A Hint For Getting The Most Out Of BarebackRT.com

12 March 2008 | No Comments

The other day I was looking around BarebackRT.com and noticed that I wasn’t seeing everyone I should see… I was listed as being in “New York, NY” and was only seeing people who were also in “New York, NY”. Problem is, they also have “Manhattan, NY” (same place), and I’m really close to The Bronx and parts of Northern New Jersey, and I’d like to see people in Queens and Brooklyn as well…

The problem is they don’t have their site organized by metropolitan area – they have it organized by state and city. So people in big sprawling cities where everyone has the same city name (like Houston) will do fine. I suspect this is why they’ve done well in Chicago (or is that made up of a lot of little towns and cities?).

So, if you’re in a place that has a lot of other town and city names near it, you’ll need to set it to view everyone in your state in order to get the most out of BarebackRT.com. That’s still not perfect since I can’t see people who are less than a mile away from me in New Jersey, but it’s definitely better.

You can also do a “Detailed Search” and search for guys in a radius around your zip code. It’s a little cumbersome, but it will give the best results.

I’m sure they’ll fix the problem in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime don’t think there’s not many people near you when you log into the site – there could be quite a few guys near you…

Repeat With A Guy I Fucked 7 Years Ago

11 March 2008 | 10 Comments

Load 2008-20

Back in 2001 when my bf and I had been together for a little over 3 years, I wasn’t getting enough sex and I was fucking guys on the side (bareback of course). It was during this time that I fucked “Max” who went on to be the NY-based porn producer for Treasure Island, which is how 3 years later I wound up fucking Dawson in Dawson’s 20 Load weekend… But I digress…

My memory’s a little fuzzy, but if I remember correctly my bf found out I was fucking guys behind his back, there was a big argument, and the outcome was that we’d do 3-ways with bottoms. We thought this would be a great idea. We found a few guys and had a few good hookups (one of the guys we even later saw on Law & Order). But the problem was guys were usually either into one or the other of us, and we always used condoms, which I hated.

But we did find a few bottoms and the very first guy we did a 3-way with was this little, well-built, poz black guy. My bf was fine with him being poz because we were going to fuck him with rubbers… I remember a few things about him – like how his hole felt – it was like a wonderful muscular tube. The other thing was that he went shopping with us afterwards to Triple 5 Soul… (That was the first and last time we went shopping with someone after fucking them)…

Anyway, a few years later I see him online and we chat, he figures out I bareback, and he mentions that he wished he had taken my load. And then later he figured out I was the person behind this blog… For a number of reasons we never hooked up again – until last night…

I see him online yesterday on BarebackRT and tell him I want to fuck him. He had the day off, so he comes over after I was done with work. He looks great – hasn’t changed much in 7 years. He apologizes for having gained 10 lbs, but as I find later, the 10 lbs works well on him… Of course, I gained a lot more than 10 lbs over that time, but he’s fine with it…

Black guy on all fours showing his assHe had said he was OK with pics or video provided people couldn’t figure out who he was, but the problem was I couldn’t find the tripod and my bf wasn’t around. I didn’t want the distraction of having to hold the video camera while I fucked, so video was out. After taking off the necessary clothes, I grab the camera and take pictures of his ass. The pictures aren’t as hot as the real thing… What you can’t see is how he’s like the perfect little beefy, muscular bottom. Nice ass, great chest and arms…

So then I put down the camera and eat out his ass, then I have him blow me, then eat out his ass some more, then he blows me again, etc… I then lube up his hole and my dick, pick up the camera again and go to fuck him. But the camera doesn’t take a picture when I press the button. I look and it turns out the memory is full on the camera. So sorry guys – ass shots are all you’re getting…

He’s a bit sensitive when I start fucking him, so I take it slow… His hole feels really good… He’s on his stomach, which is my favorite position with little guys. It would have been so easy to just blow my load after a few strokes, but I wanted it to last a while, so I fuck him with slow and deliberate strokes. Finally, I just can’t hold back any more and I unload in his ass. That’s what he came for – it’s the load he’s been wanting for years…

Black guy on all fours showing his assI keep my dick in his ass (I had taken a couple pills so I was able to stay fairly hard after cumming). I continue to slowly fuck him as we cuddle and talk a bit. His ass is all cummy and feels absolutely incredible… He tells me that was the first load he’d gotten in his ass in about two years. He has a boyfriend, doesn’t live in Manhattan where it’s easier to get laid, and since he’s versatile most guys seem to want him to top.

