Tres Latinos, Una Leche

28 April 2021 | No Comments

Load 2021-3

Well, since I did my last blog post I fucked three guys (all Latino), but only came with one of them.

First guy turned out to be super close to me. Small, skinny guy (my type). Had a super clean hole I spent a lot of time rimming, and for a while I gave him a decent fuck. But the chemistry and positions were off. When I first arrived he seemed more into jacking his dick than getting fucked. He just seemed hesitant. I’d try to push him this way or that way to get into a better position with him, but he’d resist. At one point he mentioned that some positions were difficult due to a previous injury. He so close and so much my type he’s worth a second try one of these days. Maybe at my place instead of his. And the interpersonal chemistry thing improved vastly as we talked while I was getting my clothes on. Some of my first impressions were off with him.

Second guy was a 20-something cumdump who was taking loads in a tiny little hotel room in midtown. His status on his profile just said “negative”, so not sure if he was on PrEP or bug chasing. I gave him his “10th or 12th” load (he had lost track). He was a lot heavier than I usually like, but his hole felt great and he followed directions (so no problems with position).

The third guy had a profile name that suggested he was pretty experienced, but in person that didn’t carry through to action. He was also significantly heavier than some of his pics, though in his profile he did call himself a chub. He wanted to have sex in his living room – on the coffee table with the blinds open (his neighbors, not mine, so no problem there). There was no bed and the couch wasn’t big enough to be useful. He was very oral. He expected his blowjob (with teeth!) to get me fully hard. It got me about 80% of the way there. I was hard enough to fuck, but he was really tight. When I finally did rim him I did taste some cum – he said he’d taken a load before I got there. Finally I tried to put him on his belly on a pillow on the floor, but that just didn’t work, so I gave up and went home.

No not the greatest experiences, but not horrible either.

Still Not Hooking Up Much…

31 March 2014 | 2 Comments

Loads 2014-6 & 7

I’m still not hookup up much lately. Maybe now that the weather is getting nicer my mood will change, but who knows…

A couple weeks ago I fucked the black guy in the neighborhood I who fuck pretty regularly. I didn’t have a lot of time so it was a quickie. He sucked me a bit to get me hard then I put him on his belly and fucked him until I came a few minutes later. Then he jacked off and pushed the head of his cock in my hole when he came. It was supposed to be a two day load, but it didn’t seem all that big – who knows. All I do know is his cock was so big even the few seconds he was in my ass hurt like hell.

Then this past weekend this guy was hosting in a hotel in Chelsea. My load was the 6th one he took that day. When I rimmed him you could taste and smell the sweet muskiness of a well bred hole. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to cum that time either (I love a cummy hole). Curiously he wasn’t a tourist – he lives here in NYC, so maybe we’ll fuck again in the near future. He had a nice body – sort of otterish, and he seemed to have a nice big thick dick on him as well – not that dick size matters when the guy is a total cumdump bottom. 😉

Part of me wants to start going to sex parties again. Problem is I’ve gained a little weight back since Thanksgiving so not feeling as sexy as I did a few months ago. And so many of the parties are expensive and sorta suck action-wise. But one way or the other I need to get back into the swing of things.

But on the plus side I’ve mostly been not hooking up because I’ve been in the mood to code. Programming is a pretty solitary endeavor – it’s not really the same headspace as interacting with someone for a hookup. But I feel like I’ve learned a ton of stuff and that I’m really starting to accomplish something that could be incredibly productive. So things are good, even if I’m not fucking a lot.

Skinny Black Guy Got Two Loads From Me

3 February 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-8/9

Well, the hookup I just had helped catch me up a bit on my 100 load goal for the year – the guy got two loads from me – which is rare for me – so by definition a good hookup.

