Three Strikes & Now Out…

17 December 2012 | 1 Comment

I’ve been in a really melancholy mood lately. Nothing is wrong, I just feel like I want to get work done and be quiet and by myself most of the time. I haven’t been hooking up as much lately, but I’m still hooking up every now and then… I thought I’d quickly relate the last two hookups that didn’t go so well, and then add a third in for good measure (since two strikes doesn’t make as much sense)…

So the theme here is hot guys who don’t manage to get me off…

First up is Jayson Park… Jayson is really pretty hot – he’s got pretty much an ideal body – he’s thin/lean with decent definition, and he’s an eager bottom… Should get me off right? Well, I fucked him, and fucked him, and fucked him. Overheated and had to stop several times, but even though I hadn’t cum in something like 4 or 5 days, I just couldn’t cum with him. It’s happened before with him. In fact more than half the times I’ve fucked him I haven’t been able to cum. It doesn’t make sense – he’s totally my type – but it just doesn’t work out (most of the time).

I did get a whole bunch of video out of it… Here’s a pic from the video…

fucking Jayson Park

One thing I realized (not sure why it took me so long to fully realize it) – is that Jayson is a pretty dominant bottom. He’s definitely not submissive. I mean he tries to get into a submissive mindset sometimes – but it’s work for him. Being the dominant top I am I wanted to make him submit, so I blindfolded him and put on restraints and locked his wrists together. I knew he wouldn’t go for more than that – even that was stretching it a bit for him…

Not sure if you can tell all that well by looking at that pic – but I’ve lost a fair amount of weight. I’m a little surprised it looks like I have such a belly in that pic – when I stand up straight it’s not so pronounced. But that’s still a lot thinner than I was 6 or 12 months ago. The holidays (and my melancholy mood) are kicking my butt when it comes to weight loss. Right now I’m just trying to not gain weight. I’ll try getting back to weight loss again next year.

That was actually almost two months ago now. Then there were the latest two hookups – again with hot guys, but I didn’t get off…

First was a couple of weeks ago now – a black guy who I’ve been wanting to fuck for probably a year or more now. We used to live a few blocks from each other but timing always sucked. Anyway, he came over for a quickie on his way to work. I was surprised he was so tall, but otherwise he was pretty much what I was expecting. GREAT body. Eager to get fucked. But once again he was sort of a dominant bottom. He kept trying to call the shots. At one point I was in a groove and he started bouncing up and down – for god’s sakes – why do bottoms do that? I had to tell him to stop and lay still… Anyway I was turned on but couldn’t cum. He jacked off and then ran off to work (he was late).

Then the last guy was a week ago. On paper he’s not quite my type – but I still found him incredibly hot. He was this hairy, tattooed little muscle bear. His hair was so thick you couldn’t see some of his tattoos clearly. Just that day I had gotten an Oxballs Pig Hole, and when I realized his hole wasn’t rubbing my dick quite right and his hole was semi-loose I figured I’d try it out on him. Problem was the Pig Hole felt too much like wearing a rubber. It didn’t have enough lube inside so it felt dry and uncomfortable. I gave him a good long fuck, and later took out the Pig Hole and kept trying, but never could cum with him.

The only thing I really found wrong with that guy was that he was a heavy smoker. To a point the muskiness of it was a turn on, but at other times it was a bit too much. If I were a bottom I could see getting fucked by him – he had that sort of vibe about him. And at the end he was even admiring my ass – wanting to fuck me…

So now the “out” part… For a couple days I’ve felt a “sensation” now and again but didn’t think anything of it. Then last night I noticed discharge. UGH… I didn’t get a chance today, but tomorrow morning I’ll run to the STD clinic and get treated. So I’m out of commission for the next week. In a way it’s decent timing since I’ve got a busy next week…

The weird part was that I told the furry guy about it – going as far as saying that I suspected I got it from him since the timing was right and I haven’t been fucking much. His responses seemed appropriate, etc. though I found it odd that it seemed like he was always online… He knew he had been at least exposed to an STD and yet he was still looking to hookup with guys. Then as soon as I had read his second reply he blocked me before I could reply. I really have no clue what’s up with him, but I’m not sure I’d want to hookup with him again anyway. I prefer guys who are a bit more conservative about STDs.

