MAL Friday – Too much drinking… :)

20 January 2011 | No Comments

Sorry I’m just now getting to the write up of Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL)… Over the weekend I was either incredibly busy or really tired, then when I came back I had to spend a day dealing with some legal shit. Then I had a busy/frustrating day, etc… You get the idea.

So I drove down to DC with @rjinny and @nycivyfreak this past Friday and we got in at 1:30. First thing I learned is that the diehard guys get in on Thursday… Note to self – go down on Thursday next year… I had actually made plans to fuck and film two guys in the afternoon, but I got busy with other stuff and let the plans fell through (my fault).

I should backup and say it had been almost a month and a half (43 days) since I’d last fucked anyone. I just hadn’t really been in the mood. Life was busy and stressful, and then just before I went to MAL I came down with a small cold that only cleared a day or so before I left. One of my goals for the weekend was to just relax and take it easy. It wasn’t really bothering me all that much that I wasn’t busy fucking guys. I just needed down time. Friday turned out to be the mellow day…

@PortaUrinal stopped by with a CASE of beer for me… I had invited him to be the urinal at the gangbangs I had planned and he wanted to be well stocked. The thing with piss bottoms is they may buy you beer, but they want it back when you’re done with it 🙂

The two of us went downstairs to the leather mart where I looked for a few things… First blindfolds for the gangbangs, and second a better flogger. I knew Janette Heartwood would be there. Her floggers are incredible and I wanted to pick one out while she still had the best selection. I have a soft, thuddy moose flogger I got from here a while back as well as a cowhide one from Master André in Montréal. I’ve always liked Janette’s slightly better and a friend had told me many years ago that hers were the best you could buy. Anyway, bottoms had been complaining that my floggers weren’t painful enough, so my goal was to buy a more painful one so I bought a oil tanned flogger from her (she only had one – it’s good I got there early). It’s a nice addition to my collection and it’s a bit longer, which adds even more punch when it hits the bottom…

While we were standing there a guy saw me getting flogged by Janette and started talking to PortaUrinal. The guy was this skinny guy and he was hoping I was a bottom and could take his 10+ inch dick. lol

We also looked at puppy tails but I wasn’t up for spending $90 for a puppy tail when I didn’t have a puppy to use it on…  🙁

I then went back to my room and Jayson Park came over. By this point I was really mellow and relaxed. I wasn’t really up for a proper fuck, but having Jayson in the room, it was impossible not to fuck him. So we did a little fucking but nothing too serious (and I didn’t cum).

PortaUrinal then came over to drain my bladder (my piss was pretty bad that day, but he managed). Then he talked me into going downstairs to the bar to have more beer. I was trying to hurry to get ready to go downstairs and in the process managed to catch my dick in my zipper (ouch!) and I actually drew blood in the process. So that meant I wasn’t going to be fucking anyone for the rest of the night (not that I was in the mood to do it anyway).

While we were down there we ran into SFVersCumBoy. I sorta recognized his beard and stopped him and asked if he was from San Francisco. When he was, I introduced myself. We spent the rest of the night talking. PortaUrinal was plying us with beer and getting our piss loads in return.

When the bar closed up at 2am we went up to the room with SFVersCumBoy, his boyfriend and some of his friends. They left the door open and at one point this guy wandered in and after a bit pulled out his cock. He was uncut with a lot of foreskin. SFVersCumBoy said he preferred less foreskin. I was drunk so I pulled out my dick and showed him my sloppy circumcision that sometimes looks like it’s uncut. Of course he started sucking my dick (in front of everyone). Thing was, I was wasted so I didn’t even get hard.

I had had 5 cans of beer and 3 pints… I blame the excess on PortaUrinal, he blames it on me… Truth was that we both enabled each other. My mellow mood meant my guard was down and I wasn’t policing myself like I should have (and I paid for it the next day).

Eventually enough was enough so PortaUrinal and I stumbled back to our rooms and tried to sleep it off…