Two Bottoms, Each With Three Load In Them

21 December 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-53

Yesterday I hooked up with a bottom who already had three loads in him, and then today (oddly) I hooked up with another bottom who also had 3 loads in him. But the two hookups were extremely different.

The bottom yesterday wasn’t really what I was expecting. When someone tells you that they have three loads in their ass and can you be there by 6pm, you sorta expect the guy to be an anonymous cumdump. I figured the guy wanted a quickie pump-n-dump that might take 10 or 15 min, max. And it wasn’t really clear whether it had to be over by 6 or not.

He gave me the address, etc and then didn’t respond for ages when I asked his phone number. I was almost out the door to see someone else when he got back to me, so I went back to plans with him. I had to drive over to him since public transit from here to there is far more complicated than it should be. He lives in a busy neighborhood and it took a while to find parking. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much time if we had to be done by 6pm.

I finally got there and he opens the door and I’m struck by two things. He had roughly the body I was expecting but he was tall – I wasn’t expecting that at all. And the second thing was that the apartment was a mess. Stuff was everywhere. But whatever – I’m just there to fuck a hole.

Another thing that was a little unexpected was he told me his name and asked what mine was. That was a little unexpected for a cumdump who just wants loads and doesn’t care who they’re from. The other thing that was a little unexpected was that he looked a bit like a white boy from Greenwich CT who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. There was just this air about him. He actually reminded me of a slutty version of the boyfriend of one of my bf’s good friends. Refined, good body, and sort of aspiring to be around money.

Anyway, we go into the bedroom and I take off my clothes (his were already off), and curiously he felt up my dick, but had no interest in giving me a blowjob. That’s fine with me, blowjobs don’t really do it for me anyway. He got on all fours on the bed and I just started eating out his hole. It tasted like lube which was a bit distracting, but he did have a nice ass. He was pretty much smooth all over. There was some stubble on his chest which indicated that he shaves off his body hair. His hole seemed well fucked, but still pretty pristine. Once the lube was mostly gone I could just barely taste cum.

I was putting a fair amount of spit on his hole. That combined with the residual lube and cum made him pretty slick, so I didn’t need to lube up before fucking him. He had wanted me to wear my PA. My PA wasn’t stretched enough for the really big ring, so I was wearing a 0 gauge curved barbell. He had never been fucked with a PA and wanted to feel it. He was saying he sorta hoped I’d go rough and sorta tear up his hole. I made sure he felt it as it was going in, and as I fucked him I didn’t make my strokes short – I’d pull out enough that the ball on the bottom of my cock would go into his sphincter.

Once I was in I could definitely feel the cum in his ass. His hole was really wonderfully silky. And with a smooth but the whole sensation was really pretty excellent. I’m a little unpredictable with taller guys. Usually things don’t work with them. But he was in this weird position – on his belly with one leg cocked up to the side. So I was sorta riding his ass cheek as I fucked him. I think the end result was that I wasn’t going particularly deep into him, but it also meant that my PA was constantly going in an out of his sphincter – he had to feel that quite a bit.

The room was freezing but that worked out well for me since I didn’t come close to overheating at all. We fucked for a few minutes and then I felt my orgasm cumming and I unloaded what I think was a huge load in his ass. I had like a 2 or 3 day load in me and had planned on hooking up the day before but in the middle of the day iBlastInside threatened me with a lawsuit if I put a site on (I just purchased it and I’ll be putting a hookup site on on it). Anyway, iBi had sorta put me in a weird mood and I didn’t get around to fucking. So all day yesterday I was about ready to blow and by the time I gave him the load I’m sure it was a big one.

I fucked him a little bit briefly after cumming. Figured I’d extend the fuck a little. But then I pulled out and felched some cum that had worked it’s way out of his ass. I still wasn’t sure if we had to be done by 6, so I sorta sat on the bed with my dick near his face sorta hinting I’d like him to clean off my cock. But he’s really not into oral apparently and didn’t pick up no the hint. He seemed to want to spend more time with me, so I laid down next to him. Usually I’m the one that gets behind the bottom in a spoon position, but this time the positions were reversed – it felt a little weird, but nice. I asked if he needed to be done by 6 and he said ‘no’ – that he said 6 because he had to be done by 7:30. That changed things.

