The Perfect Bottom?

24 January 2015 | 3 Comments

Loads 2015-3&4

A guy who I fucked a little over a year ago contacted me recently saying he was coming to town. I didn’t think too much of it ’cause I had forgotten that I’d given him rave reviews back then. But he texted me a couple of days ago wanting to hookup, but the timing wasn’t good. So yesterday he came by. Last time I raved about his hole. This time I gotta say pretty much everything about him was perfect.

Since I last saw him he had grown a beard and it made him look really hot. (As much as I like a hot body, it’s not complete unless the guy has a nice face).

Then he took off his clothes and I was pleasantly surprised. He’d been going to the gym and bulking up. He was basically a little muscle cub. Just the right amount of hair in just the right places, and the slightest layer of fat that actually accentuated his muscle making him look slightly beefy. As I was looking at him naked I was thinking “why didn’t I remember this guy better?” Clearly he’s been working out pretty hard since we last fucked.

I should back up and say that I wasn’t all that sure about how I’d perform yesterday. I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. And I didn’t exactly have a raging hardon when I looked at porn, etc. AND I had fucked up my back on the lower back / glute machine a few days ago and was in pain much of the day. And then there was my huge failure as a top a few days before – that didn’t help either.

But… As soon as he was on all fours with his well-fucked hole pointed my direction my dick started to respond. I rimmed him until I was completely hard (didn’t take long), and then stood up and shoved in, and then quickly pushed him down on his belly.

I knew he had taken 3 loads before coming over. I hadn’t tasted them when I was (literally) sucking on his ass, but once I was in him his hole did feel a bit wet. I’ve been good about my New Year’s resolution to not jack off and only cum when I’m fucking someone. OK, I did give that oral load a few days before, but that wasn’t jacking off – a bottom did get the load (one way or the other). Anyway, I had a nice big 4 day load in my balls that needed to come out. Needless to say with a great hole on a really hot bottom, I didn’t last long.

After I came I rolled him on his side and continued to pump his ass until my dick went soft. We talked a bit, made out, and then I tried to fuck him a bit more but didn’t really have it in me. Then we kept talking and making out.

He had mentioned that the guys who’d fucked him earlier were porn stars. I asked who they were and it turns out it was Adam Russo and Cutler X. Which was funny because that was literally the blog post that had gone live on my porn blog that day – Adam & Cutler fucking Draven Torres. Substitute the Latino bottom I had in bed with me for Draven Torres and you pretty much had the scene on my porn blog. Cutler had given him one load and Adam had given him two. And lucky me, I got Adam & Cutler’s sloppy seconds!

Adam Russo & Cutler X fucking a Latino bottom

Anyway, we kept talking and he was telling me about this one time when a top had told him to go to a bathhouse and take a bunch of loads and then go over to the top’s place so the top could fuck his cummy ass. He said he was really popular that night and got 12 loads in just a few hours at which point the top said to come over and he dumped two more load in him.

That story got me totally boned, so I climbed on top of him and kept fucking him again. The fucking went on a little longer this time and then I felt a load building up in my balls and then I blew a second load in his ass! It’s been just under two years since I last came twice in a session (including a fair number of sex parties).

According to him those were his 33rd & 34th loads of the year. So he’s on target for over 500 loads this year. I recommended he go to the CumUnion party, but it didn’t sound like he would – he had other plans. But I could totally have seen him getting another 8-10 loads there if he’d gone.

So I think this guy is pretty much my idea of the perfect bottom. He’s fairly short, Latino (both of which I like), younger than me (but not old enough to have his act together), muscular, attractive, a total slut, has a respectable job, is easy to talk to, and so on… To me that’s a pretty perfect package. I was surprised there was no ring on his finger. IMHO, he’s totally husband material – though he needs the type of husband that would love him for being a slut.

I think I’ll definitely be remembering him better next time he texts me saying he’s in town. 😉

The other 5 fucks from the last month

22 September 2013 | 2 Comments

Don’t think I have the energy to do a blog post on each of the other 5 guys I fucked while I was playing hookie from blogging. So let me just do a quick rundown…

Load 2013-34

After getting over being sick I hooked up with the hot little muscular Latino who’s become a bit of a regular. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE fucking him. Besides being really hot, his hole just feels incredible. He was the perfect way to break a 3 1/2 week dry spell.

