Bred A Skinny Black Guy With A Big Fat Dick

26 June 2012 | 3 Comments

Load 2012-24

Yesterday there was this guy who was hitting me up saying he wanted to take my load – he said he was neg but poz friendly. He kept practically begging me to tell him my status, but I just wanted to mindfuck him and make him wonder so I told him I’d tell him after he got my load. In the meantime I planned on teasing him a bit while I was fucking him – asking him if he wanted a poz load in his ass and then when he said ‘yes’ I’d razz him for being a bug chaser. Then when I was done I’d tell him chances are I’m neg…  (Sorta due for a test, but I’d be really surprised if I test poz). I know it’s a bit callous, but honestly, if he’s taking poz loads, what’s the harm? It’s all about mindfucking him and getting him to face his fears – and even be turned on by his fears…

Anyway, as we talked he started to seem like he was the type who’d flake – there just seemed to be too much fantasy. It went over the top when he said he was into bondage and wanted to be tied up. At that point I just sorta wrote him off. Maybe he was for real, but it was looking less and less likely… I mean a neg guy wanting to get tied up and fucked by a potentially poz top? IF he showed up, chances are he was going to start wigging out in the middle of sex. But he did come back online in the evening when he said he would – problem was when I asked if he was cleaned out and ready to go, he said he couldn’t douche where he was. Not only that, but he didn’t really say how he was going to clean out. I just told him I hated dirty bottoms – and ignored him.

So that meant I needed a hole to fuck. There were a couple options on BBRT, but I didn’t feel like traveling, so I went with this black guy who lived a few blocks away. He’d been hitting me up pretty intensely since I moved to Harlem. He said he was cleaned out and could be over in 20 minutes. He gave me his number and told me to text him. I texted him my address, and he came over right away.

When he got here he looked older than the age on his profile. I’m not sure if he was older, or if he’s the PNP type (drugs age you pretty quickly), or if that’s just his genetics… Even though he looked older it wasn’t a big deal to me – he was still pretty hot.

How he was dressed was actually really nice – simultaneously really casual but refined – it’s a look I always want to achieve and never manage to pull off.  But even though he was dressed well, when he took off his clothes he got even hotter. He was skinny as a rail, but still had definition and muscle (washboard abs, etc.), and while he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, he had a HUGE fat dick. Literally the only place on his body that had any fat was his dick – it was soft and looked like it would be a third leg if it got hard.

Anyway… Getting to the sex… He dropped to his knees pretty much immediately and started sucking on my cock. I had a curved barbell in my Prince Albert – not a full ring. I could feel the metal hit his teeth a couple times, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. Usually I don’t get hard all that quickly when a guy sucks my dick (that’s why I rim their ass almost immediately). On top of that it was well over a week since I’d taken a Cialis in over a week. But despite all that I could feel my cock slowly begin to grow. He managed to get me hard – which hasn’t happened so easily with a blowjob in a long time.

I then have him get on all fours so I can rim him. When he gets up on the bed his big dick is swinging between his legs – it’s sorta hot – but I ignore it ’cause I want his hole, not his dick. I go to rim him and he’s pre-lubed. The taste of the lube was a little distracting so I didn’t spend too long down there or get into it too much.

Then when I stood up to fuck he curls up in a way to sorta make his body compact and just be a hole. It’s hard to describe but I hadn’t seen a bottom do that before. Or maybe it was just that because he was so skinny he was able to get into a position other guys aren’t able to do.

I went to push in and it seemed like his hole was really tight, but then I stated wondering if I was just messing up somehow with my PA and it was getting in the way. I don’t remember fucking with the curved barbell before. I think it may have been sticking out from the underside of my dick or something. But I did finally work it out. It didn’t go in easily, but I did finally get inside him. The sensation on my dick was a little uncomfortable. It didn’t feel like the ball on the underside of my dick ever made it past his sphincter.

I stood behind him and fucked him like that for a little bit and then pushed him forward onto his belly. His body and hole felt SO good that way… It’s hard to describe exactly, but it everything was just in the right place and our positioning seemed absolutely perfect. And yeah, didn’t take long for me to unload, but before I did I gave him a decent pounding (I’m never sure how much a new trick can take).

When I was done he did a motion that made it clear he wanted me to lay on top of him, which I did – but I did it in a way that didn’t put all my weight on him. Then, after a little of that, with my dick still in him, I rolled him onto his side.