We laid there for maybe 10 or 15 min chatting and sorta having a quiet moment. From talking to him he’s not like what you expect from a cumdump. He sorta wants to make a connection with the top. I could tell he wanted me to stay around and maybe get a second wind and fuck him some more. But I finally decided to just go. I think he thought that meant I didn’t have a good time. But that wasn’t the case at all. He’s got a good ass and I can totally see fucking him again.

Then there was today’s cumdump who also had three loads in him. He hit me up and he was less than a 10 min walk away so when he gave me his address I told him I’d be over in 10. I arrive and he answers the door completely naked. Nice body. He’s a pretty hot guy. The apartment had the shades drawn and was pretty dark. He told me to sit on the couch while he went into the bathroom. He wasn’t in there long and then he got on all fours on the bed.

I got down and rimmed him, but he was in a position where his hole was hard to get to. I tried to push his back down so his ass would be more out and easier to get to, but he resisted my push. It took a while, but I finally got him in a position where I could rim him. His hole tasted soapy, which was disappointing ’cause I was hoping for cummy.

I think we both just wanted it to be a quickie pump-n-dump, so as soon as I was hard I stood up and went to fuck him. But then he tells me I can’t get on the bed or it’ll break. On top of that he was positioned in a way where it was hard to get into his ass because he wasn’t close enough to the edge of the bed. I tried moving him, but again, he resisted. I was starting to get frustrated. And when I get frustrated my dick doesn’t stay hard.

I did finally get into him, and even moved him on on belly and got on the bed. It didn’t fall apart, but it felt like it was about to. It was then I noticed that he had a blindfold on – which was a little late since he’d seen me come in the door. His legs were spread and the position didn’t feel quite right so I tried to move them together. And he resisted that too! UGH!

Then he wanted to move over to the couch. But again he was in this position where his hole was too low. I tried picking him up so his legs were more together and his hole was higher. Of course he resisted. I tried moving him to the corner of the couch where I could have gotten in more easily. He resisted that too. When I did get in him a little he was saying things like “do you have a condom on or are you fucking me raw?” He was playing out a fantasy in his head. At one point he just pulled forward fast so my dick came out of him. I really wasn’t in the mood for his antics. Then he said he wanted to ride my cock. But I refused because my dick was already going soft and that would have just completely been the end of it.

Then he had us move back to the bed. A few more attempts there but I finally just gave up. I told him it wasn’t working for me and I went and got dressed as quickly as I could. He starts talking about how his buddy was coming back, etc. Which made no sense. I’m pretty sure he was high as a kite. I really hate drug addicts. It’s sorta sad to see so many cute guys so fucked up. It’s a waste.

So two fucks – one pretty good, the other pretty awful. I guess that’s just how it goes.

If The Top Doesn’t Cum, But The Bottom Thinks He Did…

4 November 2013 | 2 Comments

So question for all you bottoms… If you think the top came, but he didn’t actually cum, do you want to be told the truth or would you rather go away believing a happy misconception?

This bottom from the neighborhood came over Saturday morning. There was something about him that looked grungy. I knew he had “partied a little” the night before, but looking at him I suspect it’s a regular thing for him. (Yet one more reason not to do meth – you’re literally more attractive if you don’t do it). I usually avoid guys who’ve been partying (they’re usually bad lays), but since he was so close and I just wanted a pump-n-dump I figured why not. So he came over.

He was a perfectly decent bottom physically, etc. but his hole was really loose. I didn’t really do the right things to my dick. I tried to cum, but the load just never came. Thing was there was this moment where the bottom probably thought I came. I did come close, it’s just nothing came out. And after that point I just naturally slowed down and pumped his hole like I was coming down off an orgasm. I wasn’t trying to fool him or anything – it’s just how things went for me naturally.

So it probably seemed like a completely regular pump-n-dump to him. I just didn’t cum. And my body acted afterwards like I had cum – my sex drive was pretty low the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure the bottom thought I came. When I pulled out I wasn’t sure if my dick was completely clean so I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out he was putting on his clothes.

