Fucked w/ my PA for the first time in a long time

14 May 2021 | No Comments

Load 2021-7

I’ve had a difficult relationship with my Prince Albert for many years now. It got up to 2ga (~6mm) really easily. No matter what I can always fit a 2ga in without problems. But getting up to a 0ga (8mm) or 00ga (10mm) has eluded me. I can get up there for a short period, but then the piercing basically protests and sends me back down to 2ga. That’s been happening for years now. Eventually I get frustrated and just take it out and forget about it for a few months, then I’ll try again. But it’s always the same – 2ga always fits, but I can only do 0 or 00 for a brief time.

With me getting back into my groove I thought I’d stick with the stretching process. I won’t bore you with all the details but I’m trying different jewelry and strategies trying to get the stretching process to be successful this time. This morning my 0ga was feeling happy, so I figured I’d give fucking with it a shot. I usually take it out to fuck because the piercing is pretty sensitive while I’m stretching and it’s painful to fuck with it in.

The poz daddy who lives near me was looking for loads this morning so I headed over to his place (he’s becoming a regular). When I took off my shorts and he saw the PA he was pretty happy. As usual he sucked my dick to get it hard. I played with his hole a bit while he sucked me since blowjobs aren’t really my thing. When I was hard enough I grabbed the lube (he didn’t already have loads in him), lubed up and gently pushed in.

The piercing was a little sensitive while I was fucking. I was planning just to cum as quickly as possible so there wouldn’t be too much stress on the piercing but the pain delayed my orgasm a little. For a moment I was wondering whether I’d need to take out the PA to cum. But then I felt my orgasm building, then there was this weird delay, but finally I blew in his ass. Usually I pump in and out a bit after cumming, but I just (gingerly) pulled my dick out and was done.

He wanted to suck me clean, but I said I wanted to take a piss and went to the bathroom. Took a while to piss as well, but I was finally able. (Pissing cleans the urethra and the piercing and reduces the chance of STIs).

Then I put on my shorts and left. Luckily the guy doesn’t mind quickie pump-n-dumps.

Sort of a lame hookup…

24 July 2013 | 1 Comment

pierced dick with a hardonLoad 2013-33

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t feel my cumshot sometimes – but more on that in a moment. Today I wanted to fuck, so I took a Cialis and it kicked in quicker than I was expecting (see pic). Problem was I then had problems finding a bottom who I wanted to fuck. New Yorkers work a lot and looking for hole in the middle of the day is a lot harder than nights and weekends – especially when you want to host and you’re not in a gay neighborhood or in a neighborhood with a lot of office workers.

This one guy kept hitting me up. I knew I wasn’t all that into him but he was so persistent and no one else was biting, so finally after saying ‘no’ I gave in and said yes. Then he started having second thoughts since he was traveling and I just wanted a quickie, but then when I said “let’s forget it” he said he was out the door and on his way.

He shows up and he looks older than I was expecting. His profile said he was 2 years older than me. He looked 10 years older. He knew he was just a hole to me. He comes in strips down. He had talked about being hooded so I gave him a hood to put on.

I started by having him suck my dick. I’m not sure he really liked sucking with the Prince Albert in – he only seemed to do a so-so job but it was enough to get me hard (thanks to the Cialis).

He said it was OK to take pics or whatever I wanted. So I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple pics of his sucking and then put it in video mode. I didn’t shoot much video and it was just with the iPhone, but I’ve put it up on Raunchy Fuckers if you want to have a look.

hooded cocksucker working my dick

fucking a holeThen I lubed up and went fucked him. I shot a little video of the beginning of the fuck and then put down the phone and concentrated on the fuck. Since I didn’t really like him and he knew he was just a hole I wasn’t particularly gentle fucking him. I did long strokes which, with the PA, means the ball on the bottom of my dick was going in and out of his ass. He was pretty loose and didn’t seem to have much trouble taking it – though I think it was intense enough that he felt it. He made some comment about it being the first time he’d gotten fucked with a PA.

He was pretty verbal at first, but then asked if I liked him being verbal – I said “whatever – you’re just a hole to me” – at which point he got quiet.