I wasn’t really all that sure I wanted to hookup. I was having a nice mellow day – getting stuff done on Tumblr & on my blogs. I’d occasionally look at BBRT & A4A – and oddly, A4A was far more active today. There were two black guys on A4A who both wanted to hookup and both were definitely my type. One was up for videotaping the hookup which is a good thing, but I have to be in the mood for it since it just takes more effort since you have to be “on” completely when the camera is rolling. The other thing going for the other guy was that he was close by. I sorta wanted to host – after all he said he’d be up for stuff like bondage and flogging, but he wanted to host. Since he was within walking distance I said I’d go over, but I knew that meant no BDSM – unless he had gear laid out when I got there, which I doubted with this guy.

It took me a little bit to get out the door ’cause I had gotten the 11mm ring in my PA and it was in there so tightly that I had trouble getting the ring out. But I did finally get it out. I headed over to his place. I think I know why he wanted to host – he was in one of those nice new buildings that are all over Harlem these days. For a 20-something to have his own place in a nice building and have it nicely furnished – he was clearly above average and it was his way of letting me know that.

And he was well above average in terms of looks too. He had a nice tight body. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were a model or something. He offered me a drink, which was cute, but I was there for sex. We played a little bit (awkwardly) in the main room and then I suggested we go into the bedroom. Once there I proceeded to strip down as did he. He had a pair of those assless underwear / jockstraps on that are so popular these days. (They’re not exactly jockstraps – what is the proper name for them?) He seemed a bit unsure of what to do and just stood there, so after fingering his ass while feeling up his body, I finally suggested he get on the bed so I could rim him.

I couldn’t quite tell if he was completely clean or not, so I went pretty gently on the rimming, but still gave it my all – I just didn’t get too deep (so to speak). That got me rock hard, but I took my time, stopped jacking my dick and just paid attention to his ass for a bit before finally getting up, lubing my dick and pushing into his hole.

I wouldn’t call his hole loose, but he took my rock hard cock pretty easily. I fucked him doggy style for a minute or two and then got him down on his belly. He was pretty thin which I like when I fuck a guy. His hole felt good, but didn’t grab my dick and really massage it like some holes do. But it was a good hole. It wasn’t long until I could feel my orgasm coming. Then a little bit later I felt a little spurt, but not much of anything. I kept fucking and felt a bit more, but it wasn’t exactly a major load. When I say that sometimes I can’t feel when I cum, this was borderline one of those cases – I barely felt it, but this time at least I knew for sure I was cumming at least a little bit.

As I slowed down he said “you’re incredible”, which was sweet… Clearly he was enjoying himself.

I actually think I came a fair amount. His hole had felt pretty silky before I came – almost to the point that I wondered if he didn’t already have some loads in him. But after I came it was really slick and silky. It felt really good. I got down lower on top of him so I wasn’t having to work so hard to support the weight of my body and I just pistoned in and out of his ass slowly. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was hard enough for a slow fuck.

I never really went soft. I just kept on slowly fucking him for what must have been 5 minutes or so. Then I rolled us onto our sides and still just kept slowly fucking him. That lasted another maybe 5 minutes and then I felt my dick grow and I knew I was getting my second wind. I rolled him onto his belly again. This time I was a little bit at an angle and that was enough for his ass to work my dick pretty much perfectly. I could slowly feel another orgasm building. I was thinking, “this is rare”, but just went with it.

I was fucking him to suit my needs, not his. It was about me getting off – in that moment he was just a hole and I honestly couldn’t have cared whether he was enjoying himself or not. I could hear him grunting and making sounds like he was in pain. When I could clearly see his face he was totally in pain. But he wasn’t telling me to stop or slow down. He was just laying there taking the abuse to his hole. Needless to say I wanted to cum a second time and I did what I needed to do to make that happen.

It took a while for the second orgasm to come (so his pain was pretty drawn out) but when it did come, it was major. I could feel my load totally flooding his hole.

At that point my dick did start to deflate pretty quickly. We spooned and I caressed him. He was quiet – so quiet I wondered whether he was falling asleep. Finally, I wanted to go so I stirred and he got up as well. He commented “that was intense – intense in a good way though”. Usually you think of black tops as being the ones who really can “turn out” a hole, but today that top was me and he got fucked really good and hard.