Usually I mention to bottoms that I haven’t cum. But it just felt like that wasn’t necessary this time – that it might actually spoil the moment. Should I have told him? I’m thinking he may remember it more fondly if he thinks he got the load.

I am SO over meth addicts

12 May 2013 | 12 Comments

I am so sick and tired of meth addicts. These days I usually don’t bother with guys who are partying, but… The day after Jockstrap Night I was seriously horny ’cause I hadn’t cum and had had Cialis as well as herbal stuff, and with a hangover I wasn’t accomplishing anything, so I figured I’d hookup. This really hot tattooed muscle guy hit me up and wanted me to fuck him. I could tell he was seriously tweaked, but hot muscle guys can be fun – though when they’re partying they can be so flighty and unfocused that they’re bad lays – it’s a crap shoot with them. Well, my horniness won out and I said yes and headed over to his place.

Even before I went over I could tell something was up. He took FOREVER to respond every time I’d send him a message. In my experience that’s typical for meth addicts – time just passes at a different rate for them or something. They get distracted briefly and forget they’re chatting with someone online, etc.

So as I headed down to his place I tweeted “Headed to fuck a hot tattooed muscle guy but suspect he’s seriously tweaked. Fingers crossed.”

With WiFi & cell service in the subway these days I started receiving texts from him wondering where I was. I gave him responses but then he’d ask again a few minutes later. It wasn’t looking good… He was also rambling on about how he wanted me to humiliate him for having a small dick, etc. That’s all good, but usually guys who go over the top are in it for the fantasy, not the reality – so it made me worry just a little.

hot assAs I was crossing the avenue, about to get to his place he texted me and said “if the front door of my building is stuck I promise someone will cross over very soon too. We are having access issues.” Then a moment later he texted “I’m doing this”. That sent off huge warning bells. I started to see what was going on in his mind. I figured he was probably the type who couldn’t have sex unless he was high because he wasn’t honest enough with himself and comfortable enough with his sexual desires to do it while he was sober. But when he’s high he can tell himself “I’m doing this” / I’m really going to go through with it.

Then he texts me a pic of his ass (to the right) which reminds me why I’m there. I mean, a hot ass is a hot ass and can be a lot of fun to fuck.

I get to his building, press the buzzer and he buzzes me in the first set of doors, but I can’t get in the 2nd set of doors. I figure that was what he was talking about and don’t worry about it. I buzz again but he can’t get me in the 2nd set of doors.

Now at this point any sober person would have run down and let me in. But no, he stays in his apartment and continues texting me… “Are you in?” to which I reply “Throw on some shorts and come down shirtless to let me in” thinking it would be fun make a guy who’s high semi-expose himself to his neighbors. He responded “Give it 2 min please? If nobody works out I’ll get dressed.” I figured why not…

abused-holeThen he texts me saying “I’m so spread open right now” and sends me a pic of his abused hole (to the right). I guess he’d been using a dildo on himself or something. Tight hole, loose hole, whatever… But he follows it with “Please come up and use me. Please.” To which I respond “Come down and let me in”. I mean time was passing and I was starting to get frustrated. But instead of coming down to get me, he replies “Get up here and split me open. Grrrr.”

Grrr indeed… With the frustration mounting I text him “I’ve been waiting 5 minutes already”.  Does he come down and get me? No. Instead he tries to do a FaceTime call and when I don’t answer that he sends me a video of himself talking to me.  Seriously? I mean I’m right down in your lobby. If you want to talk to me, come down and let me in…

A few minutes later I text him “I’m about to leave”. You’d think that would get him off his ass and down to let me in. He replies “Seriously?” and then a bit later “I just made a you a movie. I’ll come. Fine.” At this point I realized I didn’t want to fuck him anymore and I knew deep down that that meant I might as well not even try – it wouldn’t go well if I did.

So I left and from the street I sent “It’s 10 min. I’ve left. You’re fuckin’ rude.” Of course THEN he replies “I’m on my way” and I just reply “I’ve left”. He tries to blame the door for the problem and then winds up calling me “lame”.