What was cool was when he looked around at me he had this HUGE grin on his face. It was like he was a little kid who just got the bike he wanted for Christmas – and the grin didn’t go away. It was sorta sweet. I don’t know if he grins like that a lot or he was just really happy to get my load. He did say “I’ve been wanting that load for a long time” – and said it twice. And later he said “do you still blog?” – so it’s not like he’s just seen me online for a while – he knew I was rawTOP. Either way, he was a really good fuck – he liked it and so did I… Since he’s so close, hopefully we’ll fuck on a regular basis.

Aging Muscle Queen With A Loose Hole

19 June 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-22

Yesterday there was a little window to fuck early in the evening – right after 5… I got on BBRT and there was this guy who looked pretty hot and muscley who was available. It had to be a pump-n-dump since he had to leave his place by 6:30. I left as soon as we confirmed and got down to Chelsea in about 35 minutes.

When I got to his place he wasn’t as good in person as he looked in his pictures, his toenails were painted, and when he opened his mouth his purse sorta fell out. It’s not that he was a flaming queen, but he definitely wasn’t butch. Eh, whatever… It was a pump-n-dump, and even though he wasn’t as hot as his pics, he was still reasonably attractive. Plus, I was there just for his hole…

I’ve been wearing my PA since Saturday, and he wanted me to take it out. No problem… Then he got on the floor and started sucking my cock. Blowjobs just aren’t doing it for me these days and I find it a little embarrassing to get sucked when I’m soft. That, plus the fact that we needed to get things over with quickly… I told him I wanted to rim him.

I should stop and say we were in the living room, not a bedroom… He got on all fours on the ottoman and rimmed him. His hole looked like it had seen some substantial use over the years, but again – perfectly fuckable…

When I got hard I spit on my dick, stood up and slid in. Getting him on his belly just wasn’t an option since we weren’t fucking on a bed. I’ve tried to get guys on their bellies on couches before and it never works all that well.

So I stand behind him and fuck him doggy style. It’s been a little while since I’ve nutted that way. Given the time constraints and the position, I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to cum, but pretty soon I started to get the sensations that told me I would blow my load. Problem was the sensations kept going an going and I didn’t actually feel the load building up in my balls. It was actually a bit weird – I felt like I’d cum any second, but it just went on and on…

It didn’t help that he kept moving a bit. Just as I would feel like I was about to cum he’d move a little and I’d have to work to get just the right sensation again. His hole was pretty loose, but at one point he tried to grip my dick a bit and that did help…

Eventually I did cum. I pulled out my dick after I finished and there was shit on it. HATE that, but on the plus side at least it didn’t stop me from cumming. When I realize a bottom in dirty in the middle of sex that usually kills it for me.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my dick, and as I was getting dressed he started asking about my old neighborhood. I told him how to get to the cruisey park, etc. Those questions and his California phone number makes me think he was a tourist.

The moral of the story is a lot of guys might just write him off for being an aging, muscle queen with a loose hole, but actually there’s nothing wrong with that… He had a good hole on him that got me off – even in a position I don’t usually cum in.

Hookup with a hot, tattooed, skinny guy

2 September 2008 | 3 Comments

Load 2008-54

It’s a good thing opposites attract, ’cause I really like skinny guys. Woke up this morning and was sorta horny. Since I had had the pill yesterday it was really easy to pop a woodie. Didn’t think I’d find anything, but I logged into BarebackRT and Adam4Adam and there were two guys within sorta a long walking distance, surprisingly both wanted to hookup and there were other guys as well who were interested but not as convenient.

One of the guys who was close I’d seen for a while now and wanted to fuck. He has these really cool tattoos and had an incredible body – super skinny with definition…

Long story short, he comes over and when he pulls up his shirt there literally isn’t an ounce of fat on him. He’s got these washboard abs that were just absolutely incredible. I compliment him and tell him I like how skinny he is, and he says he doesn’t like the term “skinny” – prefers “thin”. Whatever – he’s skinny and I’m loving it…

He had told me before that he was into leather, and it turned out he brought a leather vest. I had worn my IML t-shirt, but took the hint and pulled out a leather vest and chaps, but then decided the chaps were too much trouble… I think he wanted more, but I just wanted a quick fuck…

After a little kissing he gives me a blowjob, but let’s just say blowjobs aren’t his specialty, so I bent him over the bed and rimmed him. Great ass – his waist must be like 27 or 28″… After a little rimming I got him nice and wet, spit a little on my dick and shoved in. Wasn’t sure how he was going to take it, but he did just fine.