I’m not sure he was expecting a fuck like that. In the moment I think he may have been a little freaked out by it, but I think he’ll remember it as a hot fuck and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for more.

Tomorrow an 18 y.o. is supposed to come over. Hopefully that works out. Last time I fucked an 18 y.o. he later told me he had only been 17 at the time. Luckily 17 is legal in NY. But one way or the other it’s always hot to breed a teen and help them learn to take semi-anonymous loads from complete strangers.

Drew Vergas Got Me To Cum Twice

29 May 2012 | 7 Comments

Loads 2012-15&16

After fucking a lot the past two weeks I took a whopping 2 days off… But by Sunday I was horny again. My laptop was by the bed so when I woke up I logged onto BBRT. My bf was surfing A4A, so when he said he was going to go out, I figured I would hookup as well.

I’ve been seeing Drew Vergas’ profile for a while (Tumblr, Twitter – I need to find some scenes with him and put them on my porn blog). We’ve chatted a bit but never hooked up. Well, the timing was right Sunday and we made plans pretty quickly for him to come over. I had to walk the dogs and take a shower, so when I was done I gave him the address.

While his pictures are hot, he’s even hotter in person – a hot, muscley, dark-skinned, mixed-race guy. When he talks he has this deep masculine voice. It’s all very hot.

So we go to the bedroom, strip down, and he starts playing with my nipples. I’m feeling him up – great body (obviously), but also a really great dick. I think about sucking his dick (which is unusual for me), but he doesn’t volunteer to suck mine, so I tell him to get on the bed – that I want to eat him out…

I have to say, as I started sucking on his ass, I could tell he had one of the best holes I’d seen in a long time. The best way I can describe it, is that it’s a tube of thick muscle. He could push it out and it was like pushing out a rod. It was extremely hot. And on top of that, he was squeaky clean.

Needless to say, that made me want to fuck, so I start lubing up my dick with spit. I don’t think I actually used lube on him… Anyway, I shove in and he’s TIGHT. Which is rare for a bottom who’s a porn star, but given how muscular his sphincter was, it wasn’t surprising.

We fucked doggy style – at one point I tried to get him onto his belly but he either didn’t want to, or didn’t understand what I was trying to get him to do. Either way it felt good and the good part about doggy is I lasted a bit longer than I would have with him on his belly.

Eventually I started feeling my load coming. I didn’t want to push it ’cause I wanted to fuck him as long as possible.  Then it felt like I was going to blow my load, but I didn’t seem to actually cum. Then 10 seconds later I felt it again stronger this time and a few seconds after that I did blow a good size load up his hole.

Since we were fucking doggy style I wasn’t in as deep as I usually am, so as soon as I came I pulled out and felched some of my load out of his ass. There’s something about felching right after you cum that’s not quite as hot. The cum didn’t taste quite as sweet (or maybe it’s just the taste of my cum).

I then pushed back in and got him to roll over so we were spooning with my dick in him. Eventually my did slipped out of his ass, but we laid there talking about stuff for a while – his career aspirations, etc.

I knew if we laid there long enough I’d get my second wind, which I did. When I got hard again I rolled him onto his belly and pushed back in. I pumped for a while and gave him a second load (again something that’s really rare for me).

One thing about the hookup that was a bit odd was that he wasn’t very interactive with me. He didn’t suck my dick. He didn’t really pay attention to me. It was like he was a bit absent. Yet, he wasn’t absent when we laid there chatting – he was fully engaged in the conversation. But I got the sense he wasn’t really into me – that I was a dick with a load and he just wanted to get fucked and take loads. At the same time he was talking about how he gets matched up with guys he’s not really into when he does porn – that he’s more of an opposites-attract sorta guy (like I am). So maybe I’m at least sort of his type and that’s just how he is sexually. I know when I was doing sex work after a while it felt like my body wasn’t really mine and you start to feel a bit detached from sex. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into me… Who knows? So while I’m not sure he’s up for a rematch, he’s totally my type and I’d fuck him again in a heartbeat… 🙂

4 Great Fucks At A Sex Party

11 July 2010 | 7 Comments

Loads 2010-19,20,21 (!)