Speaking of STDs, there’s an eBook out now that supposedly tells you all natural things you can take/eat that makes you immune to STDs. Apparently they’ve found breast milk and some other stuff actually kill STDs and so they go into stuff (other than breast milk) that can also kill STDs. It’s put out by straight guys and the sales pitch is incredibly gimmicky, but I think I’ll give it a try. With MAL coming up I could use some STD protection. And by the end of MAL I’ll know if it works or not.

MAL Friday – Too much drinking… :)

20 January 2011 | No Comments

Sorry I’m just now getting to the write up of Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL)… Over the weekend I was either incredibly busy or really tired, then when I came back I had to spend a day dealing with some legal shit. Then I had a busy/frustrating day, etc… You get the idea.

So I drove down to DC with @rjinny and @nycivyfreak this past Friday and we got in at 1:30. First thing I learned is that the diehard guys get in on Thursday… Note to self – go down on Thursday next year… I had actually made plans to fuck and film two guys in the afternoon, but I got busy with other stuff and let the plans fell through (my fault).

I should backup and say it had been almost a month and a half (43 days) since I’d last fucked anyone. I just hadn’t really been in the mood. Life was busy and stressful, and then just before I went to MAL I came down with a small cold that only cleared a day or so before I left. One of my goals for the weekend was to just relax and take it easy. It wasn’t really bothering me all that much that I wasn’t busy fucking guys. I just needed down time. Friday turned out to be the mellow day…

@PortaUrinal stopped by with a CASE of beer for me… I had invited him to be the urinal at the gangbangs I had planned and he wanted to be well stocked. The thing with piss bottoms is they may buy you beer, but they want it back when you’re done with it 🙂

The two of us went downstairs to the leather mart where I looked for a few things… First blindfolds for the gangbangs, and second a better flogger. I knew Janette Heartwood would be there. Her floggers are incredible and I wanted to pick one out while she still had the best selection. I have a soft, thuddy moose flogger I got from here a while back as well as a cowhide one from Master André in Montréal. I’ve always liked Janette’s slightly better and a friend had told me many years ago that hers were the best you could buy. Anyway, bottoms had been complaining that my floggers weren’t painful enough, so my goal was to buy a more painful one so I bought a oil tanned flogger from her (she only had one – it’s good I got there early). It’s a nice addition to my collection and it’s a bit longer, which adds even more punch when it hits the bottom…

While we were standing there a guy saw me getting flogged by Janette and started talking to PortaUrinal. The guy was this skinny guy and he was hoping I was a bottom and could take his 10+ inch dick. lol

We also looked at puppy tails but I wasn’t up for spending $90 for a puppy tail when I didn’t have a puppy to use it on…  🙁

I then went back to my room and Jayson Park came over. By this point I was really mellow and relaxed. I wasn’t really up for a proper fuck, but having Jayson in the room, it was impossible not to fuck him. So we did a little fucking but nothing too serious (and I didn’t cum).

PortaUrinal then came over to drain my bladder (my piss was pretty bad that day, but he managed). Then he talked me into going downstairs to the bar to have more beer. I was trying to hurry to get ready to go downstairs and in the process managed to catch my dick in my zipper (ouch!) and I actually drew blood in the process. So that meant I wasn’t going to be fucking anyone for the rest of the night (not that I was in the mood to do it anyway).

While we were down there we ran into SFVersCumBoy. I sorta recognized his beard and stopped him and asked if he was from San Francisco. When he was, I introduced myself. We spent the rest of the night talking. PortaUrinal was plying us with beer and getting our piss loads in return.

When the bar closed up at 2am we went up to the room with SFVersCumBoy, his boyfriend and some of his friends. They left the door open and at one point this guy wandered in and after a bit pulled out his cock. He was uncut with a lot of foreskin. SFVersCumBoy said he preferred less foreskin. I was drunk so I pulled out my dick and showed him my sloppy circumcision that sometimes looks like it’s uncut. Of course he started sucking my dick (in front of everyone). Thing was, I was wasted so I didn’t even get hard.

