Disappointing Hookup With Long-Time Fuckbud

29 January 2012 | 3 Comments

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I wasn’t going to write up this hookup, but I’ve got a little time to kill, so why not…

latin fuckbud14+ years ago, a few weeks after I met my current boyfriend, I wasn’t exclusive with my bf yet and I had gone out to the bars. It was early December and cold and I was walking home from a bar in full leather. Leather is cold in the winter and hot in the summer and I was freezing my ass off. I had leather pants on, motorcycle boots, and a my favorite motorcycle jacket on. I sorta remember not having much of anything on under that – maybe the leather bodice thing that covered just the upper part of my torso.

Anyway, I was walking up 7th Avenue south of 14th Street when this hot little Latino came up to me. He was SO cute. He was wearing this little red Santa hat. He tried really hard to get me to let him go home with me, but I wasn’t in the mood (forget why). We exchanged phone numbers and then fucked a week or so later.

At one point he mentioned he had done some porn and for a while I was a bit obsessed with him – buying every video and magazine that I could find with him in it. The picture to the right his him from back then. Obviously he was really hot! He’s got a big dick too – which you can sorta see hanging down between his legs.

So a year or so later my bf and I move uptown and who do I run into – the little Latino who’d picked me up that night. Over the years we’ve fucked on and off. I’ve fucked him in the bathroom at his school. I’ve fucked him in the park near us. I’ve fucked bottoms with him, etc. It’s been pretty hot.

At some point he became poz and age and possibly the meds seem to have had an impact on his body. Believe it or not he’s considerably thinner than he was back then – he’s almost frail looking now, but I find that pretty hot. I like really little guys.

Just after New Years I’m online and see him online so I send him a message. An hour or so after that I’m at his place (I needed to eat something first). He loves sex. He put me on my back and sucked my dick, got me hard, and then sat on my dick and rode me. Like he’s done with me before, he came on my belly without touching himself.

Getting ridden doesn’t make me cum, so I put him on his belly and started fucking him. For whatever reason I couldn’t cum, so I kept fucking him and fucking him. It just went on and on… At some point I must have cum ’cause my dick started going down – like it does when I cum.

When it was all over I was sorta disappointed I hadn’t felt myself cum, and while he didn’t say it, I got the impression the fuck was a bit too long hard and rough for him. Plus my dinner had included a dish with onions – which was a mistake – I think I had onion breath even though I had brushed my teeth before going over (oops).

We laid there sorta spooning and I was feeling his body. He was SO thin and so little. I asked how much he weighed. He said 120. My bf is the same height and he’s usually 127 to 130ish. There was no way this guy was just 5 or 10 pounds lighter – every part of him was noticeably thinner than my bf. He had to be more like 110. He did say he was self-conscious about his size and weight. I told him I loved it – but I don’t think he quite believed me. But he was so tiny – it really was pretty hot.

All in all it seemed like a bit of a disappointing fuck for both of us. I’m moving out of his neighborhood in a couple of months – it sorta felt like a final fuck with him… Which is sorta too bad. Maybe we can do one more and have it go better so we end on a better note – who knows?