Went to a sex party last night and had a VERY good time. Fucked 4 guys, came in 3 of them. Given that I usually only cum once and I’m done, that’s very good indeed…

The organizer has been asking me to go for a while now. I got there a few minutes early to meet him and chat with him and finally the time rolls around and a guys start arriving. I was a little surprised when he asked me to pay (thought I remembered him telling me like a year ago that he’d comp me) – but in hindsight it was worth the $20, so no big deal.

Back when I was thin I had no problem knowing what to wear at sex parties. Naked with combat boots and a cock ring worked pretty well for me. But now that I’m a bear I’m never quite sure – it’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t go to parties very often – I’m a little body conscious. I know some guys are into my body type, but I know a lot of other guys aren’t. I decided to wear a pair of A&F boxers (and a cockring) and it worked well for me – I’d take off the boxers in the playroom and put them on when I went out to the living room. Actually I was more self-conscious out on the street ’cause I was wearing a “Black Is Beautiful” t-shirt. Not sure how well received a white boy would be with that t-shirt. But it was the black-on-black version (black with black lettering) – and it looks really good with my black Wesco boots… 🙂

So we strip down and then sorta have to wait since we’re both tops (and even if he were a bottom I wasn’t into him). Pretty soon some other guys show up and there are bottoms and versatile guys. I should mention that you could tell what someone was ’cause the organizer gave out wrist bands. There were non-porn movies playing in the living room, so I moved into the bedroom that was the play area. I was the only one there, but I wanted my mind on sex, so I just watched the porn that was on the TV there and slowly jacked my cock.

This versatile guy came in and stood next to me – so close we were touching even though there were just the two of us in the room. He was sorta cute, so we started playing with each other. I quickly figured out he was more versatile top and didn’t seem all that interested in bottoming. So when we hit a lull after some cocksucking and other guys were coming in I moved around a bit. But things were slow to start and after a little while I wound up sitting on the bed with him. We were alternating between me fingering his hairy ass – which was so tight there was no way he was getting fucked, and him sorta laying next to me with his head snuggled up against me.

Some of the initial guys who showed up weren’t really my type. They ranged anywhere from guys that were nice enough, but had weight issues (hint: if you’re a bottom and are sagging a bit – wear a t-shirt and a jockstrap – you’ll get a lot more action), one was a bit aggressive and didn’t seem to be anyone’s type – but at least he wasn’t too aggressive.

Finally some cuter guys showed up. The first really cute guy was this Asian twink. He was maybe 5’2″ and I doubt he was over 110 lbs. He started off watching TV in the living room and sorta latched onto the guy he was sitting next to. They came into the bedroom and started playing, but they’d ignore anyone who came up to them and tried to join in. At first I thought they were a couple who got off having sex in front of other guys. But as the night wore on I started comparing notes with this other top and we were both a bit frustrated we couldn’t fuck the Asian kid. The guy he latched onto did eventually start playing with other guys, but then the Asian kid was turning down everyone who made advances on him. More on him later.

Sex parties really need slutty bottoms to get them going (and tops of course). Well, this lean, furry almost daddyish type was the first guy to be a good slutty bottom (even though he flagging versatile). He and the versatile guy I cuddled/fingered earlier started playing, and then he got into the sling and started getting fucked. When the versatile guy was done, he sorta told me to fuck the guy. Lube was a bit of an issue (the party host just had this water based stuff that dried out really quickly), but the bottom had brought his own (silicone based I think) – so his ass felt great. He was pretty open and it felt a bit cunt like (or at least what I’d imagine a woman’s cunt to feel like).