I had had 5 cans of beer and 3 pints… I blame the excess on PortaUrinal, he blames it on me… Truth was that we both enabled each other. My mellow mood meant my guard was down and I wasn’t policing myself like I should have (and I paid for it the next day).

Eventually enough was enough so PortaUrinal and I stumbled back to our rooms and tried to sleep it off…

Catching Up…

26 October 2010 | 1 Comment

I’ve started getting “are you OK?” e-mails and I’m way behind in posting… Life’s been busy – very busy… For the most part it’s all good, but sometimes it’s all a bit much and I just sorta check out. I try to get the things done that have to get done, and then when I just can’t do any more I just collapse in front of the TV or maybe go out and have a drink…

BTW, one thing I realized this morning was all those times I didn’t think I came – I probably actually came. I was jacking off this morning. Actually, as a kid I never jacked off like other guys – I’d pretty much hump the bed – which is what I was doing this morning (sorta frottage without the other person). Anyway, I was having difficulty cumming and finally it felt like I was having a dry orgasm. I didn’t think I came, but then I checked and I had cum – not a huge load, but a decent amount. So all those times I didn’t think I came – I probably did cum in a fair number of them… Go figure.

Anyway, here’s a run down of my fucks lately. Usually I do one fuck per post, but I need to catch up so I’ll just give basic details…

The messy sub…

The first fuck I skipped and didn’t write up was a 3way that we videotaped with his messy submissive bottom. I have mixed feelings about him. The best way to describe him is “inferior”. But he was so eager to please and I think in many ways he knew his place. He liked being abused by superior men. He wanted it to hurt. He actually wanted to get fucked so hard that he’d bleed. The problem was he wasn’t very well trained. He tried so hard, but he fucked up in a major way. He was cheating on his boyfriend on top of everything else, so he skipped out of work early and came over. He actually brought alcohol and mix, but he hadn’t cleaned out and the enemas he brought didn’t do the trick. I hooded him, and flogged him. He didn’t want me to leave marks ’cause he was afraid his boyfriend would see the marks, but his skin was so sensitive I wound up leaving them by accident. I stopped as soon as I realized, but it was too late. Then I went to fuck him I sorta tore him up a bit ’cause I had my PA in. When I stopped to let another (poz) top have a go at his ass you could see blood. I told the other top that’s what he wanted and so he went ahead with the fuck. But then he got dirty pretty quickly so everything stopped. He went into the bathroom and I had him use my showershot but after about 10 minutes he was still having this reddish brown stream come out of his ass. By that point the moment had been lost, so I told him it was time to leave – and he left (with a bleeding ass).

Load 2010-27

Honestly, this was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had in a long time. It was the day after the messy sub and once again I had a bottom who was willing to do whatever I wanted. My bf videotaped it. I flogged him, and then fucked him. He was hotter than the guy the day before. What got on video was pretty routine, but after videotaping had stopped and my boyfriend had left I just lay on the bed and he started massaging me and softly playing with my dick. It was tender and loving and submissive. He was clearly there to serve – anything I wanted he would do. I just laid back and enjoyed the experience. It was pretty incredible. I fucked him a bit more at one point, but I just really liked the peaceful nature of the whole thing. I’ve been wanting to hookup with him again, but it hasn’t happened (yet).

Load 2010-28

About a week later I had another hookup with Ian Cody (the Samoan-looking guy). It was a good fuck, then his roommate came home. Then I learned his roommate was his jealous ex-boyfriend and I had to sneak out of the apartment… Sorta funny…

Load 2010-29

Then a couple weeks later there was the hookup with the little Latino in the hot apartment with no A/C (and the other top with the HUGE dick)…

Load 2010-30

The day after fucking the little Latino I fucked Jayson Park. He came over and we alternately fucked and talked about a project he was working on. We stayed in bed so long and my position in bed was a little weird and I wound up fucking up my back somehow.

