Two Bottom Gangbang

20 January 2014 | 1 Comment

Load 2014-3

After sorta striking out at the sex parties I went to this past week I decided to try a gangbang. At least with gangbangs there’s no cover charge. If they’re bad you’re just out subway fare. Two guys were hosting a gangbang at the Hampton Inn in Hell’s Kitchen. That hotel seem pretty popular for gangbangs and cumdumps who just get a hotel room and see how many loads they can take. I’ve been there at least 3 other times in the last year or two.

With two bottoms I figured at least one of them would get me off. One of the bottoms said he was low 40s, the other one was early/mid 20s. Going into it I was mostly interested in the younger bottom, but a lot of it depends on the hole. I figured I’d try both holes and give my load to whichever felt better on my dick.

While I would have preferred to fuck a cummy hole, I got there just after the gangbang started. The two bottoms were there plus a black top. The lighting was all wrong – too bright and it threw off the vibe a little, but I just ignored that and stripped down. The 20 something guy had answered the door and the older guy was servicing the black top. But by the time I had gotten naked they had switched and the black guy was fucking the 20-something bottom.

The younger bottom wasn’t really what I was expecting. His profile on BBRT said “HIV Status: Not Sure” yet he had this big biohazard tattoo on his pec (which was mostly hidden in his profile pic). He had a great body – totally my type – Latino, somewhat short, thin with a little waist and a beautiful ass.

The older bottom was pretty much what I was expecting. He has one of those profiles where you don’t quite believe what you read. His pics were accurate, but seeing the pics you don’t quite believe he’s the age he says he is. The best way I can describe it is that he tries too hard to be something he isn’t. He gets close, but there’s something just a little off. His whole body is shaved (to the point that his ass was a bit stubbly). But honestly I didn’t really care about any of that. All I cared about was what his hole felt like only dick.

The sexual energy with the older bottom was a little strained. He went to suck my dick and when I wasn’t hard in 5 second he stopped. He then asked if I was poz. I said “no, I’m neg”, and he said “oh, too bad”. I rimmed him a bit, got a full boner and at that point he wanted to suck my dick some more. He wasn’t really offering his hole, but finally I just told him I wanted to fuck him, so he threw his legs in the air. Not my favorite position, but whatever.

His hole felt pretty good. He worked his nips a lot while I was fucking him. I fucked him for a while, but didn’t want to really try to cum with him until I had at least tried to fuck the younger bottom.

Eventually the black top finished with the younger bottom and I had my turn. He also wanted to suck cock initially, but got the hint and we moved to fucking pretty quickly. He got on his belly and spread his legs. I put a little lube on my cock and pushed in. He was surprisingly tight and dry. I mean he had just been fucked, and I found out later that the black top had given him a load. But as I pushed in and fucked him I couldn’t feel the load. Either it had been pretty small or had been dumped really deep.

I should step back a bit and say the young bottom would probably best be described as light-skinned blatino. He generally looked Latino, but he had coarse, curly hair in certain places – like his ass. Usually hairy asses aren’t an issue for me, but with him it was. It was the combination of lots of coarse hair combined with a rather perky ass. It meant the course hairs were constantly scratching my dick. I’m not going to call it a bad thing – it was just different. Things didn’t feel quite right. I added a bunch of lube to the top of my dick as I was fucking him. That helped, but only marginally.

Knowing the older bottom was into poz talk, I figured the young bottom would be as well. I whispered into the bottom’s ear “Are you a good little poz cumdump?” I didn’t really get a reaction from him. So that sorta fell flat and I fucked him without saying much from then on. I gave him a half way decent fuck, but I could tell my orgasm wasn’t coming and my dick was starting to go down as I got hotter from the exercise of fucking. So I pulled out and we sat around a bit and talked.

The vibe had felt a little like a PNP atmosphere except that I was pretty sure everyone was sober. However, the black top started telling a story about one time when he was with a guys and they were PNPing and the host put on this really weird straight incest movie and everyone got freaked out. The movie actually sounded sorta fun an interesting, but the guy couldn’t remember the name of the movie.

I had forgotten my cockring but I have this rawhide string tied to my keychain that I use as a cockring when I need a cockring and don’t have one. The problem was I hadn’t put it on tight enough and when I took it off and tried to retie it it kept slipping because it had gotten soaked in lube when I had lubed my dick mid-fuck. The young bottom kept looking at me trying to tie the damn thing. I’m sure he wondered what the problem was. Finally I took it off, tied it to the size it should be, and then put my dick and balls through it.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes of the 4 of us chatting (and them surfing hookup sites with their phones trying to get more guys to come over), my dick got hard again. The older bottom was absorbed in his phone. I sorta wanted to fuck him again, but it was the younger bottom who noticed my hardon and started sucking me and then offered his ass to fuck.

This time I just took the dry and scratchy nature of his ass as a given and didn’t think about it. After a while of fucking him I could tell I was cumming. It wasn’t a major orgasm. It was like the start of the orgasm at the party the day before – felt like I was steadily leaking cum into his ass. But unlike the night before the flood gates never opened. So he got my load, but not a big load.

I rolled us on our sides and kept slowly pumping in and out of his ass. He picked up his phone and was arranging more guys as I slowly fucked him. Being on his phone earlier would have bothered me, but somehow in the context of a gangbang him on his phone arranging his next fuck while I had my dick in his ass, seemed completely normal.