I remembered he was a sweet guy, but had forgotten what his personality was like. He’s sorta straight-laced in many ways – until he starts talking about sex. While he doesn’t get enough of it, he loves fucking raw – breeding and getting bred. And he’s really in love with Treasure Island videos

I think I fucked him longer after I came than I did before. It was just nice and relaxed. Then I pulled out, he cleaned off my dick for me, and we cuddled and talked some more. Among other things we talked about him being poz… He’s been poz for something like 20 years – looks great, and has had very few health problems. (He previously he’d told me he’s been “undetectable” for years). He also mentioned he had jacked off 5 times that day thinking about taking my load. That was too bad ’cause I remember him having a really nice dick – but he wasn’t getting hard ’cause he had jacked off so much…

Then I wanted to fuck him more, so I went back and pounded his ass. This time I didn’t have to worry about cumming, so I was a bit more forceful than the first time. But at the same time, since I had cum earlier, I wasn’t completely hard. Eventually I went a bit too soft to fuck and we cuddled some more with my dick in his ass.

It felt really good to cuddle with him – his body was beefy and muscular – his chest and arms felt really good.

All in all it was a great hookup. I need to get him back here and videotape it (can’t believe I couldn’t find the damn tripod – but once he was here I wanted it to be about him, not about the video equipment…)

Want A Piggy Sex Vacation?

3 March 2008 | 7 Comments

There was a message on BarebackRT the other day that they’re sponsoring a weekend at Camp Palm Springs, a clothing-optional resort the weekend of April 5th. Can anyone say “orgy weekend”?

So all you guys who just want to pig out for a weekend in a place where there will be plenty of raw dick and ass – you should go….

Obviously, you should be a member of BarebackRT. If you’re not join now, and when they ask who referred you say ‘rawTOP’. As I’ve mentioned before, BarebackRT is an excellent site and getting to the point where it definitely has a critical mass of users in major cities (especially Chicago). And it’s completely free…

They have a special promo code available that can get you up to 25% off the hotel charges. So definitely sign up for BarebackRT before booking at Camp Palm Springs. If you’re a new user you’ll need to look at the party listings in Palm Springs, CA to get the promo code and other details like who’s coming (so far 17 guys have signed up a day and a half after it was announced).

UPDATE: The host hotel (Camp Palm Springs) is already sold out – just a few days after it was announced. But you can still attend. Book a room somewhere else (Camp Palm Springs can recommend other places), and then get a day pass at Camp Palm Springs.

You CAN ATTEND the event without renting a room, there will be a cover charge of $15 plus a $2 towel charge. Mention you’re there for the barebackrt.com event and 33% of the fees will go to support our site and you will receive a donor status upgrade on your account on the spot, just let us know your screen name.

In other words, with CPS being at capacity, plus all the people with day passes, Camp Palm Springs will be one huge mass of horny barebackers. You should have a constant supply of cock and cum, or cummy asses (depending on what you’re looking for).

Neg Bottom Starting To Get Addicted To Taking Loads

23 January 2008 | 2 Comments

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a bottom here in NY… Basically he’s in a sexless relationship and hasn’t barebacked since college – except that he took his first load a month ago (see the story below)… He’s neg and simultaneously wanting to stay that way and craving cum in his ass now that he’s had a taste, so to speak… Since I love neg bottoms who are getting loads behind their boyfriends backs I was definitely interested (and he’s skinny too!)

