Gave A Load To A Latino Who Wasn’t Completely Clean

4 February 2013 | 8 Comments

Load 2013-10

So after giving two loads to the bottom yesterday, I was pretty spent. There was an 18 y.o. who had said he wanted to hookup today, but didn’t hear from him (I’d given him my cell and told him to text me, and I saw him on A4A but he didn’t reply when I messaged him). So I moved on, but I wasn’t completely sure I was up to it. After some encouragement on Twitter to go for it, I took part of an herbal pill and when it started kicking in I looked for a bottom to fuck.

This one guy said he was up in Washington Heights. When I replied that I wasn’t really looking to travel he said he’d come down. Sounded good to me and his pics looked good. Soon he was on his way over.

When he got here he looked really familiar. By the time we were in the bedroom and taking off my clothes I remembered fucking him (it was almost a year ago now, but I didn’t write it up ’cause I was pretty busy back then). He had told me his location before coming over and I was like “oh, I remember walking over to his place when I used to live in Washington Heights.”

He was really submissive and not particularly assertive. I had a hardon ’cause I had been working on porn when he arrived and I was sort of hoping he’d get down and give me a blowjob. But he didn’t figure that out. I probably should have told him to suck me, but if he wasn’t into it then I didn’t really want to go there (he was there to get fucked, not give me a blowjob).

He was responding to my feeling up his hole, so I told him to get on the bed so I could rim him. He had a really nice muscular ass with a slightly hairy hole. He seemed pretty clean, so I gave him a pretty good rimming. But it didn’t last long ’cause I was already hard and figured I’d just move it along to fucking.

I lubed up my dick and stood up. His hole was like 3 or 4 inches above my cock ’cause I have pretty short legs and he had long legs. I push him down and stood on my tippy toes and shoved in. He seemed pretty tight, but also had no problem taking my dick – I love holes like that.

Given the contortions I had to do, that position wasn’t going to last long, so I pushed him forward onto his belly. Then he started bucking up and down a bit. Not too much, but enough to be a bit irritating. I didn’t really want to verbally tell him to stop, and I wondered whether he was doing it because he wanted to be more in contact with me, so I got down lower and put more weight on him. That slowed down the bucking of his torso, but he continued to push up his ass. Ugh. At one point I actually slipped out ’cause he was moving down when I was moving up. After that he seemed to get the idea that moving around so much might be a bad idea and things got much better.

His hole felt pretty good. There was this weird sensation though – it’s hard to describe but it sort of felt like the head of my cock had slipped into a fabric pocket that moved with my dick. Like a little fabric condom was covering just the tip of my dick. I didn’t pay too much attention to it ’cause I didn’t want it to distract me. By that time I could feel the beginning of my orgasm, so I focused on that.

I finally came – I seemed to give him a decent sized load, but since I’d cum twice the day before it wasn’t the biggest load. I then rolled us over and continued to slow fuck his ass. He seemed to really like that – like he didn’t want the fucking to end. After maybe 5 minutes of that my dick finally slipped out of his ass. Actually it was so sudden that it seemed to startle him and possibly hurt him just a little.

He then got up, and I started playing with my dick a little. I looked down and couldn’t see it completely clearly (since I didn’t have glasses or contacts on) but my dick looked a bit brown. Shit… So I got up and followed him to the bathroom and washed off my dick in the sink. I hate shit on my dick, but as they say, “shit happens”…

So a decent fuck except the ending…