The other 5 fucks from the last month

22 September 2013 | 2 Comments

Don’t think I have the energy to do a blog post on each of the other 5 guys I fucked while I was playing hookie from blogging. So let me just do a quick rundown…

Load 2013-34

After getting over being sick I hooked up with the hot little muscular Latino who’s become a bit of a regular. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE fucking him. Besides being really hot, his hole just feels incredible. He was the perfect way to break a 3 1/2 week dry spell.

Then there was this hot otter I fucked off Scruff. I fucked him the day after the hot little muscular Latino and I was frustrated because I couldn’t cum. Luckily he was in it for the fuck, not the load (he had wanted me to pull out when I came but I told him ‘no’). But I did manage to give him a decent fuck so he went home happy.

Load 2013-35

The next day I fucked the twink who had gotten upset last time when I didn’t pull out like he asked me to. We had had a few exchanges back and forth on A4A and I was thinking he wasn’t really into me, but he came back for more. Something had changed in him since I fucked him a few months before – he was there specifically to get the load. I think he now may actually like getting abused a bit when he’s getting fucked. Glad he learned his place and I hope he’s getting a lot of cum in that skinny little twink ass of his. 😉

It was after him that I got what I thought was food poisoning and what my boyfriend thought was something I picked up from rimming some guy’s ass. If my boyfriend was right it was the twink who gave me whatever it was (it only lasted a day or two). Maybe he knew he had something and wanted to get back at me – who knows. Or it could have been food poisoning.

Load 2013-36

A week and a half later I fucked this incredibly hot black guy. Short, young, beefy, and muscular. As I was fucking him I thought he probably had been an athlete (and recently at that). Later I found out I was right. Anyway, he was pretty nervous. He almost never barebacks, and he takes loads even less often. I guess we had talked about me being on PrEP so he felt safe, but he reconfirmed I was on PrEP like 2 minutes after I came in him. He’s a sweet kid and he wants to see more of me and even hang out and be friends. He might come over today – we’ll see. Would love to have him as a regular butt boy.

Load 2013-37

I followed the hot black athlete with a Latino who was equally hot in a different way. When I saw him I thought he was probably a dancer. He didn’t confirm that exactly, but what he said indicated that I was probably right. He had the most incredible lean muscular body and a really muscular ass. I had worn my little curved barbell PA and didn’t think it would be a problem, but then I had a problem cumming. Or maybe I came and didn’t feel it. After a while my dick started acting a bit like I had cum. But after taking a breather I took out the PA and went back at it. This time I came – and not just a little – it was a huge load.

Actually, looking over those 5 fucks they were pretty incredible. All of them were really hot bottoms – each in a different way. Now I just need more fucks like that!