Gave A Quickie Load To A Tweaked Fuckbud

30 July 2012 | 5 Comments

Load 2012-34

Friday night I had just a little time to fuck before I needed to do something with my bf. Just at the right time an old fuckbud texted me saying he was in Harlem and asking if I wanted to fuck him. He was 20+ blocks away, but I said yes.

He got down here and looked really good. What he was wearing made him look sorta sporty & hot. Last time I had fucked him was December ’09 – so a long time ago. Last time was actually a video shoot where another top and I tag teamed his hole… Here he is getting fucked by the other top…

hotlatino05 getting fucked

He comes in, we go to the bedroom and he immediately starts stripping naked – even before I had a chance to draw the blinds. Somehow standing there naked he looked better than I remembered – tighter, leaner, a bit more muscular.

Once I got my clothes off he sorta went to suck my cock, but I took control and positioned him so I could rim his ass. His hole is naturally hairless and it seemed squeaky clean – my favorite type of hole to rim. Needless to say, I enjoyed it, and it got me hard pretty quickly.

I lube up his hole and my dick and left my Prince Albert in (I was wearing a 2 gauge curved barbell). I slid in and the first thing I noticed was his ass was more muscular than before. Some guys have soft cushy asses. He had this hard muscular ass – again, not something I remembered before. Seems he’s been working out his ass (and not just by getting fucked).

He had put a pillow under him which I pulled out. I wanted him flat on his stomach. I tried a few different positions – legs together, legs spread, and finally a bit sideways before I found the way that felt “just right”. At one point I said “you gotta good poz hole there boy” in his ear. He didn’t hear me clearly and asked “What?”. When I first started fucking him years ago he said he was neg, then he was sorta proud he had turned poz. But when he said “What?” it was in a way that made it sound like he might be objecting to the whole poz reference, so when I repeated myself I left out that word, and just stayed pretty much silent from that point on…

He then said “fuck me harder!” and I figured the best way for me to give him a rough fuck was to make use of my PA. I did long strokes – making sure that the ball on the underside of my dick went into his sphincter on every stroke. I figured that would rough up his hole a bit. Then I’d slam back into him with as much force as I could (without overdoing it).

Riding his muscular ass felt really good, and before long I came in his ass. In hindsight I should have felched his hole. I mean is was a pretty excellent hole, but I didn’t. He sucked me clean and then wanted to take a shower. He seemed a little disconnected and scattered. I mean usually with someone like him who I’ve fucked before we’ll lay there for a little while, talk, and catch up. But he just seemed jittery. It was like the “got a load” checkbox was done and so it was time to leave. His wanting to take a shower, and the fact that he was dressed really nicely, and how he wanted to leave so quickly, made me wonder if he was going home to a boyfriend who didn’t know he was taking loads.

The next day he texted me and said he was high when he got here. That made things make sense – why he was so scattered, distracted and disconnected. He also said he got 3 more loads that night, and that his hole was still sore from me rough fucking him with my PA. Apparently the soreness lasted for quite a while. But it was what he asked for… [If you’re wondering, if I stay deep I don’t really cause much hurt – it’s only when I do long strokes and get the PA into the sphincter on the upstroke that it hurts so much.] But apparently it didn’t hurt so much that he couldn’t continue to get fucked. Or maybe he was just too high to notice the pain.

Anyway, now that I see how his body has improved, I gotta get in his ass on a regular basis – maybe next time I’ll be his 4th load rather than 1st of 4 and get to felch some loads out of his ass…