Getting To The 2nd Sphincter

20 November 2012 | 6 Comments

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I’m way behind on my blogging, so I’ll attempt to catch up today. I’ve had 8 hookups since the last blog post – so there’s a lot to talk about… Two of the hookups were with this little muscular Latino who I’ve fucked before on a few occasions – years ago. Honestly I’d forgotten how good his hole was.

The first hookup with him was 2 weeks ago. I was in a rush and only had a little time, but he said he could make it. Thing was, when he got here he was a little late, so we only had about 15 minutes before I had to be cleaned up and out the door. So it was a bit of a rush. We skipped the pleasantries of oral, etc. and I just went straight to rimming. I only did that long enough to get hard, and then I lubed up and started fucking him.

That’s when I realized I was hitting his 2nd sphincter. While his profile says he’s taller, I’d say he’s about 5’3″ – so he’s a little guy – but this is exactly why I like little guys – everything is a bit smaller on them so it lets me get to their 2nd sphincter and damn that feels good on my dick. My head is my most sensitive part of my cock, and if a bottom’s hole doesn’t rub it the right way, then I have problems cumming. That’s clearly not a problem when I can get to the 2nd sphincter.

anal canal & '2nd sphincter'Just to be anatomically correct in my description – there isn’t actually such a thing as a “2nd sphincter”, but as you can see in the diagram right inside your ass there’s a little chamber called the anal canal. At the other end of that (at the “transition zone”) there’s essentially another opening that can close up to keep “stuff” in place. Since when you get shit into your anal canal is when you feel like you have to go immediately.

Also – when bottoms learn how to clean out properly – one of the tricks is to not get the water too high up. You really only need to clean out your anal canal – maybe a your rectum as well if the top has a big dick. If you’re unlucky enough to get douching water up into your large intestine (marked ‘large bowel’ in the diagram) – you’re sorta fucked – since that water will take it’s time coming out and will create a huge mess invariably at just the wrong time.

So those flaps at the transition zone are what were massaging the head of my dick. And as you might guess I didn’t last long at all. I mean literally I didn’t last more than about 10 strokes once I could feel the head of my dick hitting his 2nd sphincter. Mind you, we were in a rush – so that worked in our favor.

As soon as I came we got dressed and he left. I looked at my watch and I still had 10 minutes before I had to go. It was a total quickie pump-n-dump.

Luckily he liked it as much as I did and he came back last night for another hookup. We took a little longer this time. He sucked my dick for a little while. I had a curved barbell in my PA and it kept hitting his teeth, but he didn’t seem to mind. Then he got on the bed on all fours and I rimmed him for a little bit. But I was rock hard pretty quickly, so I didn’t take too long at rimming.

When I went to fuck him I left my PA in. The problem was with a curved barbell and my dick hitting his 2nd sphincter that meant the ball at the end of the barbell kept getting pushed up into my urethra – which was painful. So after I figured out what was happening, I pulled out and took my PA out and continued on.

I tried not to cum to quickly, but with his ass massaging my dick perfectly, it was sort of impossible to keep it going very long. And then when I was done I tried to keep pumping in and out of his ass, but the head of my dick kept hitting his 2nd sphincter and the sensation was a bit too much, so I put him on his side and pumped in an out for a bit while I spooned with him.

When we fucked years ago I remember laying and chatting with him. But last night he just wanted to go. He wasn’t upset or anything – in fact he was telling me “any time you want to fuck me, just let me know”. Maybe he thought I like it quick (since the prior time I needed it to be quick). Anyway, quick or long – he’s one of my favorite fuckbuds right now.