Three Fucks A Couple Weeks Ago

9 June 2022 | 1 Comment

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There’s a lot I could say about what’s been going on with me, but not quite ready to share all the gory details quite yet. One thing I will say is that I really miss the risk there used to be with barebacking – back before there was PrEP. I used to really get off on a neg bottom just trusting/hoping I was neg. It always amazed me that a bottom’s desire to be bred was stronger than their desire to stay neg. I mean I came out in 1989 – so for the first 7 years of my gay life sex was synonymous with risk – and bareback fucking was extremely high risk – it could literally kill you. So for me sex has always been a game of calculated risk.

Now with PrEP there’s basically no risk – other than with run-of-the-mill STIs that can be cured it’s all pretty much safe sex these days – which isn’t nearly as fun. 😈 Mind you, the “safe sex” feels 100x better these days than it did back in the day with condoms, but it’s lacking the edge. Among other things, I’m wondering if I should get back into BDSM and find a pain pig…

Suffice it to say COVID didn’t help my sex life. After having gone through the whole AIDS epidemic I’m wary of deadly infectious diseases that aren’t well understood. Plus, being 50-something with hypertension puts me at a bit of risk. So I just stepped back for a while. I did do some hookups last year, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. And this year Omicron made the infection rate shoot up really high. Just when it was getting low enough for me to feel comfortable it went up again.

That said, this isn’t two years ago, or even a year ago. They do understand the basics of COVID now and I’m probably really low risk since I’m 4x vaxxed. So can’t say I’ll be going to crowded bars or sex clubs any time soon, but I’m gonna start trying to do more one-on-ones, and maybe mix it up with quiet nights at the Eagle on the off chance it’s cruisy.

A couple weeks ago I fucked a few guys…

First guy was a gangbang at “that hotel” everyone’s using these days for gangbangs. There was another top in there fucking the guy when I got there. Both the top and the bottom were really verbal in a way that seemed forced and weird. The top was good about letting me step in and fuck. It seemed like he had been there for a while and was in no hurry to leave. I started fucking the guy with my PA in. But the room was really really hot and it was clear I couldn’t cum. So I took a break, took my PA out, and jacked a bit while trying to cool down. Then I went at it again, but I was overheating and could tell I’d never cum. So I gave up, went into the bathroom and tried to dry myself off with paper towels and then I left.

The next day I still needed to cum so I had this black guy over who I’ve fucked before (9! years ago). He’s aged, but he still had a great body – short, muscular – just how I like my bottoms 😉 I needed to cum so badly I didn’t last long. I felt a little bad about it. But I continued to pump his ass until I went soft, then we laid kinda spooning while I felt him up – which he seemed to like. For family reasons he’s in my neighborhood pretty regularly, so I’m hoping he’ll become a regular fuck buddy.

Then a few days later I was out in the Pines for Memorial Day weekend. I was supposed to hookup in the Meat Rack with this bottom off Twitter (who’s neg and not on PrEP 😈), but the Meat Rack is basically a huge maze and I wasn’t specific enough about where to meet, so about when I needed to get back I came across this bottom (fairly lean, probably 40-something with really short salt-n-pepper hair) bent over taking dick with one or two other guys waiting to fuck him. I joined the cue, the top who was fucking him came in his ass, and an older top started fucking him. But the bottom wasn’t really into the older guy (even though he had a nice dick), so he turned and planted his ass on my dick. Given the scene it was no big deal that I came pretty quickly. Problem was when I pulled out there was shit on my dick. Luckily I had brought some paper towels to clean up with. When I said “Shit, he’s dirty” all the tops except the older guy left. Either the older guy didn’t hear me or he didn’t mind fucking a dirty hole.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll fuck the hot bug chaser I fucked last year. Thing is with bug chasers I’m often not sure if they’re actually bug chasers or just pretending to be a bug chaser. His profile now says “positive” (not “undetectable”) – not sure if that means he’s actually tested poz or that he hasn’t tested and he’s just assuming he’s poz. I’ll ask after I breed him. I like the idea of fucking a toxic ass – especially on a hot guy – it give me the element of risk I’ve been missing… 😈




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