’d be. I wanted to put the hood on him at the door and lead him back to the bedroom, but he made it clear he wanted to see his surroundings first.

When we got to the bedroom he got naked and honestly I wasn’t sure how the hookup would go. He was ADORABLE, but his body was really beefy. Imagine a stereotypical Samoan warrior (he’s not Samoan, but he looks like he could be), take away 99% of the tattoos, take 10 years off what you’re thinking, and you’ve pretty much got him. So he looks like a cute Pacific Islander muscle cub – which is not typically a type I do well with, but he was there and I had a 9 day load in my balls that needed release.

I went to put on the hood and realized I picked one with eye holes which was sorta dumb if it was supposed to be anonymous (but it was a last minute choice). I didn’t want to mess up the vibe by looking for another one, so I just went with it. It took a little work to get it over his head, but I finally managed.

I then told him to get on all fours on the bed. If it was going to be anonymous, I didn’t need a blowjob – we’d go right to anal. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and started rimming him. As soon as my mouth touched his ass I knew I was in luck. His whole body was silky smooth and his hole was just as smooth. I took my time eating his ass, though I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did – he just sorta laid there and didn’t react one way or the other.

I was jacking my dick the whole time I was rimming him. I had taken my PA out before he got there ’cause I didn’t want it to interfere this time. His hole was so good I had no problem getting rock hard.

Then I stood up and shoved in. Oh. My. God… His hole was incredible – it was silky and literally gripped my dick. I was either the best hole I’d ever been in or the 2nd best (the other being the Peruvian guy I fucked last year – who I still need to fuck again soon)… Usually doggy position isn’t a great position for me, but I knew I shouldn’t mess with perfection in this case – there was just something about his ass in this particular position. It also had the advantage of being a position that didn’t require a lot of physical exertion on my part. Part of my problems with other hookups is that my favorite position is with the bottom flat on his belly. In that position I have to repeatedly lift my entire body up and down (all 240 pounds of it) – that gets tiring pretty quickly, but in doggy there’s almost no physical exertion – which was good ’cause it was a border-line hot day and the fan in the window was barely cutting it – it would have been really easy to overheat.

As you can imagine – 9 day load + an incredible hole meant it wasn’t long before I was cumming in his ass. The orgasm was incredible. First I could feel the cum start leaking out pretty rapidly. It was like a bucket that was too full and sloshing it’s contents all over the place. That lasted so long I started wondering if I was going to cum for real, but I realized even if it stopped there I would have given him a nice size load. Then the full orgasm came and I started really blowing cum in his ass. That went on and on… It felt like I was giving him a gallon of cum up there – spurt after spurt after spurt. Finally it subsided.

I hadn’t said a word the entire time I was cumming. I was a little embarrassed how quickly I had cum and didn’t want it to end… The pace changed after that – I fucked him a bit more slowly, but I just kept fucking him and fucking him. His hole felt wonderfully wet. At one point I stopped and went to felch him, but while he was clean, he wasn’t squeaky clean, so I gave that up immediately and went back to fucking his cummy hole.

After a while he went from being on all fours (with his head down) to dropping upper torso down onto the bed. When he did that his hole changed completely and it felt just like a loose cavity – the incredible feeling pretty much stopped. So I figured it was time to change position, so I pushed him on his belly, but like so many cubs/bears that position just didn’t work at all, so I start winding up the fucking by whispering in his ear how big of a load he had taken and how wet his hole felt.

I pulled out and went around to the other side of the bed and had him clean off my dick with a little ATM. As he was sucking me I started feeling up his smooth body and sorta petting his head. When he stopped sucking me (since I was getting soft), he just buried his head in my crotch and never looked up at me. It reminded me a lot of playing with the puppy at MAL – I liked it a lot – it showed that anonymous sex can actually be very tender and intimate.

I pet him for quite a while and then laid down next to him at which point he started caressing me as I was caressing him. I’m not sure what he was going through in his head, but it seemed he needed both to be fucked like a cumdump and held tenderly – all without even talking to me. It was a really wonderful mix I don’t get very often – complete submission but tenderness too. I liked that.

Eventually we started talking a little bit. I asked if he liked puppy play and wound up having to explain it to him, and we talked about where he was from, his job, stuff like that…

Then, after a while I got hard again. This time he climbed on top of me and rode my cock. Once again, it felt incredible. It was like he was using my dick to give himself a prostate massage and was loving every minute of it. Besides rubbing my dick perfectly his hole just felt wet with all the cum.

When that was over we talked and caressed a bit more. If I didn’t have a boyfriend in the next room I would have kept him there longer and I know he wouldn’t have left. But I was hungry and needed to pay some attention to my bf, so I gradually wrapped things up and he left…

This is one of the few cases his having crappy profile pics was a good thing. If I had seen an accurate pic of his body I probably would have passed and missed a really good fuck.