He then signs up for BarebackRT.com and we chat a bit on there. (He said it was OK that I mention his profile name is ‘NYCNewbie’.) He switches things up a bit – tells me he likes to go to a “video store” and suck guys off and have them fuck him. Up until now it’s always been with rubbers, but he had just let a guy fuck him raw (he asked the guy if he was neg and the guy didn’t cum). He was totally horny for more and then tells me he’s going again (same day). I tell him to get a load in his ass this time – and later that night he tells me he went back and let a guy fuck him raw and before he could say anything the guy came in his ass (that’s what happens when you get fucked raw).

We had a hookup scheduled, but he had to go out of town. When he got back he sent me the story you see below of when he took a load a month ago and asked me to put it in the stories section

Tops, if you’re in NYC and can host downtown – contact him on BarebackRT (his profile is ‘NYCNewbie’) and give him your load. If you want me to join you, let me know and I we’ll try to set up something where we both can tag his ass (my profile is ‘rawTOP’ – or you can e-mail me – rawtop@yahoo.com). This guy is really hungry for cum and needs to start taking loads on a regular basis…

So here’s the story of the load he took a month ago… I want to see this guy get bred, so since the stories section is a bit sleepy – I’m putting the story here so it gets more exposure…

As you know, I have a boyfriend at home, but we’re not monogamous – we hook up with other guys together, and once in a while on our own. We’re both neg, and even though we’ve both been tested, he’s paranoid and insists on fucking me with a rubber. Anyway, I travel occasionally for work. In December, I was in a really small town in the midwest for a few days. I’ve been thinking about raw sex for a while now, watching videos on Xtube, checking out websites, etc. but haven’t really done much about it. Since I was in this small town without my boyfriend, I figured that was the time and the place.

I contacted a few guys in the area who were on Manhunt.net on my first night there. Basically only one of them got back to me, but not until the next morning. He seemed pretty eager and sent me his phone number in his first email. I was working most of the day, but managed to call him at lunch. He seemed pretty normal and very eager to get together, but he lived about 45 min away. He asked if I was a top or a bottom. I said bottom, and he said he was a top. I asked if he was negative or positive, and he said negative, “so we don’t have to use a condom, if you don’t want.” I knew he wanted it bareback, but I wanted to keep my options open, so I just said, “we’ll see.” If he was old or fat, I’d probably let him fuck me still, but I wasn’t that into taking a load from a troll. Anyway, I told him I’d call him when I was done with work.

I had to work late, then went out to dinner with the client there. It was pretty late when we finished and I got back to my hotel. The top had called me a couple times at dinner, but I couldn’t answer my phone. When I finally got back to him, he said he thought I was blowing him off. I told him I was really horny, but tired because I had been drinking (which was true). I was going to go to bed, but I would leave my hotel room door unlocked if he wanted to drive over. He knew where my hotel was, as it’s the only nice one in the area, so I told him the room number and got ready for bed. The door wouldn’t open without a key from the outside, so propped the door open with my shoe before I went to bed. I knew it was possible that the top would never show, but it made me hard as hell to sleep with the door propped open for anyone to let themselves in and fuck me. I lubed up my hole and put a bottle of poppers on the side table. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

At some point, I woke up, as some tripped over my shoe coming through the door. The room was a suite, so I was in the bedroom, and I heard someone walking around in the front, sitting area. I instantly got rock hard again and threw off the covers. I was laying on my stomach, ass-up. I then pretended to be completely asleep and didn’t move. I heard the guy fumbling around a bit in the other room until his eye adjusted, I guess. Then I heard him walk into the bedroom. He came over to the bed and softly rubbed my bare ass. I just adjusted my pillow and spread my legs a bit. I heard him take his jacket and pants off and throw them on the floor.

He then started rubbing my ass more. I pushed it up a little. He started fingering my wet hole and jerking off a little, to get hard. I then reached over and grabbed the poppers and took a long breath. I wanted to let him know that i was ready to get fucked, but poppers also make me way less inhibited, so I knew it would let me get fucked raw by someone I’ve never even seen before.

