Gave A Load To A Hot Black Muscle Bottom

26 January 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-5

I’m hoping I have a new fuck buddy. This little black muscle guy just came over and took my load. I LOVED his body. He was significantly shorter than me (which I like) and he was big and solid all over. HUGE shoulders, and an ass that was like a piece of granite. Very, very hot… And he lives within easy walking distance, which is why I hope he’ll become a regular fuck bud.

Anyway… I wasn’t sure if I was really up for fucking this morning, but when I started looking at profiles online my dick got rock hard and stayed hard. That’s always a good sign and it was a little surprising since the last Cialis I took was 3 days ago. My bf is sick in bed today and when I went to check with him to see if it was OK if I hooked up he was asleep so I didn’t bother him. I was pretty sure he’d be fine with it, so I told the guy to come over.

I told him to text me rather than ring the bell (so my bf wouldn’t get woken up). I tried to get him into my place as quietly as possible, but despite my efforts our dogs started barking. Oh well… Anyway, we went into the spare bedroom and got down to business. He didn’t just have a muscular body, he had a cute face too. I was loving it.

He wanted to kiss a little. Then he sucked on my nipples (while I played with his), and then he went down on my cock. When he came up he kept sucking on my nipples. What I really wanted to do was fuck, so I told him I wanted to rim him. He got on all fours on the bed and I started sucking on his ass. What was curious was the location of his ass hole – it was low on his ass. It’s funny how asshole positions differ from one guy to the next.

As I was rimming him he started moaning. I could tell from his moaning that he “wasn’t all that butch”, if you know what I mean. And I was a little worried he’d be a loud moaner and wake up my boyfriend.

When I got him nice and wet, I lubed up my cock and shoved in. His hole felt incredible. It was as muscular as his body. And being a little guy when I pushed in I’d hit bottom, which felt really good on my cock.  After a few strokes I pushed him down on his belly – and that’s when things got a little complicated. His asshole was so low down and his ass so big and muscular it was hard to keep my dick in his ass. I did something I almost never do – I put a pillow under his ass. That helped a bit.

Meanwhile, despite the awkward positioning, his hole was making my dick feel really good and before I knew it I blew my load in his ass. As I was coming he could sense I was about to cum and said “Breed Me” – which was hot… A little muscle boy going around taking loads from complete strangers – begging them to cum in his ass…

I laid on him a little bit after cumming and then rolled both of us over on our sides and I kept slowly pumping his ass. The position was much easier on our sides (probably a good position to fuck him in). But his hole was so muscular and tight that he inadvertently pushed my cock out at one point.

Thankfully, his moans when I was fucking him weren’t much louder than when I was rimming him. But as we were getting dressed we were talking and he laughed rather loudly. Not sure if my bf heard it or not. He might always think the laugh came from next door…

Anyway, he was a hot fuck – hopefully I’ll get to seed him on a regular basis this year. 😉