Tried A New Sex Toy On A Fuckbud

14 August 2012 | 5 Comments

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So with life settling back to normal I’ve wanted to be a little more experimental sexually. I saw an Oxballs cock sheath advertised and it looked cool – figured it would make my cock thicker so I could give bottoms a harder, rougher fuck. So I ordered it and it happened to get here yesterday – 4 days before they said it would – literally a few minutes before the black guy from the neighborhood arrived to get fucked, so I figured I’d try it out on him…

ox balls cock sheath

I was little worried I wouldn’t be hard enough to use it, but that wasn’t an issue… It fit right over my half hard cock and I had no problem pushing right in his ass.

I was actually a little disappointed – here my dick just got A LOT thicker and the bottom just took it like it was nothing – like it was my regular cock. I hadn’t told him I was going to use it on him or even shown it to him. You’d think he’d reach around to figure out what I was fucking him with – I mean that can’t feel like a normal dick.

I fucked him pretty rough (that is the point of toy like the cock sheath), and while I was fucking him I was calling him my “nigger boy”, etc. And just to be clear – this is a black bottom who is only into white guys and likes race play. But I gotta say the whole nigger/slave thing – just wasn’t fitting somehow… I mean it was fine, but it didn’t feel like the edge of the N word was doing it’s trick. I think part of the issue is that he wasn’t saying anything back that built on that theme… Even, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir” would have been good. Or better yet “Yes Massa”. But anyway…

I was thinking when I ordered the cock sheath that it would decrease my sensitivity and it would take longer to cum as a result. Wrong. I came just as quick. Yes, the sensitivity was less, but it was also a different sensitivity. The cock sheath really squeezes your dick – and that’s always helped when I used to jack off, etc. So so much for getting me to get the fuck to take longer.

Unlike the other cock extenders that Oxballs has, the whole point of this one is that it’s open at the end, so when you cum, the bottom gets your load. After I came I fucked slowly in and out a bit and then pulled out and took off the cock sheath. He never did ask about it. Go figure. Probably has to do with the fact that he was “a little high” when he stopped by.

This morning I figured I’d play with it a bit and take a few photos. What I realized is that it’s quite good with semi-hard cocks. I can see why the PNP crowd would probably like it. As you get soft your dick just recedes into the sheath a bit like this…

softening dick receding into ox balls cock sheath

But because it holds your dick so tightly you actually stay pretty hard. I could actually see wearing it at a sex party ’cause you can fuck when you’re half-hard. It’s like your cock is inside a dildo and you’re fucking the bottom with a dildo. When you do finally get hard, you’re all there and you can dump your load in the bottom.

Today the same bottom texted me saying he just took a 2 week load, so while I try not to fuck the same guy twice in a row, I told him to come over. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste the load when I rimmed him, and his ass didn’t feel all that silky when I fucked him. 🙁

What’s sorta funny is this time I didn’t use the cock sheath and he had a problem taking my dick – took me a while to get in and the ball on the underside of my dick (from the curved barbell in my PA) was a bit of a problem. The day before he was a bit high and doing poppers – what a difference those two make!

Anyway, it was a 9 minute pump-n-dump including taking clothes off, chit chat and cleaning up, and then he was on his way… It is handy to have someone a few blocks away who is practically on-call when I need a hole.