The neg bottom…

Then a couple weeks later (when my back stopped hurting) I fucked up with the neg guy who asked my status after I fucked him. At the time I didn’t think I came in him, but now I’m thinking I did. Other than not feeling the cum, otherwise it felt totally like an orgasm.

Load 2010-31

Then a week later I fucked the hot, tattooed, 20-something Latino I’ve fucked before. He was rushed for time ’cause his brother was coming over to go out for dinner. Thanks to subway problems I was late getting there. I think the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. For a while I didn’t think I could cum, but he did get my load. Then I had to rush out ’cause his brother would be there in a couple minutes.

Load 2010-32

Two and a half weeks later I was in California for a conference. I was thinking I’d fuck a lot while I was there, but it didn’t work out that way. I only  managed to get two fucks in before the conference started. The first was the night before the conference. He was a nice guy, but there wasn’t much in the way of real chemistry. He was a hungry hole. I needed a hole and he was hungry for the load.

Load 2010-33

The next morning I woke up early (I was still on east coast time). Turns out there was this Asian guy in the hotel next to mine who was looking for a load. He reminded me a lot of Ian Cody (the Samoan-looking guy). He was sorta an interesting fuck. He was a civilian who was working for the military. The military guy he worked for was in the next room and there were paper thin walls. He was pretty sure his boss had left by then, but as I got to the elevator there were uniformed military guys around. Hope he didn’t get in trouble for the fuck. He’s technically covered by non-discrimination policies, but his bosses have made it clear that they’ll fire anyone they find out is gay.

I did have a rather interesting conversation with a gay guy I knew at the conference. He went into all sorts of details about how he’s now in a 3 way relationship. He’s a top with his “husband” (they’re married). But he’s a VERY submissive BDSM bottom for his “master” (who also has a boyfriend). The other day he texted me pics of the whipping marks from their latest play session… 🙂

That was almost two weeks ago now. Haven’t had sex since then in part because right after I got back from California I had a cold for a bit over a week. I’m just now starting to feel like I’m getting back to my normal self. Now I’ve got a crazy amount of work to catch up on. And on top of everything else we got notice that a contractor who worked for us 5+ years ago is suing us. His lawsuit is a joke, but it’s just one more thing I have to deal with…

Going forward, I’ll try to post right after I hookup, but no promises…

Puppies, The Leather Mart & The CODE Party @ MAL

19 January 2010 | 1 Comment

Jayson Park texted me around 3:30 and asked if the gangbang was over and if I wanted to go down and see the puppy play in the lobby bar which was ending soon. The last of the tops had left just after 3pm so we officially called the gang bang over and headed downstairs to get a drink and watch the puppies.

The puppy event was pretty much over by the time we got there, but we saw the tail end of it. Speaking of tails – I love how the puppy tales wag. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, “puppies” are bottom who identify as dogs. In some cases it’s just play, but often we’re talking about guys who see themselves as dogs in male bodies. So they dress up as dogs. There’s a collar and leash (of course), “puppy mitts” (which are basically small leather bags that they put their hands in – a lot like the booties they put on the paws of real dogs in the winter), then they often wear puppy hoods that have ears and a snout (very cute), and then there’s the puppy tail – which is basically a butt plug with a rubber tail coming out of the end. The tails wag when the puppy moves and it’s all very cute…

Then we headed over to the leather mart. Unlike IML, the leather mart at MAL is shoehorned into this really small space and it’s absolutely packed with people. One of the only video companies that was there was Dick Wadd – they had actually shot an 8  person scene the first night in which my friend/fb Jayson Park got fucked by 3 guys. One of the other guys in the scene was Jake Wetmore who I have a total crush on. Luckily he was at the Dick Wadd booth when Jayson, me and my bottom went up. He’s a total sweetie – almost goofy. We talked for a little bit which was really nice. And I gotta say – he’s MUCH hotter in person than on film (and I thought he was hot before seeing him).

We continued around and did some shopping. I was trying to keep on a budget so just bought some lube, some boot socks and a couple hankies. There was a CODE party at a bar nearby that night so I bought tickets for that as well.