I could feel my orgasm building and I was about to cum then I didn’t feel the cumshot. Ugh. Right about that time the bottom pushed his ass up a bit which was really bad timing. I figured I hadn’t cum and so I continued fucking him. Shortly after I wanted to remove the PA as a possible reason why I didn’t cum, so I took it out. Thanks to the Cialis I was able to keep going, but I did start getting softer.

I was a little frustrated thinking I hadn’t cum. I was sweating like a motherfucker – I mean sweat was literally pouring off me. So here I was overheated, hadn’t cum and my dick was starting to go a bit soft. It wasn’t good.

I pulled out and told the bottom to suck my dick, but he refused saying he doesn’t suck dick once it’s been in his ass. Whatever (it seemed pretty clean to me). So I started playing with his ass. He was loose so I put more and more fingers up him until I had about 4 fingers in him. If I had smaller hands I could have fisted him – I was getting pretty deep inside him as it was.

I then went back to fucking him, but wasn’t all that hard. Since he was loose I figured I’d put on my cock sheath and fuck him with that. That didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I didn’t really feel much of anything and I wasn’t all that hard. The sexual energy was sorta dying, so I finally gave up and ended things.

Once again my dick was acting like it had cum, so that usually means I did indeed cum. Then it struck me – the common factor in the fucks when I haven’t felt my cumshot lately – it’s my PA – in particular the curved barbell. I’m thinking PA takes up so much space in my urethra that the cum can’t shoot out – it has to trickle out. I’ve noticed this with pissing – I piss more slowly with the PA in.

I like fucking with the PA, but it seems like it’s a choice between that and feeling my cumshot. Hmmmm –  not sure which to choose…

My New Heavy Curved Barebell For My Prince Albert

11 September 2012 | 4 Comments

Long story, but in the past I mentioned that I got my 0 gauge ring into my PA. Problem was I did something I knew was a no-no – I slept in it. Because I sleep on my belly that means my ring got in some awkward positions over night and got irritated. Ultimately the ring had to come up and I had to wait a week or so for the inflammation to go down. Then I had to start all over.

Curved barbell with 1" ball in a Prince Albert piercing

In the meantime I ordered a 0 gauge curved barbell that I can sleep in. But I found one where you could get a really big 1″ ball to put on the end of it. It’s fuckin’ heavy and really tugs at your dick. Needless to say you can’t forget your wearing it when you walk down the street and it’s banging against your leg.

For sleeping I put in a much smaller ball – the big ball would be a problem at night.

It turns out what I thought was a 0 gauge ring (the circular barbell that caused the problems earlier) is actually thicker than 0 gauge. It’ll be a little while before I put it back in. I’ll let my PA hole adjust to this one first. Even with this one I have to be careful.

I haven’t fucked with the ball yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It should be fun for the bottom as well – feeling that big ball bang around on the inside of their ass… They’ll definitely feel it when I pull out – it’s gonna hurt a bit 😉

Success! I Got The 0 ga Ring In My PA

2 August 2012 | 4 Comments

Just a follow up from yesterday’s blog post… I finally got the 0 gauge ring in my PA…

0 gauge ring in Prince Albert peircing

It’s gonna be tender for a few days, but I can’t wait to fuck with it…

I’ll take some better pics another time – that one was just shot immediately after I got the ring in.

Stretching My PA To Get 0 Gauge Ring In

1 August 2012 | 9 Comments

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to get my zero gauge ring back in my Prince Albert. I had had a rink out of the piercing for months and the hole closed up a bit over that time, so now this is what I have to do on a daily basis to get the hole to open back up…

Prince Alber piercing with stretching taper

So basically that’s a tapered rod that you lube up stick through the piercing and push gently but firmly to stretch the piercing. Here’s another view…

stretching taper in prince albert piercing

I’m hoping I’ll be successful in the next few days.

Here’s what the zero gauge ring looks like when it’s in. Looks like I last had it in back in 2010…

0 gauge Prince Albert in soft dick

What I love about it is the weight – you feel it hitting your leg as you walk down the street – which in turn makes me a bit hard sometimes. It constantly makes me think about my dick 🙂

And here it is when I’m hard…

big 0 gauge ring in Prince Albert piercing in hard cock

Now just imagine that going into a bottom’s ass and how it can tear up his hole a little if I rough fuck him with it.