Then there was this hot otter I fucked off Scruff. I fucked him the day after the hot little muscular Latino and I was frustrated because I couldn’t cum. Luckily he was in it for the fuck, not the load (he had wanted me to pull out when I came but I told him ‘no’). But I did manage to give him a decent fuck so he went home happy.

Load 2013-35

The next day I fucked the twink who had gotten upset last time when I didn’t pull out like he asked me to. We had had a few exchanges back and forth on A4A and I was thinking he wasn’t really into me, but he came back for more. Something had changed in him since I fucked him a few months before – he was there specifically to get the load. I think he now may actually like getting abused a bit when he’s getting fucked. Glad he learned his place and I hope he’s getting a lot of cum in that skinny little twink ass of his. 😉

It was after him that I got what I thought was food poisoning and what my boyfriend thought was something I picked up from rimming some guy’s ass. If my boyfriend was right it was the twink who gave me whatever it was (it only lasted a day or two). Maybe he knew he had something and wanted to get back at me – who knows. Or it could have been food poisoning.

Load 2013-36

A week and a half later I fucked this incredibly hot black guy. Short, young, beefy, and muscular. As I was fucking him I thought he probably had been an athlete (and recently at that). Later I found out I was right. Anyway, he was pretty nervous. He almost never barebacks, and he takes loads even less often. I guess we had talked about me being on PrEP so he felt safe, but he reconfirmed I was on PrEP like 2 minutes after I came in him. He’s a sweet kid and he wants to see more of me and even hang out and be friends. He might come over today – we’ll see. Would love to have him as a regular butt boy.

Load 2013-37

I followed the hot black athlete with a Latino who was equally hot in a different way. When I saw him I thought he was probably a dancer. He didn’t confirm that exactly, but what he said indicated that I was probably right. He had the most incredible lean muscular body and a really muscular ass. I had worn my little curved barbell PA and didn’t think it would be a problem, but then I had a problem cumming. Or maybe I came and didn’t feel it. After a while my dick started acting a bit like I had cum. But after taking a breather I took out the PA and went back at it. This time I came – and not just a little – it was a huge load.

Actually, looking over those 5 fucks they were pretty incredible. All of them were really hot bottoms – each in a different way. Now I just need more fucks like that!

Gave A Load To A Hot Black Muscle Bottom

26 January 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-5

I’m hoping I have a new fuck buddy. This little black muscle guy just came over and took my load. I LOVED his body. He was significantly shorter than me (which I like) and he was big and solid all over. HUGE shoulders, and an ass that was like a piece of granite. Very, very hot… And he lives within easy walking distance, which is why I hope he’ll become a regular fuck bud.

Anyway… I wasn’t sure if I was really up for fucking this morning, but when I started looking at profiles online my dick got rock hard and stayed hard. That’s always a good sign and it was a little surprising since the last Cialis I took was 3 days ago. My bf is sick in bed today and when I went to check with him to see if it was OK if I hooked up he was asleep so I didn’t bother him. I was pretty sure he’d be fine with it, so I told the guy to come over.

I told him to text me rather than ring the bell (so my bf wouldn’t get woken up). I tried to get him into my place as quietly as possible, but despite my efforts our dogs started barking. Oh well… Anyway, we went into the spare bedroom and got down to business. He didn’t just have a muscular body, he had a cute face too. I was loving it.

He wanted to kiss a little. Then he sucked on my nipples (while I played with his), and then he went down on my cock. When he came up he kept sucking on my nipples. What I really wanted to do was fuck, so I told him I wanted to rim him. He got on all fours on the bed and I started sucking on his ass. What was curious was the location of his ass hole – it was low on his ass. It’s funny how asshole positions differ from one guy to the next.

As I was rimming him he started moaning. I could tell from his moaning that he “wasn’t all that butch”, if you know what I mean. And I was a little worried he’d be a loud moaner and wake up my boyfriend.