We then went back to the room. My boy was tired so he surfed the web a little and then wanted to sleep. There had been a really hot pretty boy vers top at the gangbang and the boy figured out who he was and started corresponding with him. That connection turned out to be significant a day later – but more about that in a later post.

I was hungry, so I met Jayson Park in his room to look at what he was wearing that night and to head off to dinner. But of course hot nearly-naked guy… We fucked first and then figured out what he was going to wear 😉  When I fucked I was too lazy to take off my chaps, so it was a bit of an awkward fuck since I didn’t have much flexibility and with all the clothes on I didn’t cum. But Jayson always gets me rock hard, so it’s never a problem to just whip it out and fuck at a moments notice…

Anyway, we finally went down to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Jayson was thinking of continuing not to eat, but decided to eat a house salad. Food goes through him in 12 hours, and he doesn’t get fucked in the morning, and salads are as safe as you get in terms of staying “clean”, so it was a safe bet and got something into his system.

I was so tired by this point. I had gotten very little sleep the night before but the day kept going… I was so tired that I knew it was pointless to try to arrange a hookup… So it was off to the CODE Party.

The CODE party was in the same place as the bear event the night before only this time the place was packed. You had to be in proper “gear” to get in – could be leather, athletic gear, motorcycle, etc. There was everything from leather daddies to twinks just in jockstraps and tennis shoes to bikers in full biker gear and helmets. It was a pretty great crowd.

I’d been trying to get a “read” on my bottom since he’d arrived and was having a really hard time of it. However, I could tell he was liking the CODE party. For one he said “I’m in heaven right now”, and when they did the bondage demonstration and hog tied a hot muscle daddy he couldn’t get his eyes off it (pic below – personally I couldn’t get my eyes off the young Asian cutie next to the demonstration)…

MAL Code Party Bondage Demonstration

HOWEVER, he was totally not interested in the dark room area which surprised me. I thought he was there to be a cum dump. Every cum dump I know would have spent pretty much the whole night in that one room hoping for loads. So I knew something was up. He was enjoying himself – but not in the way I expected or intended.

Jayson Park went with us and I haven’t mentioned yet that he was wearing these crazy outfits all weekend. Most of his shirts didn’t go much below his nipples and he’d wear these little shorts that showed off how fuckable his ass was. The last day he was there a total stranger walked up to him and commented “So, you really do have full t-shirts”…

The outfit he wore to the CODE party was the most revealing of all of them… He had white boxer shoes on, tall white socks with black bands at the top, a tiny t-shirt that just barely went below his nipples and then he had “a sock” jock on. Sock jocks have a waist band and then a cock ring thing in the pouch so they don’t have any straps going down in the back (pics below, courtesy of Shutter Pup who was so enamored with Jayson that he actually rimmed him right in the middle of the club at one point).

Jayson Park at the CODE Party at MAL
Jayson Park in a sock jock

Jayson also brought a bottle of Gun Oil which I held onto for him, but which he (unfortunately) never used. It was a total “Fuck Me” outfit, but he’s not into anonymous sex and didn’t make a connection with anyone there, so the point of it was sorta lost. But it was hot!

We had gotten there pretty early and we left pretty early, by that I mean it was probably like 12:30 or 1:00 when we left… We got back to the hotel and I was just dead tired. My primary objective was to get a decent night’s sleep so I’d be up for fucking on Sunday. The bottom was tired too and a bit worn out from the gangbang and generally tired. I would have liked it if he had walked the halls looking for loads. A real cumhole would have, but as I went to sleep he was on his computer – I thought he was looking for tops, but the next day I found out he was IM’ing until 3 in the morning with the pretty boy vers top from the gangbang…

Friday @ Mid Altantic Leather

17 January 2010 | 6 Comments

Things have been busy/crazy and I need to write up what’s been going on before I forget…

Friday I was planning on leaving NYC at 9am so I’d get into DC around 1pm, but that didn’t happen. I had worked until 9:45pm the night before getting stuff ready for one of my sponsors. I manage their hosted blogs and they wanted to announce a new tube-style porn blog I’d been working on for them ( Unfortunately they had all this content I had to go through and they got it to me at the last minute so I couldn’t have one of the guys who does work for me take care of it.