We fucked a bit and it would have been so easy to cum, but I held off a bit. Finally I knew it was pointless to hold back and just came in him – nice and deep. After I came I continued to fuck him slowly. Then rolled him on his side and continued to work my dick in and out of his cummy hole until it finally went soft.

As soon as I pulled out I went down to felch his hole and it was all nice and cummy – tasted good   🙂

We talked a little and he asked whether I had fucked Dawson in a video – I said yes – in Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend. He said he had just watched it a few days ago and I looked familiar. We talked about a few other things and then wrapped it up and he left…

I really liked fucking him – the chemistry was a little awkward ’cause I think he wanted me to be more leather and bondage oriented than I felt like being right at that moment. But I’m hoping there will be repeats and we can work on that!  😉

New Fuckbuddy In The Neighborhood

24 April 2008 | 2 Comments

Load 2008-27

After having plans fall through on Monday and Tuesday I finally got my dick in a hole last night… Been too long – like 10 days since my last fuck… Of course, having clap didn’t help any in that regard (speaking of which the bottom I’m pretty sure was responsible got back to me with a message saying “Sorry to hear that. But I’m clean. I don’t have it. Must have been someone after me.” How can he be certain he doesn’t have it? And there wasn’t anyone after him.)

Anyway, there was a guy I had noticed on Craigslist on Tuesday who I then noticed on BarebackRT. His profile was pretty new – so new in fact that I noticed his profile had only had like 23 views and some of those were me… Anyway, he lived near me, so we set up a time to hookup after work.

When I got there he seemed horny, so we got right down to business. He sucked my dick, which doesn’t always do it for me, but he was pretty good at it and I got rock hard. He liked seeing how far he could get it down his throat…

Then he turned around and went to lube his hole with Vaseline and I told him to hang on and started eating out his ass. Don’t think he was expecting that, but he liked it… He was pretty limber so after a bit he bent over far enough that he started lubing up my dick…

After a while eating his hole I stood up, since my dick was lubed and he had spit on his hole, I went to just shove in. He needed more lube than that, so I pulled out and he added some to his ass. Now envision that all of this is happening in the middle of his living room with him bent over. He had some difficulty keeping his balance, so we moved a few feet so he could be near a wall to support himself.

His hole felt good, but he kept positioning himself so I wasn’t going in all that deep which reduced the sensation. Then I’d get him to change positions and I’d get in nice and deep and it would feel awesome… We kept going back and forth like that for a while…

It was sorta cool having him bent over with zero face contact. I had expected him to be the type to want to make more of a “connection” with me, but he was like a piece of meat just bent over taking my dick. Which was fine with me…

Eventually (though not that long after we started fucking), my orgasm came and I shot my wad in his ass. I stayed in him while he jacked himself off and came, which was pretty quickly.

I washed up, we chatted for a couple minutes. Turns out he’s part of a group a friend is in – even gave me the magazine for the group… As I’m leaving he asks what my name is… Don’t you just love it when the guy’s got your load in his ass and then he asks you your name?

Since he’s close and a good fuck, I’m hoping we’ll hookup on a regular basis… We’ll see… From his perspective, he signed up for BarebackRT and got a fuck like 20 profile views later… Can’t beat that…

How Gay Teens Become HIV Positive

21 March 2008 | 18 Comments

After the study the other day saying HIV infections are skyrocketing among gay kids ages 13-24 I thought I’d tell you about a chat I had yesterday on The guy’s an absolutely adorable/hot 19 year old kid who lives in the middle of nowhere. Pretty quickly he starts telling me about himself…

HIM: i never have topped. i only take it bareback. my cherry was popped bare and never let any guys fuck me safe

ME: when did you take your first load? any idea how many loads you’ve gotten since then? how many different guys have cum inside you?

HIM: i took my first load at 15, maybe 75-100 different cocks in me.

