Puppies, The Leather Mart & The CODE Party @ MAL

19 January 2010 | 2 Comments

Jayson Park texted me around 3:30 and asked if the gangbang was over and if I wanted to go down and see the puppy play in the lobby bar which was ending soon. The last of the tops had left just after 3pm so we officially called the gang bang over and headed downstairs to get a drink and watch the puppies.

The puppy event was pretty much over by the time we got there, but we saw the tail end of it. Speaking of tails – I love how the puppy tales wag. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, “puppies” are bottom who identify as dogs. In some cases it’s just play, but often we’re talking about guys who see themselves as dogs in male bodies. So they dress up as dogs. There’s a collar and leash (of course), “puppy mitts” (which are basically small leather bags that they put their hands in – a lot like the booties they put on the paws of real dogs in the winter), then they often wear puppy hoods that have ears and a snout (very cute), and then there’s the puppy tail – which is basically a butt plug with a rubber tail coming out of the end. The tails wag when the puppy moves and it’s all very cute…

Then we headed over to the leather mart. Unlike IML, the leather mart at MAL is shoehorned into this really small space and it’s absolutely packed with people. One of the only video companies that was there was Dick Wadd – they had actually shot an 8  person scene the first night in which my friend/fb Jayson Park got fucked by 3 guys. One of the other guys in the scene was Jake Wetmore who I have a total crush on. Luckily he was at the Dick Wadd booth when Jayson, me and my bottom went up. He’s a total sweetie – almost goofy. We talked for a little bit which was really nice. And I gotta say – he’s MUCH hotter in person than on film (and I thought he was hot before seeing him).

We continued around and did some shopping. I was trying to keep on a budget so just bought some lube, some boot socks and a couple hankies. There was a CODE party at a bar nearby that night so I bought tickets for that as well.

We then went back to the room. My boy was tired so he surfed the web a little and then wanted to sleep. There had been a really hot pretty boy vers top at the gangbang and the boy figured out who he was and started corresponding with him. That connection turned out to be significant a day later – but more about that in a later post.

I was hungry, so I met Jayson Park in his room to look at what he was wearing that night and to head off to dinner. But of course hot nearly-naked guy… We fucked first and then figured out what he was going to wear 😉  When I fucked I was too lazy to take off my chaps, so it was a bit of an awkward fuck since I didn’t have much flexibility and with all the clothes on I didn’t cum. But Jayson always gets me rock hard, so it’s never a problem to just whip it out and fuck at a moments notice…

Anyway, we finally went down to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Jayson was thinking of continuing not to eat, but decided to eat a house salad. Food goes through him in 12 hours, and he doesn’t get fucked in the morning, and salads are as safe as you get in terms of staying “clean”, so it was a safe bet and got something into his system.

I was so tired by this point. I had gotten very little sleep the night before but the day kept going… I was so tired that I knew it was pointless to try to arrange a hookup… So it was off to the CODE Party.

The CODE party was in the same place as the bear event the night before only this time the place was packed. You had to be in proper “gear” to get in – could be leather, athletic gear, motorcycle, etc. There was everything from leather daddies to twinks just in jockstraps and tennis shoes to bikers in full biker gear and helmets. It was a pretty great crowd.

I’d been trying to get a “read” on my bottom since he’d arrived and was having a really hard time of it. However, I could tell he was liking the CODE party. For one he said “I’m in heaven right now”, and when they did the bondage demonstration and hog tied a hot muscle daddy he couldn’t get his eyes off it (pic below – personally I couldn’t get my eyes off the young Asian cutie next to the demonstration)…

MAL Code Party Bondage Demonstration

HOWEVER, he was totally not interested in the dark room area which surprised me. I thought he was there to be a cum dump. Every cum dump I know would have spent pretty much the whole night in that one room hoping for loads. So I knew something was up. He was enjoying himself – but not in the way I expected or intended.

Jayson Park went with us and I haven’t mentioned yet that he was wearing these crazy outfits all weekend. Most of his shirts didn’t go much below his nipples and he’d wear these little shorts that showed off how fuckable his ass was. The last day he was there a total stranger walked up to him and commented “So, you really do have full t-shirts”…

The outfit he wore to the CODE party was the most revealing of all of them… He had white boxer shoes on, tall white socks with black bands at the top, a tiny t-shirt that just barely went below his nipples and then he had “a sock” jock on. Sock jocks have a waist band and then a cock ring thing in the pouch so they don’t have any straps going down in the back (pics below, courtesy of Shutter Pup who was so enamored with Jayson that he actually rimmed him right in the middle of the club at one point).

Jayson Park at the CODE Party at MAL
Jayson Park in a sock jock

Jayson also brought a bottle of Gun Oil which I held onto for him, but which he (unfortunately) never used. It was a total “Fuck Me” outfit, but he’s not into anonymous sex and didn’t make a connection with anyone there, so the point of it was sorta lost. But it was hot!

We had gotten there pretty early and we left pretty early, by that I mean it was probably like 12:30 or 1:00 when we left… We got back to the hotel and I was just dead tired. My primary objective was to get a decent night’s sleep so I’d be up for fucking on Sunday. The bottom was tired too and a bit worn out from the gangbang and generally tired. I would have liked it if he had walked the halls looking for loads. A real cumhole would have, but as I went to sleep he was on his computer – I thought he was looking for tops, but the next day I found out he was IM’ing until 3 in the morning with the pretty boy vers top from the gangbang…




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