Thanks to not cumming between fucks I’ve been shooting really huge loads lately. The hairy guy’s hole felt great and fairly quickly I felt like I was going to cum. I decided to try to cum a little and see if I could save some of the cum for later. So I just started unloading in his ass. I didn’t say anything though – I was trying to work out the mechanics of 1/2 a load in my head. As it turned out he got a pretty big load I pulled out briefly to try to stop my load, but just wound up continuing to cum so I shoved back in. I kept my dick in him and tried to continue to fuck him, but the problem was I had to fuck really gently so I wouldn’t keep blowing my load. So not long after I just pulled out. I’m not sure he ever knew he got my load…

I took a quick break, got a little lemonade and went back into the playroom. This other hot Asian guy had arrived. He wasn’t as young as the first one, but still had a great body, and the best part was he seemed to want to get fucked by as many guys as possible. He was pulling guys over to suck them while tops were fucking him. So when one top was done I started fucking him. Great hole. Great body. The first fuck had been in a sling, which is not a position I’m used to. This one was doggy, which I’m just rediscovering lately. I’m pretty sure he had a few loads in him already and his ass felt great. Once again it wasn’t long before I started cumming. And once again I was trying to work out the mechanics of not giving a full load and didn’t really say much when I came (plus I came pretty quickly). He still got a decent sized load, then I had to pull out to avoid cumming even more.

I stood a close by and sorta jacked my cummy dick a bit. He went to suck it some more, but it was too sensitive, so I bent over and told him my dick was really sensitive right then ’cause I’d just cum in his ass. He grinned and understood and stopped.

I then went for a longer break and more lemonade, and stood around and talked with the host for a while. The standoffish Asian twink came by at one point to get something to drink. I saw him observing me a little bit, but then he was gone. About this time a really hot guy came in and stripped naked except for boots. He was really hot and I wanted to fuck him pretty badly. He also kept looking at me, so I knew he’d be up for taking my dick. So I went into the playroom looking for him…

He was making out with some other guys, then he gradually wound up over by me. I felt up his body and it was pretty wonderful. Smooth, soft, but perfectly proportioned. His ass was so soft and smooth it felt like a baby’s ass or something… Then this other guy about the same age as him and just about as hot as he was horned in on the 3way that we were in and I didn’t feel like competing, so I removed myself from the group and just watched all the action from the sidelines. I had already cum twice when I can usually only cum once in a night, so my dick was starting to be a little temperamental. It would get hard when something really turned me on, but then sorta lose it pretty quickly when I stopped focusing on whatever the stimulus was.

Then the hot guy who horned in on the action with the hot guy I wanted to fuck got the hot guy I wanted to fuck into the sling. I hung close by the sling sorta waiting to fuck the hot bottom. I preferred to fuck him after he’d had a few loads in him anyway, so didn’t mind waiting my turn.

Now, I should mention that the young Asian twink who had been so picky had finally picked another top and was getting fucked on the bed while all this was going on. But then that sorta ended (the top came) and the Asian kid was making his way slowly to the door of the room. He walked in front of me and stopped to look at the hot bottom getting fucked in the sling. I figured what the hell and slowly and tentatively stroked his back as he stood in front of me. To my surprise he responded by backing up and pushing his ass into my crotch. BINGO! I had just been chosen by the picky bottom everyone wanted to fuck…

While I had been concentrating on fucking the hot bottom in the sling, when it was clear I could fuck the young picky Asian kid I lept at it… I didn’t want to scare him, so for a minute or two I just felt him up, but he was basically grinding his ass into my crotch and barely even looking back at me. It was very different than the more connected, intimate sex I’d seen him having with the other two tops. So I rubbed my dick up and down on his ass crack and finally spit on my dick and shoved in. He moaned and I knew I had him.

Fucking standing up wasn’t very comfortable, so I pulled out and moved him over to a clear spot in the bed. He got on all fours and I just started eating out his smooth sweet boi hole. He’d gotten fucked by two guys so far and had a nice cummy, well lubed hole – and he was so smooth and petite it was incredibly hot. Despite having already cum twice, the prospect of getting my load in his little boi hole had me boned, so I started fucking him. At first I tried doggy style with him, but that wasn’t quite right, so I quickly just pushed him down on the bed. I knew with small bottoms this is usually the best position.