Long story short that put me way behind. I should have spent the afternoon getting ready – our cleaning guy moved out of town a few weeks ago, so I had to do laundry on top of everything else… All of it got pushed to the next day – the day I was supposed to leave at 9am. Bottom line I left NYC 5 1/2 hours after I intended to leave. And because I didn’t leave when I  planned traffic wasn’t as good as I had hoped and the trip took a bit longer than expected.

So I got in at 7pm instead of 1pm which sorta fucked things up. I really wanted to videotape me fucking someone that afternoon, but that wasn’t going to happen. I had just enough time to deal with all the e-mails and try to relax a bit before the bottom arrived.

Actually Jayson Park came over for a bit in the middle of all that. We hung out and talked. He was doing a porn shoot for Dick Wadd later that night, so I knew he wasn’t up for really getting fucked – his hole had to stay in good shape so the shoot went well for him. He was looking really hot. It’s like he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him – and his butt – my god, his butt was so little, perky and fuckable… Anyway, at one point I touched him (’cause I couldn’t keep my hands off him), then we were kissing, then I wanted to rim him, so I pulled down his pants and started eating out his primo hole. Well, hard dick, great ass… Next thing you knew my dick was up his hole. It wasn’t a real fuck though. For starters I knew he had the shoot later and didn’t want to do anything that would mess that up (though I should have used something other than spit). And second, I had this crazy idea that the only loads I’d give this weekend would be ones I videotaped… So I just sorta play fucked him and then pulled out and we went back to hanging out.

He had to run, then there was a bottom from NYC who I’ve been meaning to fuck who was having a gangbang. I went over to his room about an hour after the gangbang was supposed to have started and when I went in he was the only one there. He was head down (blindfolded?) with his ass in the air. There was a sign near the door where tops were supposed to make a mark when they gave him a load. Only one top had made a mark. However, when I went to rim him his hole was totally cummy. In fact it tasted pretty incredible. I didn’t suck his hole ’cause it’s a little rude to take loads out of a cum dump that’s getting gangbanged, but there was plenty of cum on the outside of his ass… I fucked him for a bit and kept pulling out and cleaning off the cum I’d worked out of his ass. Thing was, I just wasn’t ready to cum right then.

At that point I was hard and wondering if there were other holes to fuck, so I walked all the floors in the hotel, but it just wasn’t happening yet. Then I went downstairs and had a beer, but when not much was happening there either I came back up to finish unpacking.

The boy arrived before I was done unpacking. I had just gone out for drinks with him a couple days before – didn’t really know him, though I knew he was a decent guy and got into taking lots of loads. I also sorta suspected that he wasn’t as submissive as I was really looking for and honestly that’s been a bit of an issue this weekend, but more on that later (nothing major – just little things).

Of course bottom boy comes into the room for a weekend of fucking – he wanted my dick and I wanted his hole so we fucked a bit, but like with Jayson, it was just play fucking. I wanted him to get my load when I was videotaping it… After he settled in a bit we went downstairs for a beer. This was actually his first leather event (hadn’t even been to a real leather bar) so he was a bit nervous.

After the beer we decided to go over to a bear event at a bar near by that someone told me had a darkroom. I’m not all that into bears, but I figured I might be able to get my dick in some holes and get a few loads for my boy. We walked over only to find the place was dead, so we left and came back to the hotel. We could have gone to a sex party we knew about but both of us were too tired to bother with a sex party that had a $15 cover and required driving.

By that time the hotel was a bit like a bathhouse. I put a blue hanky on the door knob and left it ajar and guys started looking in and then a few came in. The first two seemed like a couple. They were pretty hot, and the top was pretty aggressive. He wanted to fuck with a condom but I said I didn’t have any (there were actually the two from the registration bag – but they were in the trash by that point). The aggressive top kept trying to force my head down to suck his dick, but I don’t suck dick by force, so that wasn’t happening. However, I fucked the bottom raw with the two of them watching and they were into it, but didn’t want to do it themselves.

