Levi Johnston Pics Are Out – Not So Sexy, IMHO…

21 November 2009 | 5 Comments

Levi Johnston in a shirt and a leather jacketLevi Johnston posing on a rooftop in NYC
Sexy shirtless Levi JohnstonAll soaped up in the shower

So Playgirl’s photos of Levi Johnston came out today (that was quick). Frankly, I think the photographer did a horrible job, but maybe that’s just me. He looks awkward. Why in the hell did they shoot him in NYC for anyway? Wouldn’t a nice rural resort in Alaska have been better? He looks awkward and uncomfortable in some of the pics. As they say, confidence is sexy, and he doesn’t look confident – and his not showing his wang just furthers that point – confident guys have no problem with other people seeing their dick.

Then there’s his ass… I’d fuck it, but honestly, I was expecting better.

If you get off thinking about fucking Sarah Palin’s sorta-son-in-law, then these will seem hot to you. But otherwise, I’d stick with something like Frat Men – the guys there are what he should look like if he’s going to do porn for real. But he is an average Joe, so he’s excused for not being in perfect shape on short notice.

I’m hoping he’ll get inspired to do more. After all, I’d love Sarah Palin to have to explain to her grand kid why daddy is doing gay porn…

If you want to see the whole shoot – head over to Playgirl.com.

Levi holds a towel over his dick in the showerLevi Johnston showing his ass in the shower
Naked Levi Johnston shows off his ass and smilesLevi Johnston's uninspiring ass
Levi Johnston's assLevi Johnston covering his dick with his hands

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Drama With Levi Johnston’s Shoot For Playgirl

17 November 2009 | 2 Comments

Well, America’s favorite baby daddy was in New York this week – Levi Johnston was doing the shoot for Playgirl.

Levi Johnston in a hockey uniform at Chelsea PiersThe first day of shooting was apparently at Chelsea Piers where Levi posed with a hockey stick that belonged to a gay guy. It was on this day that I found out that somehow Daniel Nardicio (the infamous gay club promoter) was the point person for Playgirl. That just seemed weird to me, but whatever…

That same day there were reports that The Rivington refused to let them shoot in their penthouse suite, but The Rivington is a pretty hip hotel – I couldn’t see them having a problem with it. Then the news came out that the real story was that Playgirl couldn’t afford to pay for it. That’s just sad.

So then the question was whether we were going to get to see Levi’s baby making cock. Unfortunately, despite the fact that his manager was promising everyone full frontal nudity – none of the pictures show his dick. UGH! I mean, what’s the point? [Of course, what I’d want to see his his hole spread and him shoving a dildo in it or something – but if he ain’t showing his dick, there won’t be no hole either…]

And then to top it all off I find out they only did pictures – no video. What in the hell were they thinking? How difficult can it be to take a video of a photoshoot? They were seriously doing it on the cheap… I guess there’s a reason why Playgirl.com they advertise other sites. Maybe they should take a few pointers off what makes those other sites successful.

Oh well, maybe he’ll get the adult modeling bug and want to do more and he’ll show his dick and hole for some softcore gay porn site… We can only hope.

Levi Johnston getting all sexy in a shower

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