I pumped away and it felt great in his cummy little ass… I also knew I it was going to be difficult for me to cum and I didn’t want to wear out. The room was getting hot and fucking a bottom on his belly takes a lot more work than it does standing up. So I just concentrated on cumming in his ass. Pretty quickly I could feel my orgasm cumming, but then it didn’t cum – it just continually felt like I was just about to cum. I kept at it and finally I could feel myself cumming just a little. Then it was like the weak dribble of a cum shot just kept going and going. The load definitely wasn’t as big as the others, but he did get my load and it was more than a few drops.

Immediately after I was done I got up and started felching his ass. Needless to say it was cummier and sweeter than before. It wasn’t really the place to lay next to him and cuddle him, but I tried to be tender but still make it clear the sex part was over. I don’t know that he really ever reached out to touch me the entire time, but I could tell he liked the affection he got from me. He wasn’t into me so much as into me being into him. A few other times later in the evening we’d pass each other, I’d pay him some attention and he’d seem to like it… I would have love to have been a mind reader to know what all was going on in his brain that night…

As I walked out the hot bottom was in the hallway. I paid him some attention, kissed him a bit, felt him up some more. He made the comment “You’re pretty bashful”. He sorta nailed it in a way – at sex parties I am sorta bashful. I responded with “Yeah, but I always manage to get my way”, and then he said something like “you’re just as hot as last time”. I immediately responded “this is my first time here”, but half way through saying it I realized he remembered hooking up with me at some point and I must have forgotten him – he did stand out in the crowd and did seem sorta familiar. I felt like shit – I mean he’s incredibly hot – how could I forget him? He let my comment slide (thank god) and we kept making out. But I really needed to take a break. I’d cum three times already…

I went and got some more lemonade, chatted with the host and the guys around him. The hot guy was across the room, and looking at him I started to realize who he was… He was actually a guy I had fucked and filmed about 18 months earlier. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me recently – when you put a hood on a bottom it’s easy to forget his face – it’s not burned into your memory like it is when you have regular sex without the hood.

I was contemplating just going home ’cause I’d already cum three times which is way beyond my normal abilities, but I had to go at least talk to the hot guy again. I went over and we started talking again. I asked him “You’re Village Cumhole, right?” and I could tell he was happy I remembered who he was. I apologized for forgetting him and blamed it on the hood (which is the truth). I then told him I wasn’t sure I had a 4th fuck in me, but I really wanted to fuck him. We played around a bunch – just kissing and feeling each other up.

I just felt like I couldn’t leave until I at least tried to fuck him, so I pulled him into the playroom. He started motions to drop to his knees, but I know myself well enough to know the only thing that would get me hard when I’m that out of it would be rimming… I told him to get on the bed and then I ate out his ass. And, as expected, I got pretty hard. he’s got such a sweet smooth hole…

When I was hard enough to fuck I pushed it in and went for it. Doggy position wasn’t really working for me, so I pushed him onto his belly. I knew it was a fair amount of exertion given the evening so far and the heat in the room, but it’s what was working for me best in the moment. I gave him a decent fuck – not very long, but long enough given the circumstances. Then I got him back on all fours, and finally just gave up and pulled out. I was pretty soft by the time I pulled out, but that was sorta expected and there was just no chance of a 4th load…

We wrapped things up, I got dressed and noticed the first Asian I fucked was leaving at the same time. But hot guy stopped me in the hall and we made out some more. I was a few minutes behind the Asian guy leaving, but when I got to the corner of the block there he was waiting to cross the street. He was lost in his music and didn’t see me, but I sorta wondered why he wasn’t already gone… He’s another one I’d like to fuck again and from the sounds of it he’s getting into porn – the guy who organized the party said he’d shot a scene with him… I’d love to shoot a scene with me fucking him – he’s hot!

So that was a pretty excellent night. I didn’t fuck as many guys as I thought I would but all the ones I fucked were sorta exceptional, and cumming three times definitely made it a great evening… Now I just need to go back on a regular basis…




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