They left and then this top came in. Older guy with a nice dick. He wanted to fuck with a condom too, but had brought his own. My bottom indicated it was OK (he just wanted to get fucked), so I let the top fuck him. The fucking brought other guys into the room who wanted to watch, etc. Eventually the safe sex top wasn’t cumming and the condom was hurting the bottom so we had him stop. He left pretty quickly then I figured I’d show the others what the bottom really wanted and started fucking him raw. When I pulled out one of them took my place.

At that point things started getting hot and heavy. Guys would come in and out of the room, tops were fucking the bottom. At one point there was a 10 or 15 minute stretch where three guys blew their loads in the bottom in rapid succession. It was like a breeding frenzy – very hot…

Then this hot tattooed bottom I’d been chatting up online comes into the room and this whole group of guys sorta followed him in. He was the hot piece of meat that everyone wanted to fuck (including me). I felt up his ass and it was cummy, so I shoved my dick in, but I just fucked him for a bit and then passed him off to another top. The problem was the energy in the room changed and it was sorta out of control (in a bad way), so I closed the door so other guys couldn’t get in, and then was sorta happy when the hot piece of meat decided to leave and everyone followed him out.

UPDATE: The “hot piece of meat” mentioned the encounter on his blog:

I found out that a couple of rooms further down the hallway from my room there was a bb gangbang going on (open door, blue hanky on the door knot), organized by rawTOP (u know who I am talking about). We have been chatting online and exchanged phone numbers because I am just SO turned on by his blog, his videos and his stories. But for some reason he does not seem too much into me or not very eager to fuck my cunt and breed me because it takes him FOREVER to get back to me via text or mail (if he gets back to me at all). But I decided to check that little party out. There was one bottom being fucked by rawTOP and some tops around him waiting for their turn. As I entered the room I realised there were some guys following me – NICE! I bend over the bed and rawTOP was the first one who fucked my ass for some minutes (FINALLY!!) before he handed me over to some other fucker (at this time I did not really care who fucked my so I can’t tell what the guys looked like). After sometime I felt a little akward because I had the feeling I was crashing a party I was not really meant to be at: All the fuckers turned towards my ass and I felt uncomfortable. I LOVE cum up my ass but it did not feel right to steal all the fuckers from that other bottom and fuck up rawTOPs gangbang. So I decided to leave.

[For the record: I’m totally into the guy and would love to give him a proper fuck some time! (And videotape it too!)]

At that point we were both pretty tired and decided to go to bed. The bottom had gotten 3 loads in him pretty quickly, and I had gotten my dick in 4 holes, so it was a decent start to the weekend.

As we went to bed I cuddled with the bottom a bit, but he seemed really distant. I was having a really hard time reading him and days later as I write this I still don’t think I really understand him – just understand bits and pieces of him poorly… Looking back I’d say there are times when he seems to build a bit of an emotional protective wall between him and the other person. He doesn’t seem to mind it when the person uses him sexually, but he doesn’t give much of anything other than his body to the person. So as I was cuddling him, he didn’t respond, but didn’t complain either. It’s been a long time since I’ve cuddled with a bottom and gotten zero response. It was a bit odd…

Jayson Park’s Got A Hot Body, A Sweet Hole & Loves ATM…

25 July 2009 | 4 Comments

OK, I seriously apologize – I’m way behind on my fuck posts. There are now 3 guys I’ve fucked and filmed that I haven’t written up. I just haven’t had time to edit the videos. Then there’s a jackoff video my bf shot as a test of our new HD camera that I want to put up as well…

So in addition to the three videotaped fucks, yesterday I fucked porn star Jayson Park. If I have my facts right he started doing porn last November and after an initial taste I think he’s gotten bit by the porn bug and it seems like every time I talk to him he’s off doing porn somewhere. I don’t know everything he’s done, but I do know he’s been in videos for HDK (including “Backroom Bareback”), and Treasure Island (including “Bone Deep” – the TIM video that sold the most initial copies – where he’s called Jason Park), and Factory Video (including a “Private Cumhole” – where he’s on the cover).