When I got him nice and wet, I lubed up my cock and shoved in. His hole felt incredible. It was as muscular as his body. And being a little guy when I pushed in I’d hit bottom, which felt really good on my cock.  After a few strokes I pushed him down on his belly – and that’s when things got a little complicated. His asshole was so low down and his ass so big and muscular it was hard to keep my dick in his ass. I did something I almost never do – I put a pillow under his ass. That helped a bit.

Meanwhile, despite the awkward positioning, his hole was making my dick feel really good and before I knew it I blew my load in his ass. As I was coming he could sense I was about to cum and said “Breed Me” – which was hot… A little muscle boy going around taking loads from complete strangers – begging them to cum in his ass…

I laid on him a little bit after cumming and then rolled both of us over on our sides and I kept slowly pumping his ass. The position was much easier on our sides (probably a good position to fuck him in). But his hole was so muscular and tight that he inadvertently pushed my cock out at one point.

Thankfully, his moans when I was fucking him weren’t much louder than when I was rimming him. But as we were getting dressed we were talking and he laughed rather loudly. Not sure if my bf heard it or not. He might always think the laugh came from next door…

Anyway, he was a hot fuck – hopefully I’ll get to seed him on a regular basis this year. 😉

Getting To The 2nd Sphincter

20 November 2012 | 6 Comments

Loads 2012-54 & 55

I’m way behind on my blogging, so I’ll attempt to catch up today. I’ve had 8 hookups since the last blog post – so there’s a lot to talk about… Two of the hookups were with this little muscular Latino who I’ve fucked before on a few occasions – years ago. Honestly I’d forgotten how good his hole was.

The first hookup with him was 2 weeks ago. I was in a rush and only had a little time, but he said he could make it. Thing was, when he got here he was a little late, so we only had about 15 minutes before I had to be cleaned up and out the door. So it was a bit of a rush. We skipped the pleasantries of oral, etc. and I just went straight to rimming. I only did that long enough to get hard, and then I lubed up and started fucking him.

That’s when I realized I was hitting his 2nd sphincter. While his profile says he’s taller, I’d say he’s about 5’3″ – so he’s a little guy – but this is exactly why I like little guys – everything is a bit smaller on them so it lets me get to their 2nd sphincter and damn that feels good on my dick. My head is my most sensitive part of my cock, and if a bottom’s hole doesn’t rub it the right way, then I have problems cumming. That’s clearly not a problem when I can get to the 2nd sphincter.

anal canal & '2nd sphincter'Just to be anatomically correct in my description – there isn’t actually such a thing as a “2nd sphincter”, but as you can see in the diagram right inside your ass there’s a little chamber called the anal canal. At the other end of that (at the “transition zone”) there’s essentially another opening that can close up to keep “stuff” in place. Since when you get shit into your anal canal is when you feel like you have to go immediately.

Also – when bottoms learn how to clean out properly – one of the tricks is to not get the water too high up. You really only need to clean out your anal canal – maybe a your rectum as well if the top has a big dick. If you’re unlucky enough to get douching water up into your large intestine (marked ‘large bowel’ in the diagram) – you’re sorta fucked – since that water will take it’s time coming out and will create a huge mess invariably at just the wrong time.

So those flaps at the transition zone are what were massaging the head of my dick. And as you might guess I didn’t last long at all. I mean literally I didn’t last more than about 10 strokes once I could feel the head of my dick hitting his 2nd sphincter. Mind you, we were in a rush – so that worked in our favor.

As soon as I came we got dressed and he left. I looked at my watch and I still had 10 minutes before I had to go. It was a total quickie pump-n-dump.

Luckily he liked it as much as I did and he came back last night for another hookup. We took a little longer this time. He sucked my dick for a little while. I had a curved barbell in my PA and it kept hitting his teeth, but he didn’t seem to mind. Then he got on the bed on all fours and I rimmed him for a little bit. But I was rock hard pretty quickly, so I didn’t take too long at rimming.

When I went to fuck him I left my PA in. The problem was with a curved barbell and my dick hitting his 2nd sphincter that meant the ball at the end of the barbell kept getting pushed up into my urethra – which was painful. So after I figured out what was happening, I pulled out and took my PA out and continued on.

