Fucked w/ my PA for the first time in a long time

14 May 2021 | 1 Comment

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I’ve had a difficult relationship with my Prince Albert for many years now. It got up to 2ga (~6mm) really easily. No matter what I can always fit a 2ga in without problems. But getting up to a 0ga (8mm) or 00ga (10mm) has eluded me. I can get up there for a short period, but then the piercing basically protests and sends me back down to 2ga. That’s been happening for years now. Eventually I get frustrated and just take it out and forget about it for a few months, then I’ll try again. But it’s always the same – 2ga always fits, but I can only do 0 or 00 for a brief time.

With me getting back into my groove I thought I’d stick with the stretching process. I won’t bore you with all the details but I’m trying different jewelry and strategies trying to get the stretching process to be successful this time. This morning my 0ga was feeling happy, so I figured I’d give fucking with it a shot. I usually take it out to fuck because the piercing is pretty sensitive while I’m stretching and it’s painful to fuck with it in.

The poz daddy who lives near me was looking for loads this morning so I headed over to his place (he’s becoming a regular). When I took off my shorts and he saw the PA he was pretty happy. As usual he sucked my dick to get it hard. I played with his hole a bit while he sucked me since blowjobs aren’t really my thing. When I was hard enough I grabbed the lube (he didn’t already have loads in him), lubed up and gently pushed in.

The piercing was a little sensitive while I was fucking. I was planning just to cum as quickly as possible so there wouldn’t be too much stress on the piercing but the pain delayed my orgasm a little. For a moment I was wondering whether I’d need to take out the PA to cum. But then I felt my orgasm building, then there was this weird delay, but finally I blew in his ass. Usually I pump in and out a bit after cumming, but I just (gingerly) pulled my dick out and was done.

He wanted to suck me clean, but I said I wanted to take a piss and went to the bathroom. Took a while to piss as well, but I was finally able. (Pissing cleans the urethra and the piercing and reduces the chance of STIs).

Then I put on my shorts and left. Luckily the guy doesn’t mind quickie pump-n-dumps.