Sort of a lame hookup…

24 July 2013 | 1 Comment

pierced dick with a hardonLoad 2013-33

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t feel my cumshot sometimes – but more on that in a moment. Today I wanted to fuck, so I took a Cialis and it kicked in quicker than I was expecting (see pic). Problem was I then had problems finding a bottom who I wanted to fuck. New Yorkers work a lot and looking for hole in the middle of the day is a lot harder than nights and weekends – especially when you want to host and you’re not in a gay neighborhood or in a neighborhood with a lot of office workers.

This one guy kept hitting me up. I knew I wasn’t all that into him but he was so persistent and no one else was biting, so finally after saying ‘no’ I gave in and said yes. Then he started having second thoughts since he was traveling and I just wanted a quickie, but then when I said “let’s forget it” he said he was out the door and on his way.

He shows up and he looks older than I was expecting. His profile said he was 2 years older than me. He looked 10 years older. He knew he was just a hole to me. He comes in strips down. He had talked about being hooded so I gave him a hood to put on.

I started by having him suck my dick. I’m not sure he really liked sucking with the Prince Albert in – he only seemed to do a so-so job but it was enough to get me hard (thanks to the Cialis).

He said it was OK to take pics or whatever I wanted. So I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple pics of his sucking and then put it in video mode. I didn’t shoot much video and it was just with the iPhone, but I’ve put it up on Raunchy Fuckers if you want to have a look.

hooded cocksucker working my dick

fucking a holeThen I lubed up and went fucked him. I shot a little video of the beginning of the fuck and then put down the phone and concentrated on the fuck. Since I didn’t really like him and he knew he was just a hole I wasn’t particularly gentle fucking him. I did long strokes which, with the PA, means the ball on the bottom of my dick was going in and out of his ass. He was pretty loose and didn’t seem to have much trouble taking it – though I think it was intense enough that he felt it. He made some comment about it being the first time he’d gotten fucked with a PA.

He was pretty verbal at first, but then asked if I liked him being verbal – I said “whatever – you’re just a hole to me” – at which point he got quiet.

I could feel my orgasm building and I was about to cum then I didn’t feel the cumshot. Ugh. Right about that time the bottom pushed his ass up a bit which was really bad timing. I figured I hadn’t cum and so I continued fucking him. Shortly after I wanted to remove the PA as a possible reason why I didn’t cum, so I took it out. Thanks to the Cialis I was able to keep going, but I did start getting softer.

I was a little frustrated thinking I hadn’t cum. I was sweating like a motherfucker – I mean sweat was literally pouring off me. So here I was overheated, hadn’t cum and my dick was starting to go a bit soft. It wasn’t good.

I pulled out and told the bottom to suck my dick, but he refused saying he doesn’t suck dick once it’s been in his ass. Whatever (it seemed pretty clean to me). So I started playing with his ass. He was loose so I put more and more fingers up him until I had about 4 fingers in him. If I had smaller hands I could have fisted him – I was getting pretty deep inside him as it was.

I then went back to fucking him, but wasn’t all that hard. Since he was loose I figured I’d put on my cock sheath and fuck him with that. That didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I didn’t really feel much of anything and I wasn’t all that hard. The sexual energy was sorta dying, so I finally gave up and ended things.

Once again my dick was acting like it had cum, so that usually means I did indeed cum. Then it struck me – the common factor in the fucks when I haven’t felt my cumshot lately – it’s my PA – in particular the curved barbell. I’m thinking PA takes up so much space in my urethra that the cum can’t shoot out – it has to trickle out. I’ve noticed this with pissing – I piss more slowly with the PA in.

I like fucking with the PA, but it seems like it’s a choice between that and feeling my cumshot. Hmmmm –  not sure which to choose…