I think I have a new fuckbud… ;)

27 September 2012 | 2 Comments

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It’s been interesting lately – seems I barely need to be online to get sex. That’s not a bad thing – not at all. I’ve given my cell number out to a few guys and they’ve been texting me when they’re looking. I’ve had guys e-mail me, and hit me up on Breeding Zone.

Today I had two tourists want to hookup with me – one from Breeding Zone, another off BBRT. I went round and round with the one off BBRT – he had a million questions about my sexual history and when my last test was, etc. He openly said he was hesitant. He told me what hotel he was in but wouldn’t tell me the room number. When he told me to come down and text him when I got there and he’d give me the room number then I just gave up. Then he got all pissy. I told him history told me it wasn’t going to go well. Quick and easy is usually what works best. He tried to justify all the questions saying he had to make sure I was neg. I told him that was absurd – he’s letting a complete stranger fuck him and cum in his ass. Risk reduction is a joke in that particular case.

The one from Breeding Zone didn’t want to hookup until 6pm. I was just about ready to confirm with him when a guy hit me up who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while. A mid-20s blatino guy (just my type). He’s almost been too eager. The other day when I had the failure, he was texting me and calling me while I was fucking the other guy. In hindsight I should have hooked up with him then, but honestly I’ve been in a pretty mellow, somewhat non-sexual mood lately (while being simultaneously horny – it’s a weird mindset I’m in) – so god knows how it would have gone if I had hooked up with him then.

Anyway, using my “bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush” motto I said yes to the young blatino guy and “sorry” to the tourist off Breeding Zone.

The kid showed up and he wasn’t quite what I was expecting – he was a lot skinnier – as in skinny as a rail. He looked like he weighed 100 lbs, and if he had been 5’4″ he probably would have been but he was taller. Still he was really really tiny. He probably had a 26 or 27″ waist. I love little guys, and young guys, and blatino guys, so I was sorta in heaven.

I had been working on posts for my Tumblr blog (watching a movie), so I was hard when he showed up. I was able to stay fairly hard even after running down and letting him in the building. He dropped to his knees to suck me and it was OK – I mean I was pretty hard, but that’s not what I wanted right then.

I managed to change things up and get him bent over the bed so I could rim his hole. His ass was skinny and sorta boney. But he had a nice hole. I was a little worried about him being clean – he said he had cleaned out in the morning but it was now hours later, but he seemed pretty clean – so I went to town and sucked on his hole.

It didn’t take long for me to get hard, at which point I got up, put some lube on my dick and pushed in. He had a little problem taking my dick – maybe I needed more lube, maybe his hole was sore, or maybe I should just change back to Wet Platinum which always did a good job for me – who knows… One way or the other he tried to pull off me, but I insisted he keep it in and I just went really slow at first until he was OK. Even after he could take my dick he seemed like he was in a bit of pain. Good thing I didn’t have my PA in 🙂

The problem was that I had gotten so aroused before fucking him that I started cumming after a few strokes. There was no point in holding it back, so I dumped in him and tried to keep fucking. But it had been a few days since I took a Cialis, so my dick sorta decided it was done a little while after it came. I rolled him on his side and continued to pump his ass until my dick popped out.

Then I got down and rimmed him again – cleaning the cum off the outside of his ass – I love the taste of a cummy hole…

We then laid around and talked for while.  He’s a sweet kid. As he was laying there I thought he looked like he was 10 years younger and possibly jail bait, but then he started talking about his life and his job and I was reassured he was the age he said he was. Still, it’s hot that he looks so young…

He texted me afterwards and says he wants to fuck again soon. I’m hoping I’ll get to breed him on a regular basis.