I tried not to cum to quickly, but with his ass massaging my dick perfectly, it was sort of impossible to keep it going very long. And then when I was done I tried to keep pumping in and out of his ass, but the head of my dick kept hitting his 2nd sphincter and the sensation was a bit too much, so I put him on his side and pumped in an out for a bit while I spooned with him.

When we fucked years ago I remember laying and chatting with him. But last night he just wanted to go. He wasn’t upset or anything – in fact he was telling me “any time you want to fuck me, just let me know”. Maybe he thought I like it quick (since the prior time I needed it to be quick). Anyway, quick or long – he’s one of my favorite fuckbuds right now.

Fucked Six Guys, Gave One Load

3 July 2011 | 4 Comments

Load 2011-11

I’ve been in Toronto the past week. The bottoms here are HUNGRY! My profile on BBRT says “Not Looking” but I’ll login and there will be 10 – 20 messages waiting for me. “Not Looking” = busy with friends and family, but I did manage to get to Steamworks yesterday for their afternoon bear event. It’s Pride Weekend here, so it was fairly busy. Steamworks Toronto isn’t all that big of a bathhouse. I was actually surprised at how few rooms there were, but it was big enough and there were a decent number of guys milling around. [BTW, if you go, you don’t absolutely need a room if you’re a bit of an exhibitionist – there are playrooms and one even has a couple bunk beds.]

The first hole was this mixed race (?) Asian guy with a little tattoo at the base of his neck. Generally seemed pretty clean cut and professional. He sucked me, got me hard, and I fucked him for a while. He felt good (very smooth), but I was determined not to cum on the first fuck, so after fucking him 10 or 15 minutes I told him I’d be back and left. He must have left after I fucked him – I didn’t see him after that.

Hole #2 was a guy I’d term a “thuggy” Asian guy – sorta muscular with a short mohawk that had grown out a bit so it was more like a faux hawk, a tattoo (of a rose?) at the bottom of his back, etc. I went in and he seemed uninterested, but still I got the sense that my dick was better than no dick. I jacked a little to get hard, sorta got a bit hard and wanted him to suck me the rest of the way. He sucked a little but then didn’t seem interested in that either. I jacked a little more, got just hard enough to get in him. His hole was a lot tighter than the first guy’s – felt pretty good. The entire time he just laid there and seemed pretty bored, but he didn’t seem hostile, so I kept fucking him. It was sort of a turn on to have so disinterested but willing. My dick decided he was the one who’d get my load, and I didn’t resist the urge and unloaded in his ass and left. I’m not sure if he knew I came in him. I saw him around later and he was much more attentive – seemed very willing to have me come back into his room – guess he figured out he got the load.

Then I needed some down time.  I left the door open and jacked my dick a little and this older guy came in. It was like a bear-worship session… He just wanted human contact with someone he thought was hot. I pretty much just sat/laid there and let him do his thing. He sucked me a little, but mostly just admired my body (to each his own). The only down side was that he liked to smother me – literally. I didn’t like that, but the rest was OK – better than just laying there by myself. Towards the end he started telling me about how he bought an apartment for $1.2M that had a lake view and then they built another condo in front of his that blocked his view and now he can’t sell the apartment. I sorta felt like he was trying to impress me with the price…

Hole #3 was this nervous, tweaking Latino… He kept changing positions and checking my balls. When he pulled up his mattress to get his poppers there must have been a dozen condoms under there. He asked if I was going to cum in his ass and seemed to relax when I told him it was hard for me to cum. Then he mostly just spread his hole and wanted me to fuck him, though he did keep checking my balls (to see if they were drawing up in preparation for blowing a load). When I wanted to leave I’d start to pull out and he’d push back wanting me to keep fucking him. All in all he just seemed messy and high. Eventually I left.

Hole #4 was this guy on a bench in one of the public play rooms. Had his cummy ass up taking cock without looking back to see who it was. I know this guy from NYC was in town and had something on Craigslist saying he’d be there that afternoon. I suspect it was him. I fucked him at MAL a year and a half ago. Problem was his hole was totally loose – didn’t grip my dick at all. So I didn’t spend too long fucking him.