At this point I’m over being semi-polite… “No. meth addicts are never worth the trouble.” He comes back with “You’re gonna start throwing names and crutches? I’m rude? Have a nice evening.” (BTW, if I didn’t mention it before – it’s noon when all of this is happening.) I challenge him by saying “Am I wrong? Don’t think so.” In other words I was 99% sure he was a meth addict. I didn’t call him any names that weren’t true. He response just didn’t make sense…

I asked you to give a couple min to allow a scene to carry on.

That’s all.

I’m sorry you’re upset. I wish you a good night.

“Allow a scene to carry on”??? To me that means he gets off making guys wait. Or maybe he didn’t mean that at all – who knows. The “good night” comment literally at noon (12:03 to be precise) was too funny. So I just figure I’d be brutally honest with him…

It’s not night. You don’t even know the time of day. You haven’t had a sense of time since I started messaging with you. Because you’re high you have no clue what 10 min of waiting feels like to someone who’s sober. Meth is going to kill you or at least make you a sad version of the person you could be. There’s nothing hot about you right now.

That was the end of the conversation. Never heard another word from him. I don’t know if being tough and brutally honest with a meth addict is even the right approach. But I do know that saying nothing and just letting them continue on accomplishes nothing.

Hopefully when he’s sober he’ll look at the string of texts and see things differently. Not sure that will help either though. I mean what does it take for a meth addict to stop doing meth?

Repeat With The Skinny Twink

15 October 2012 | 9 Comments

Load 2012-50

So I’m pretty sure the guy who gave me gonorrhea was the little thin twink – the last guy I fucked before noticing discharge. The bottom I tag teamed and gave a load to just bfore that tested clean. Well, the little twink texted me looking for another load. I usually don’t like to fuck the same guy twice in a row, but honestly, despite the gonorrhea, he’s very much my type – it’s hard to say know when someone like him wants you to fuck him. Plus, he had gone out and gotten treated the day after I told him – a day before I got treated. I mean STDs happen, what’s important is to take them seriously which is what he had demonstrated – which is a very good quality in a fuck buddy.

He told me he had “party favs” so I figured he might be pretty loose and I figured I’d try the cock sheath on him. I’d only fucked with it once and wanted to give it another go. I actually was jacking my dick a bit before he got here and put it on along with my PA that has the big heavy ball on a curved barbell. As I got a bit soft it all drew up into the cock sheath with just the big ball hanging out a bit at the end. I threw a pair of boxers and jeans over it to answer the door when he arrived – and needless to say it created a pretty big bulge. But he didn’t notice the bulge.

We went up to the bedroom and he had to use the bathroom. I’m guessing he was in there to do a bump or something. While he was in there I put some lube into the cock sheath and jacked my dick, trying to get hard. It’s not the same sensation jacking when you can’t actually touch your dick. It took a little work, but I did manage to get a bit harder (though not fully hard). When he came out I was naked with the cock sheath on and he still didn’t notice the cock sheath. Mind you, it’s clear, the room was pretty dark, and I wasn’t really making a point of showing it to him, but still – he wasn’t being all that observant or attentive.

He bends over the bed for me to rim him but I could rim him better if he’s on all fours on the bed, so we reposition him. I start rimming him and then finger his hole to see how tight/loose he is and discover he’s tight as a vice grip. There was just no way the big PA or the cock sheath was going up that tight hole, so as I’m rimming him I start taking everything off my dick.

What stood out as I was rimming him was how bony his ass was. He really has like zero percent body fat and he’s got a tiny waist. It was sorta hot, though I think absolute perfection would have been just a little more “meat” down there – but still – I’m not complaining at all…

When I get fully hard, I stood up, put a little lube on his hole (there was still plenty on my dick), and I tried to push in. I say tried because he was so tight it was almost impossible to get in. I like it when a guy is able to tighten his hole once I’m in him, but it’s a little frustrating to try to get into a hole that’s clenched tight. Needless to say he had some pain and then he tried to pull off my dick. That’s never a good idea. I’ve fucked plenty of tight holes and know it’s not a good idea to go backwards – always go forward (after you stop and let the bottom adjust). So I grabbed his hips and wouldn’t let him pull off.