He got in the bed on top of me and shoved his dick in my ass. He was uncut (he was latin), and his raw cock felt so good and warm in my ass. I mostly just laid there without moving, but occasionally I pushed back against him, driving it deeper. He moaned as he was about to cum and I felt a warm load inside me, a few drops dribbled out, and I could hear the difference when he was fucking a juicy hole.

He fucked me for a minute more, then lay on top of me with his dick inside for another few minutes. I didn’t move. He then got up, got dressed and walked out the door. I rolled over, played with my cum-filled hole and jerked off. It didn’t take long before I shot a huge load on my stomach. I wiped it off with my hand and fed it into my hole with his load. I was so horny, I stayed hard most of the night, jerking off. I tried to look for more guys to seed me online, but no one was awake nearby.

That’s how I got seeded the first time, and I never even really saw the guys face. I flew back to NYC the next day, but stayed hard, with his load in me, for the next 3 days. I gotta find more guys in my area to do it again.

UPDATE: Take a look at the video he sent me a link to… How much do you wanna bet it won’t be long until he’s be backing his hole onto raw dick that’s sticking through glory holes?

I’m Loving BarebackRT.com

11 January 2008 | 2 Comments

Last month I mentioned how I hated the new Bareback.com, but BarebackRT.com was looking pretty good. Well, I can say after some pretty active use that it’s a great site… I highly recommend it… You can sign up here (though please make sure you say you were referred by ‘rawTOP’ – I want the guy running the site to know I’m sending him users).

But beyond that I recommend you donate money to keeping it running (sites like that aren’t cheap to run). The webmaster put the following on his blog…

When I launched the site, my philosophy was to make the site totally free to anyone that wanted to come, but as the site grew beyond my financial means I decided to put a donation link on the site, allowing members that wanted to contribute to do so. I plan on keeping the site this way unless I’m forced to charge because of a lack of donations. If this ever happens it will probably be a nominal quarterly fee to cover the expenses of the site. I did make the decision that if we ever were to charge, people that made a donation before hand would be grand fathered in as “charter members” and would be exempt from the fee just as a thank you for early support.

Guys this is an excellent deal… Not only is it a site that’s worth supporting, but you’ll basically get it free for life if you donate now.

So I donated a bit and now guys from all over are contacting me… There’s a feature on it that lets you see all the guys (anywhere) that are logged in and site supporters are listed first – so everyone sees you when you donate… Regular users get a little lost in all the pages and pages of guys who are online…

There’s some hot guys on the site – too bad they don’t all live in my neighborhood… 😉

So sign up and give it a shot…

Forget Bareback.com – Try BarebackRT.com

16 December 2007 | 3 Comments

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I don’t think much of the new bareback.com. The interface sucks and their customer service is awful

A while back I signed up for BarebackRT.com, nothing much was happening on it, so I pretty much ignored it. Then I kept getting e-mail alerts saying I had e-mail, so I took a closer look at it – and I gotta say, I like it a lot. While it’s not perfect, it’s well executed technically and in terms of features, and most importantly, it’s now got a critical mass of guys using it. In fact, in terms of registered users, it’s busier than bareback.com. I can actually imagine hooking up off this site – which I never could with bareback.com. In other words, Bareback.com is dead – long live BarebackRT.com.

Take a look at the following two pages and you’ll see how BarebackRT.com is better than Bareback.com – they’re the pages of online users… First BarebackRT.com (notice there are 268 registered users online.)…

Online users @ BarebackRT.com

Now here’s the same screen shot from Bareback.com taken at the same time as the one above (notice there are 229 registered users online)…

Online users @ bareback.com

What few profiles you can see “above the fold” the images often aren’t available or are blocked (even if you’re a premium member). That’s not the case with BarebackRT.com…

It’s also clear that bareback.com is dominated by ads. I expect they’ll show up on BarebackRT.com in the not-too-distant future as they’ll need income to keep the site going, but so far it’s ad-free, which is nice…

BarebackRT.com also lists whether the guy takes or gives loads – the new bareback.com got rid of that feature.

So give BarbackRT.com a shot. You’ll like it a lot more than Bareback.com…. And when they ask who referred you, say ‘rawTOP’.




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