I am SO over meth addicts

12 May 2013 | 12 Comments

I am so sick and tired of meth addicts. These days I usually don’t bother with guys who are partying, but… The day after Jockstrap Night I was seriously horny ’cause I hadn’t cum and had had Cialis as well as herbal stuff, and with a hangover I wasn’t accomplishing anything, so I figured I’d hookup. This really hot tattooed muscle guy hit me up and wanted me to fuck him. I could tell he was seriously tweaked, but hot muscle guys can be fun – though when they’re partying they can be so flighty and unfocused that they’re bad lays – it’s a crap shoot with them. Well, my horniness won out and I said yes and headed over to his place.

Even before I went over I could tell something was up. He took FOREVER to respond every time I’d send him a message. In my experience that’s typical for meth addicts – time just passes at a different rate for them or something. They get distracted briefly and forget they’re chatting with someone online, etc.

So as I headed down to his place I tweeted “Headed to fuck a hot tattooed muscle guy but suspect he’s seriously tweaked. Fingers crossed.”

With WiFi & cell service in the subway these days I started receiving texts from him wondering where I was. I gave him responses but then he’d ask again a few minutes later. It wasn’t looking good… He was also rambling on about how he wanted me to humiliate him for having a small dick, etc. That’s all good, but usually guys who go over the top are in it for the fantasy, not the reality – so it made me worry just a little.

hot assAs I was crossing the avenue, about to get to his place he texted me and said “if the front door of my building is stuck I promise someone will cross over very soon too. We are having access issues.” Then a moment later he texted “I’m doing this”. That sent off huge warning bells. I started to see what was going on in his mind. I figured he was probably the type who couldn’t have sex unless he was high because he wasn’t honest enough with himself and comfortable enough with his sexual desires to do it while he was sober. But when he’s high he can tell himself “I’m doing this” / I’m really going to go through with it.

Then he texts me a pic of his ass (to the right) which reminds me why I’m there. I mean, a hot ass is a hot ass and can be a lot of fun to fuck.

I get to his building, press the buzzer and he buzzes me in the first set of doors, but I can’t get in the 2nd set of doors. I figure that was what he was talking about and don’t worry about it. I buzz again but he can’t get me in the 2nd set of doors.

Now at this point any sober person would have run down and let me in. But no, he stays in his apartment and continues texting me… “Are you in?” to which I reply “Throw on some shorts and come down shirtless to let me in” thinking it would be fun make a guy who’s high semi-expose himself to his neighbors. He responded “Give it 2 min please? If nobody works out I’ll get dressed.” I figured why not…

abused-holeThen he texts me saying “I’m so spread open right now” and sends me a pic of his abused hole (to the right). I guess he’d been using a dildo on himself or something. Tight hole, loose hole, whatever… But he follows it with “Please come up and use me. Please.” To which I respond “Come down and let me in”. I mean time was passing and I was starting to get frustrated. But instead of coming down to get me, he replies “Get up here and split me open. Grrrr.”

Grrr indeed… With the frustration mounting I text him “I’ve been waiting 5 minutes already”.  Does he come down and get me? No. Instead he tries to do a FaceTime call and when I don’t answer that he sends me a video of himself talking to me.  Seriously? I mean I’m right down in your lobby. If you want to talk to me, come down and let me in…

A few minutes later I text him “I’m about to leave”. You’d think that would get him off his ass and down to let me in. He replies “Seriously?” and then a bit later “I just made a you a movie. I’ll come. Fine.” At this point I realized I didn’t want to fuck him anymore and I knew deep down that that meant I might as well not even try – it wouldn’t go well if I did.

So I left and from the street I sent “It’s 10 min. I’ve left. You’re fuckin’ rude.” Of course THEN he replies “I’m on my way” and I just reply “I’ve left”. He tries to blame the door for the problem and then winds up calling me “lame”.

At this point I’m over being semi-polite… “No. meth addicts are never worth the trouble.” He comes back with “You’re gonna start throwing names and crutches? I’m rude? Have a nice evening.” (BTW, if I didn’t mention it before – it’s noon when all of this is happening.) I challenge him by saying “Am I wrong? Don’t think so.” In other words I was 99% sure he was a meth addict. I didn’t call him any names that weren’t true. He response just didn’t make sense…

I asked you to give a couple min to allow a scene to carry on.

That’s all.

I’m sorry you’re upset. I wish you a good night.

“Allow a scene to carry on”??? To me that means he gets off making guys wait. Or maybe he didn’t mean that at all – who knows. The “good night” comment literally at noon (12:03 to be precise) was too funny. So I just figure I’d be brutally honest with him…

It’s not night. You don’t even know the time of day. You haven’t had a sense of time since I started messaging with you. Because you’re high you have no clue what 10 min of waiting feels like to someone who’s sober. Meth is going to kill you or at least make you a sad version of the person you could be. There’s nothing hot about you right now.

That was the end of the conversation. Never heard another word from him. I don’t know if being tough and brutally honest with a meth addict is even the right approach. But I do know that saying nothing and just letting them continue on accomplishes nothing.

Hopefully when he’s sober he’ll look at the string of texts and see things differently. Not sure that will help either though. I mean what does it take for a meth addict to stop doing meth?