Drew Vergas Got Me To Cum Twice

29 May 2012 | 7 Comments

Loads 2012-15&16

After fucking a lot the past two weeks I took a whopping 2 days off… But by Sunday I was horny again. My laptop was by the bed so when I woke up I logged onto BBRT. My bf was surfing A4A, so when he said he was going to go out, I figured I would hookup as well.

I’ve been seeing Drew Vergas’ profile for a while (Tumblr, Twitter – I need to find some scenes with him and put them on my porn blog). We’ve chatted a bit but never hooked up. Well, the timing was right Sunday and we made plans pretty quickly for him to come over. I had to walk the dogs and take a shower, so when I was done I gave him the address.

While his pictures are hot, he’s even hotter in person – a hot, muscley, dark-skinned, mixed-race guy. When he talks he has this deep masculine voice. It’s all very hot.

So we go to the bedroom, strip down, and he starts playing with my nipples. I’m feeling him up – great body (obviously), but also a really great dick. I think about sucking his dick (which is unusual for me), but he doesn’t volunteer to suck mine, so I tell him to get on the bed – that I want to eat him out…

I have to say, as I started sucking on his ass, I could tell he had one of the best holes I’d seen in a long time. The best way I can describe it, is that it’s a tube of thick muscle. He could push it out and it was like pushing out a rod. It was extremely hot. And on top of that, he was squeaky clean.

Needless to say, that made me want to fuck, so I start lubing up my dick with spit. I don’t think I actually used lube on him… Anyway, I shove in and he’s TIGHT. Which is rare for a bottom who’s a porn star, but given how muscular his sphincter was, it wasn’t surprising.

We fucked doggy style – at one point I tried to get him onto his belly but he either didn’t want to, or didn’t understand what I was trying to get him to do. Either way it felt good and the good part about doggy is I lasted a bit longer than I would have with him on his belly.

Eventually I started feeling my load coming. I didn’t want to push it ’cause I wanted to fuck him as long as possible.  Then it felt like I was going to blow my load, but I didn’t seem to actually cum. Then 10 seconds later I felt it again stronger this time and a few seconds after that I did blow a good size load up his hole.

Since we were fucking doggy style I wasn’t in as deep as I usually am, so as soon as I came I pulled out and felched some of my load out of his ass. There’s something about felching right after you cum that’s not quite as hot. The cum didn’t taste quite as sweet (or maybe it’s just the taste of my cum).

I then pushed back in and got him to roll over so we were spooning with my dick in him. Eventually my did slipped out of his ass, but we laid there talking about stuff for a while – his career aspirations, etc.

I knew if we laid there long enough I’d get my second wind, which I did. When I got hard again I rolled him onto his belly and pushed back in. I pumped for a while and gave him a second load (again something that’s really rare for me).

One thing about the hookup that was a bit odd was that he wasn’t very interactive with me. He didn’t suck my dick. He didn’t really pay attention to me. It was like he was a bit absent. Yet, he wasn’t absent when we laid there chatting – he was fully engaged in the conversation. But I got the sense he wasn’t really into me – that I was a dick with a load and he just wanted to get fucked and take loads. At the same time he was talking about how he gets matched up with guys he’s not really into when he does porn – that he’s more of an opposites-attract sorta guy (like I am). So maybe I’m at least sort of his type and that’s just how he is sexually. I know when I was doing sex work after a while it felt like my body wasn’t really mine and you start to feel a bit detached from sex. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into me… Who knows? So while I’m not sure he’s up for a rematch, he’s totally my type and I’d fuck him again in a heartbeat… 🙂




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