ME: You must have problems hooking up being out in the middle of nowhere…

HIM: i do have 5 fuck buddies, 2 are 25ish and 3 are 35+. the 5 guys fuck me alot. the 2 25ish guys breed me around 2 times a day, with the others its once a day. i have 3 loads in my hole now, plus a load of piss in my tummy

ME: damn! you’re doing well for being in the middle of nowhere. i can’t imagine how much cum would be in your ass right now if you were here in nyc…

HIM: i was in Seattle two weeks ago and got fucked silly at a bathouse, first time ever in one. cum was pouring out of my hole. my whole body had cum on it. there were condoms there, but once one dude fucked me bare, everyone did. some men fucked me more than once. but i took 12 different cocks, my hole was totally raw from all the fucking. men had no problem fucking me and leaving. not saying a word. is that common?

ME: depends on the setting. if it’s truly anonymous sex then yeah, that’s pretty normal. i have had discussions with guys in bathhouses (even met two boyfriends there – still with one of them after 10 years), but it’s more normal to just fuck, unload and go. did you like being treated like a cumhole?

HIM: yes, i liked that i was a cumhole. i liked the anon fucking, but some men fucked me brutally hard, then shooting there cum in my hole. several men had pierced cocks, which made my fuckhole even more raw. plus, most had no reserve in pissing in my mouth, even tho i never asked for it

ME: sounds like they were trying to poz you… so you liked getting fucked and taking loads, but would you want it to be so brutal next time? did you like the guys pissing in your mouth?

HIM: i liked guys pissing in my mouth, but everyone did. i was filled with piss. the guy at the counter, said the same thing about the men trying to poz me.

ME: i take it you’re ok with getting pozzed… sounds like it’s going to happen one way or the other given what you like sexually…

HIM: if any of them were poz, they got me. my hole was gapping open, totally raw inside. i knew when i first bb, that i would get bred one day poz

ME: well, it’s usually 2 or 3 weeks after getting bred that you get the fuck flu – so who knows – you might find out soon…

HIM: i have the flu now, do you think its the poz cum? i get chills, then hot. yesterday, was when i started feeling bad

[He avoided other questions about him possibly going through seroconversion… It’s like he doesn’t look forward to it, he just accepts it, so I moved on to other topics…]

ME: so if a really hot guy wanted to fuck you with a rubber what would you do?

HIM: id tease them with my hole and body, but if that didnt work, then id suck him off. but not let him fuck me

I reordered the conversation a bit to make it more narrative, but those are the details… He knows what he likes sexually, he knows it means he’ll become poz one day. He might just have the flu right now – or he could be seroconverting… If it doesn’t happen now, it sounds like it will happen soon enough…

UPDATE: I just added a story to the fiction section about a 21 y.o. who got pozzed in a bathhouse. I’m not sure how authentic the story is, but I suspect it’s true. Hell, for that matter I don’t know that the guy above wasn’t just making up a story when he was talking to me…

CONTEST: Win a 1GB iPod Shuffle…

20 March 2008 | No Comments

Red iPod had a contest a few weeks ago to see who could refer the most new members. Thanks to you guys I won which means I’m now the owner of a red, 1GB iPod Shuffle that has “Congrats from BarebackRT” engraved on the back.

Thing is, I’m not a big iPod person, so I’m going to give it away to you guys – since you were the guys who basically won it for me in the first place…

Here are the rules for the contest…

  1. The contest ends 3/31/08. We’ll pick a winner April 1st.
  2. You have to be a member. This only makes sense since you’re getting an iPod with BarebackRT engraved on the back…
  3. You need to do a buddy link with me on – it should be a “friends only” link – my profile name is ‘rawTOP’ (as you might guess).
  4. You need to purchase either a site membership or DVD from one of the links on this site, and then e-mail me with all of the following:
    • Your profile name
    • Which site(s) you purchased from
    • What you purchased (membership, DVD)
    • The date of your purchase (valid dates are 3/20 to 3/31)
    • The amount of your purchase (before and after tax/shipping, if you’re getting DVDs)

The more you purchase, the greater your chances of winning. Dollars spent on DVDs will count 1/3 of the dollars spent on site memberships (sorry). This is for new purchases only – rebills don’t count, and neither does pay-per-view. And please only purchase from the sites I link to. Some sites link to other sites and those sales may not be counted if I can’t confirm the sale on my end.

Here some sites I’d recommend:

If you like average guys who are good nasty pigs…

If you like twinks…

And by the way… As far as the whole “Buddy Link” thing on… The guys who I list as “fuckbuddy only” are guys who’ve gotten my cum in their ass and I’d do ’em again… Whereas “friends only” I’ll do with anyone who wants it…

For the record, no one entered the contest… Oh well…




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