I then put my clothes on and headed out. All in all it was decent. Would have been better a few hours later when the young bottom had 6 or 7 loads in him – then his ass would have felt incredible.

Repeat With The Skinny Twink

15 October 2012 | 9 Comments

Load 2012-50

So I’m pretty sure the guy who gave me gonorrhea was the little thin twink – the last guy I fucked before noticing discharge. The bottom I tag teamed and gave a load to just bfore that tested clean. Well, the little twink texted me looking for another load. I usually don’t like to fuck the same guy twice in a row, but honestly, despite the gonorrhea, he’s very much my type – it’s hard to say know when someone like him wants you to fuck him. Plus, he had gone out and gotten treated the day after I told him – a day before I got treated. I mean STDs happen, what’s important is to take them seriously which is what he had demonstrated – which is a very good quality in a fuck buddy.

He told me he had “party favs” so I figured he might be pretty loose and I figured I’d try the cock sheath on him. I’d only fucked with it once and wanted to give it another go. I actually was jacking my dick a bit before he got here and put it on along with my PA that has the big heavy ball on a curved barbell. As I got a bit soft it all drew up into the cock sheath with just the big ball hanging out a bit at the end. I threw a pair of boxers and jeans over it to answer the door when he arrived – and needless to say it created a pretty big bulge. But he didn’t notice the bulge.

We went up to the bedroom and he had to use the bathroom. I’m guessing he was in there to do a bump or something. While he was in there I put some lube into the cock sheath and jacked my dick, trying to get hard. It’s not the same sensation jacking when you can’t actually touch your dick. It took a little work, but I did manage to get a bit harder (though not fully hard). When he came out I was naked with the cock sheath on and he still didn’t notice the cock sheath. Mind you, it’s clear, the room was pretty dark, and I wasn’t really making a point of showing it to him, but still – he wasn’t being all that observant or attentive.

He bends over the bed for me to rim him but I could rim him better if he’s on all fours on the bed, so we reposition him. I start rimming him and then finger his hole to see how tight/loose he is and discover he’s tight as a vice grip. There was just no way the big PA or the cock sheath was going up that tight hole, so as I’m rimming him I start taking everything off my dick.

What stood out as I was rimming him was how bony his ass was. He really has like zero percent body fat and he’s got a tiny waist. It was sorta hot, though I think absolute perfection would have been just a little more “meat” down there – but still – I’m not complaining at all…

When I get fully hard, I stood up, put a little lube on his hole (there was still plenty on my dick), and I tried to push in. I say tried because he was so tight it was almost impossible to get in. I like it when a guy is able to tighten his hole once I’m in him, but it’s a little frustrating to try to get into a hole that’s clenched tight. Needless to say he had some pain and then he tried to pull off my dick. That’s never a good idea. I’ve fucked plenty of tight holes and know it’s not a good idea to go backwards – always go forward (after you stop and let the bottom adjust). So I grabbed his hips and wouldn’t let him pull off.

I’m not sure why but having problems getting into hole always makes me a little soft. That make it easier on one level – my dick isn’t as big – but it complicates things on another level since it’s hard to get a dick into a tight hole unless it’s rock hard. I grab the base of my dick to make the end hard and finally manage to get into him.

We fuck briefly with him on all fours but then I push him onto his belly. That almost always works, but for some reason it wasn’t working this time. My dick still hadn’t gotten completely hard and his hole wasn’t rubbing things the right way. Usually I hate it when a bottom puts a pillow under his hips, but that seemed to be what was needed so I shoved one under him and things got better.

Thing was, I just couldn’t get into my groove. Then I started overheating… So I stopped for a bit, went over and opened the windows a little to let in some cold air, and then went back to him and rimmed him. Since my dick had come out clean I knew he was clean enough for a more “enthusiastic” rimming. So I started sucking his hole, biting it a bit, etc. It was not a gentle rimming. Meanwhile I was jacking my cock and when I was fully hard we went back to fucking.

This time I was fully hard, and had the pillow under him, and just pounded him hard. I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it – it was sorta hard to tell and honestly I didn’t really care that much (provided he wasn’t having a miserable time). Last time he told me he likes verbal tops so I start getting into telling him he’s just a fuckhole to me – that getting fucked and taking loads is his purpose in life – what he’s good at. I asked him the most loads he’s taken in a night and he said 4. I told him he needs to work on upping that number substantially. Basically I was making it clear to him that I saw him just as a hole and that was his role in life as far as I was concerned. [At least while I was fucking him.]

Last time I fucked him I came after a few strokes. This time it seemed like it was taking forever for me to cum. I was fucking him pretty hard and it didn’t seem all that enjoyable for him. But he was putting up with it and I was getting close. Finally I dumped a load in his hole. Unfortunately it probably wasn’t the biggest load. While I was out of commission from the gonorrhea I had formed the bad habit of jacking off. I told myself my last jack off would be Monday so I’d have a 3 day load when I was ready to fuck on Thursday. But then I jacked off on Tuesday and Wednesday – so he only got a 1 day load. Oh well – at least he got the load.

We then laid there for a little while talking. He told me he’s gone back to supplementing his income with dealing meth, which concerned me a bit. He’s such a sweet kid and generally seems to have his act together. He says his best friend can’t really control his meth use, and even he’s had a bad time with it in the past. I mean meth kills… Couldn’t he pick another drug or something? And why is it that so many of the guys I fuck do meth? It’s sorta sad.




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