I’m not sure why but having problems getting into hole always makes me a little soft. That make it easier on one level – my dick isn’t as big – but it complicates things on another level since it’s hard to get a dick into a tight hole unless it’s rock hard. I grab the base of my dick to make the end hard and finally manage to get into him.

We fuck briefly with him on all fours but then I push him onto his belly. That almost always works, but for some reason it wasn’t working this time. My dick still hadn’t gotten completely hard and his hole wasn’t rubbing things the right way. Usually I hate it when a bottom puts a pillow under his hips, but that seemed to be what was needed so I shoved one under him and things got better.

Thing was, I just couldn’t get into my groove. Then I started overheating… So I stopped for a bit, went over and opened the windows a little to let in some cold air, and then went back to him and rimmed him. Since my dick had come out clean I knew he was clean enough for a more “enthusiastic” rimming. So I started sucking his hole, biting it a bit, etc. It was not a gentle rimming. Meanwhile I was jacking my cock and when I was fully hard we went back to fucking.

This time I was fully hard, and had the pillow under him, and just pounded him hard. I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it – it was sorta hard to tell and honestly I didn’t really care that much (provided he wasn’t having a miserable time). Last time he told me he likes verbal tops so I start getting into telling him he’s just a fuckhole to me – that getting fucked and taking loads is his purpose in life – what he’s good at. I asked him the most loads he’s taken in a night and he said 4. I told him he needs to work on upping that number substantially. Basically I was making it clear to him that I saw him just as a hole and that was his role in life as far as I was concerned. [At least while I was fucking him.]

Last time I fucked him I came after a few strokes. This time it seemed like it was taking forever for me to cum. I was fucking him pretty hard and it didn’t seem all that enjoyable for him. But he was putting up with it and I was getting close. Finally I dumped a load in his hole. Unfortunately it probably wasn’t the biggest load. While I was out of commission from the gonorrhea I had formed the bad habit of jacking off. I told myself my last jack off would be Monday so I’d have a 3 day load when I was ready to fuck on Thursday. But then I jacked off on Tuesday and Wednesday – so he only got a 1 day load. Oh well – at least he got the load.

We then laid there for a little while talking. He told me he’s gone back to supplementing his income with dealing meth, which concerned me a bit. He’s such a sweet kid and generally seems to have his act together. He says his best friend can’t really control his meth use, and even he’s had a bad time with it in the past. I mean meth kills… Couldn’t he pick another drug or something? And why is it that so many of the guys I fuck do meth? It’s sorta sad.

Dick Damonson Found Dead In His Apartment

14 October 2012 | 15 Comments

Dick Damonson getting fuckedA friend told me yesterday that Dick Damonson was found dead in his apartment. Dick had appeared in a number of Treasure Island Videos – 20 Hole Weekend, Best of Brad McGuire, and Fuck Holes 2. (That’s him getting fucked in the picture to the left. Does anyone have a better picture of him?)

He lived up in Washington Heights close to where I used to live. I fucked him a couple times back in 2009, but then he got a little weird on me – he didn’t like that I mentioned his apartment was messy in my write up. I didn’t think that was something someone would have a problem with (though looking at the posts I did remove that from my write up when he complained). I mean I thought I was being pretty nice by leaving out the fact that he had me stop once or twice so he could smoke up with his little glass pipe.

The friend who told me about his death had been pretty close to him. Apparently Dick had pretty big issues with crystal meth (which I saw in action) – it changed him and made him paranoid. There were cameras hidden all over his apartment, etc… His going off on me because I mentioned his apartment was messy sorta fits the profile.

Dick had made it pretty clear he was seriously upset with me, so I was amused when he kept hitting up another profile I have online – he didn’t realize it was me. I mean I liked him a lot and clearly on a certain level he was into me – it’s just I didn’t want to deal with all his PNP baggage.

If you’re one of those types who thinks that crystal meth only affects losers – Dick Damonson wasn’t a loser. He was a sweet, adorable guy who just couldn’t control his drug use. But once the physical damage was done it was sorta just a matter of time. It’s always incredibly sad to watch someone you know is on a seriously self-destructive path…

People… Meth kills – literally. There are plenty of other drugs out there that are a lot less destructive. If you have to do drugs, please pick something other than meth. 20 years from now when you’re still living a productive life, you’ll be glad you stayed away from it.