Anyway, we’ve been trying for a while to hookup. Initially it didn’t look like it was going work because his general availability conflicted with mine. Then we got more serious about it and we started discussing me videotaping him and it got more serious, but kept getting pushed off. Finally we figured out we had time for a quick fuck yesterday followed by a quick drink at a bar.

Time came and I was supposed to leave but didn’t have his address. For a while there I thought I wasn’t going to be able to hookup with him, but then at the last minute he gave me his address. I wanted to prep a bit better, but all I had time for was downing part of a pill, throwing on some white boot socks (he’s got a serious white sock fetish), washing off my dick, and brushing my teeth.

I get there and he answers the door stark naked (except for some white socks, of course). I was thinking something along the lines of JACKPOT! Jayson is mixed race Asian (Asian + white). Frankly, that mix sometimes doesn’t come out right, but with him he got the best of both… He’s got an incredibly hot body that’s much hotter than his pics (which are hot). He’s really lean, but muscular at the same time. Great ass, a little hair in all he right places, and a killer smile. He had a big grin on his face as well. Said I was better than my pics. (He’s not the first to say that – I think I need better pics…)

We go to his home office where there’s a futon and we start making out, kissing, he sucks my dick… There is really great chemistry with him. Pretty quickly the term “boyfriend material” pops into my head. If I were single and he were looking and interested I think I’d wind up dating him… I mean a hot little cumhole boyfriend who who’d constantly be getting other guys’ loads in him I could use for lube… Who wouldn’t want that? Thing is he seems pretty committed to his boyfriend, and I have mine…

[Though I should mention I’ve been thinking about my relationship a lot lately. We’re in contract to sell our apartment – if it goes through it would be the first time in 11 years when property ownership wouldn’t be a complicating factor in breaking up with him. There were times in the past where if it hadn’t been a huge hassle to break up with him I probably would have. Still, that said, I’ve thought about it and have no plans to break up. There’s so much that works in our relationship and my bf is a really special guy. But still, meeting hot little (quality) cum hungry bottoms like Jayson does make me think about my options…]

Getting back to the fuck… It’s not long before his ass is up and I’m eating it out. He had a perfectly clean hole – was great to rim. About the only thing that would have been better would have been if I had tasted some other guy’s load when I was sucking on his ass…

He sucks my dick some more, we make out some more (we actually kiss a lot) and before long his legs are up and my dick is in his hole. God, it was an awesome hole – perfectly silky (probably due to the silicon lube). So he’s legs up my dick in his ass and I keep leaning in to kiss him while I fuck him. It was good…

I turned him over at one point, but given that his futon was in couch mode it was a little awkward fucking him on his belly. We switched up fucking him in a bunch of different positions, absolutely every time I pulled out he wanted to suck my dick and clean his ass juices off my dick – that’s called “Ass-To-Mouth” or ATM and I’ve never had a bottom be that into it… Guess he’s just a little “ATM machine” 😉

The fucking went on for a while it just didn’t feel like I could cum. Wasn’t his fault. The day before I had been working on the porn blogs and jacked off 2 or 3 times. Guess I shouldn’t have done that. But it was still a great fuck. I seriously could fuck him all day… But after a while we were pushing the time when his boyfriend would be home, so we wrapped things up.

We got dressed and went out for a drink at The Saloon on 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen. It was one of the first gay bars I went to when I came to New York in 1990 (back when it was called Cleo’s Saloon). Back then the RA in my dorm took me there ’cause it was the neighborhood bar. It had a pretty homely crowd back then and nothing has changed, but we weren’t there to pick up tricks (already did that). We had a beer, tried to talk about the porn business over the too-loud music, but then I had to leave to go downtown to have dinner with my boyfriend and some extended family.

Hopefully we’ll hookup again soon and I’d love to figure out a way to shoot some porn with him – but we gotta work out the details (money, etc.) – he’s a bit more professional than I’m ready to pay for at this point… 🙂




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