As I was standing around after hole #4 this little meathead body builder came up and asked if I had a room. He became hole #5. He was short but HUGE with a nice uncut dick. The best way to describe him is that you’d take all the attributes of a pit bull and put them in a human and you’d have this guy. He had this really wide head (like a pit bull) that matched his ‘roided body. Had almost zero body fat. He was VERY hot – sorta my trophy fuck of the day – too bad I wasn’t up for another load.  Anyway, he wanted to sit on my dick – first with his back to me, then face to face. He was really affectionate. At one point he asked if I liked to smoke. A good friend of mine is a bodybuilder and says a lot of bodybuilders get into chem sex – so that sorta fit. Then he got on all fours and I pounded him and gave him a good fuck. At one point I thought he said “Dios Mio” and I thought ‘oh, he’s Latino’ – before that I would have guessed his ethnicity to be Eastern European or something. Anyway, I think I wore him out and eventually he left.

Then I walked around a bit more and came across this hot guy in a sling (hole #6) being worked over by two guys – one on each side, but neither one was paying attention to his ass. He was sucking one guy’s dick. I tentatively approached and played with his ass a bit. I lubed his hole with spit and slowly shoved in. No protests – so I kept fucking him and gradually picked up the pace. It was sorta dark and I never could see his face clearly. Seemed to have a hot body though. Didn’t fuck him for too long. When I left another guy took my place.

My boyfriend had gone along and wasn’t having much of any luck. The car needed a new muni meter ticket, I had sorta had my fill, and he was fine with leaving, so I did one more round… I saw hole #4 on the bench again. This heavily tattooed Asian guy was standing near him. The Asian guy got down on his knees and gave me a nice blowjob. I felt a little bad for the hole – I think we were slightly blocking tops from getting to him. Finally I had enough of a blow job and wanted to fuck the hole again (wasn’t 100% sure it was the same guy). I had to lose the Asian guy and swing around again. It was the same hole (loose), so I only fucked him for maybe 30 seconds.

Then I got dressed, took a piss and we left…

I just wish NYC had a good bathhouse…

Fucking Is A Great Way To Start The Day…

30 November 2010 | 1 Comment

Load 2010-38

I didn’t sleep all that well last night (long story), but when I woke up I was horny. I got onto BBRT and A4A sorta looking but not expecting to find anything, but to my pleasant surprise the little Latino muscle boy I fucked a month ago wanted to come over. A half hour later he was at my door.

He is so fucking hot… Short, really muscular, very little body fat, tattooed and a bit scruffy – pretty much perfect. I have no clue why he’s into big bears like me, but I don’t care – I’m just glad he is…

After getting naked we started off with me sucking his cock. I’m not generally all that big on sucking cock, but felt like it this morning. He had a nice dick – uncut, a little on the thin side, but a “pretty” dick. I could tell he was horny – his balls were pulled up tight he was making sounds like he was about to cum, so I stopped and he sucked my dick. He did a better (more enthusiastic) job sucking me than I did sucking him, but then again he’s the bottom – you’d expect that. I had taken out my PA, which helped since it didn’t get in the way…

After he had his fill of blowing me he got on the bed on all fours and presented his ass to me. I got on my knees and ate his ass. It was one of the time when I pretty much just sucked on his hole. He was clean so it safe to do that (I don’t always actually suck butt).

While I was eating his hole I was lubing up my dick. Then I stood up, put some lube on his hole and pushed in. He felt so good… I love a little muscle boy on all fours at the edge of the bed. Hanging onto their tight little muscle bodies just feels incredible.

His hole felt good, but wasn’t quite massaging my dick quite right so I pushed him onto his belly. After a few minutes of that I had no problem cumming. After I came I continued to slowly pump his hole. It was all cummy and felt pretty incredible. I wish there had been another top there who could have enjoyed how it felt and added another load… 🙂

I then rolled him over so we were on our sides with my dick still in his ass. He did about 5 or 10 jacks on his dick and came on his belly. The guy was definitely enjoying himself. We made out a little more but then got up, put on our clothes and got on with our day…

Great start… Hopefully he’ll come over for morning fucks on a regular basis…




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