Average Guys Can Be Excellent Bottoms

29 November 2010 | 4 Comments

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While it’s hot to fuck a muscle boy with zero body fat, the fact of the matter is that average guys (even below average guys) can be incredibly hot fucks too… That was the case the day after Thanksgiving. A guy I fucked a few months ago came back over. Honestly, I was a bit wiped from drinking for 9 hours straight the day before (even though I paced myself). I was horny, but didn’t want anything too involved. I was mostly looking for something in the neighborhood, but I knew this particular guy was submissive enough that he’d travel and be happy even if it was just a quickie pump and dump, so I told him to come up.

Long story short he was an hour late getting here, but he did finally get here. As I sorta implied he’s sorta ‘average’… His profile says he’s the same age as me, but he seemed a bit older. I’m pretty sure he’s poz – he sorta looks like he might have been poz for a while (though I know that’s not something you can ever say for sure)…

Anyway, before he came he said he’d be up for drinking my piss. When he confirmed I really had to piss right then. I tried to hold off, but just couldn’t, so I took a piss and drank a bunch more iced tea. But then he was an hour late. I kept running to the bathroom to piss just a little bit and relieve the pressure, but finally I just had to take a serious piss. So then I drank a bunch more iced tea, but this time I saved a bunch and gulped it down when he rang my bell.

So first thing he did was get on his knees and take my soft cock in his mouth and drink my piss. I was wearing my PA, so it wasn’t quite as uneventful as it sounds. Since I had already been pissing it took a while to get much out. He’d pull off briefly and a little would spill on his t-shirt. But eventually he got a fair amount of piss.

He then sucked me briefly, but I wasn’t really looking for a blowjob – with the PA in they’re awkward anyway. He finished taking off his clothes (left his shirt on) and I had him get on all fours on the bed and I started eating out his ass. You could tell he’s been fucked A LOT. It was an “experienced” hole. He could push it out a bit which was sorta cool cause it gave me something to eat. It’s very different than an inexperienced bottom where everything is flush with his ass…

After rimming him for a while (and jacking my cock), I lubed up my dick with Wet Platinum and pushed in. For an experienced ass he was a lot tighter than I thought he would be. It actually took a few attempts before I could get the PA in. I could tell it was painful for him, but he pushed through it (like a good sub bottom).

Once I was in his hole felt good. I loved the fact that I just knew he’d let me do anything I wanted to him. He’s a real sub bottom who’s mission in life is to serve tops. It wasn’t a quick fuck, but it wasn’t a long fuck either. Eventually I did cum in him. It felt like a big load, but who knows… It’s not like I actually saw it…

Afterwards I rolled over and held him and caressed him. He caressed me back. That went on for a while and there was zero conversation. I was tired and I just liked how relaxing it was. I had to catch myself a couple times ’cause I nearly fell asleep on him. After probably 20 minutes he moved down and started sucking my dick and paying attention to other parts of my body. He was there to serve and was doing a great job of it. All I had to do was lay back and enjoy it. At one point I tried fucking him some more, but that didn’t really work – I was spent. So he went back to caressing me.

All in all that part probably went on for 45 minutes and there was almost no conversation the entire time… It was just nice and relaxing. I don’t think he wanted it to end. Every time I’d make a move to end it he’d want me to lay on top of him, or lay down next to him or something. He may be a cumhole who would be happy with a pump and dump, but I could tell he wanted so much more. It’s sorta interesting to me how anonymous bottoms sometimes crave more meaningful encounters.

At one point during that time I got on top of him and pissed an incredible amount of piss down his throat. It was literally gulp after gulp after gulp. He had gotten me so relaxed I was finally able to piss easily and the huge amount of tea I had had during the day finally came out. After that he had some pretty serious piss breath. That’s the one bad thing about being a piss top, but it’s not something I can fault him for. I like bottoms drinking my piss, and piss breath just comes with the territory.

After a bit more quiet time it was eventually time for it to end. I got up and he put on his clothes and left. Good fuck though – pretty much exactly what I needed.




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