Personally I’m getting rather concerned with the effect meth is having on the bareback community. If you are as well and you have graphic design / advertising skills – contact me –


My friend who was Dick’s close friend told me a few days ago that the cause of death was meningitis. Thanks to meth, Dick had grown so paranoid he rarely left his apartment. Unfortunately that meant he didn’t go to the doctor when his life was literally in danger. His death certificate will say he died of meningitis, but the real cause was meth addiction – since his meningitis probably could have been dealt with if he had sought medical care.

Gave A Quickie Load To A Tweaked Fuckbud

30 July 2012 | 5 Comments

Load 2012-34

Friday night I had just a little time to fuck before I needed to do something with my bf. Just at the right time an old fuckbud texted me saying he was in Harlem and asking if I wanted to fuck him. He was 20+ blocks away, but I said yes.

He got down here and looked really good. What he was wearing made him look sorta sporty & hot. Last time I had fucked him was December ’09 – so a long time ago. Last time was actually a video shoot where another top and I tag teamed his hole… Here he is getting fucked by the other top…

hotlatino05 getting fucked

He comes in, we go to the bedroom and he immediately starts stripping naked – even before I had a chance to draw the blinds. Somehow standing there naked he looked better than I remembered – tighter, leaner, a bit more muscular.

Once I got my clothes off he sorta went to suck my cock, but I took control and positioned him so I could rim his ass. His hole is naturally hairless and it seemed squeaky clean – my favorite type of hole to rim. Needless to say, I enjoyed it, and it got me hard pretty quickly.

I lube up his hole and my dick and left my Prince Albert in (I was wearing a 2 gauge curved barbell). I slid in and the first thing I noticed was his ass was more muscular than before. Some guys have soft cushy asses. He had this hard muscular ass – again, not something I remembered before. Seems he’s been working out his ass (and not just by getting fucked).

He had put a pillow under him which I pulled out. I wanted him flat on his stomach. I tried a few different positions – legs together, legs spread, and finally a bit sideways before I found the way that felt “just right”. At one point I said “you gotta good poz hole there boy” in his ear. He didn’t hear me clearly and asked “What?”. When I first started fucking him years ago he said he was neg, then he was sorta proud he had turned poz. But when he said “What?” it was in a way that made it sound like he might be objecting to the whole poz reference, so when I repeated myself I left out that word, and just stayed pretty much silent from that point on…

He then said “fuck me harder!” and I figured the best way for me to give him a rough fuck was to make use of my PA. I did long strokes – making sure that the ball on the underside of my dick went into his sphincter on every stroke. I figured that would rough up his hole a bit. Then I’d slam back into him with as much force as I could (without overdoing it).

Riding his muscular ass felt really good, and before long I came in his ass. In hindsight I should have felched his hole. I mean is was a pretty excellent hole, but I didn’t. He sucked me clean and then wanted to take a shower. He seemed a little disconnected and scattered. I mean usually with someone like him who I’ve fucked before we’ll lay there for a little while, talk, and catch up. But he just seemed jittery. It was like the “got a load” checkbox was done and so it was time to leave. His wanting to take a shower, and the fact that he was dressed really nicely, and how he wanted to leave so quickly, made me wonder if he was going home to a boyfriend who didn’t know he was taking loads.

The next day he texted me and said he was high when he got here. That made things make sense – why he was so scattered, distracted and disconnected. He also said he got 3 more loads that night, and that his hole was still sore from me rough fucking him with my PA. Apparently the soreness lasted for quite a while. But it was what he asked for… [If you’re wondering, if I stay deep I don’t really cause much hurt – it’s only when I do long strokes and get the PA into the sphincter on the upstroke that it hurts so much.] But apparently it didn’t hurt so much that he couldn’t continue to get fucked. Or maybe he was just too high to notice the pain.

Anyway, now that I see how his body has improved, I gotta get in his ass on a regular basis – maybe next time I’ll be his 4th load rather than 1st of 4 and get to felch some loads out of his ass…




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