Fucked A Twink From Scruff

20 May 2012 | 1 Comment

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I gotta say, the iPhone/Android app “Scruff” has been really active and promising lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m further downtown now, or if something’s changed with it lately. I’ve noticed they’re letting guys be a lot more explicit in their profiles… But it’s actually turned into a decent way to hookup.

If you haven’t tried Scruff, it’s ideal type is (obviously) scruffy guys and their admirers – lots of guys with beards which means lots of bears and average sort of guys. So you wouldn’t think you’d find a twink on Scruff, but that’s exactly what happened. The guy said he was 23, but he looked like a teen – especially in his picture which was generally accurate, but made him look 5 years younger.

It was a pretty simple hookup. He said ‘hi’, I said ‘hi’ and sent this pic of a big thick load on my belly…

thick load of cum on my hairy belly

That picture accomplishes a couple things – it shows my cock, it shows that I have a belly (without making me look fat), and it gets the bottom excited about a big thick load.

The twink responded with something like “I’d love to take that load”. Given that you’re not supposed to specify sexual stuff like barebacking in your profile, I responded with something like “I want to give it to you deep in your ass.” That got the bareback question out of the way¬† – especially when he made it clear that was exactly what he was looking for. Fast forward about 45 minutes and he had cleaned out and was over at my place.

I think he sucked my dick for a little bit, and then I had him get on the bed so I could rim him. He didn’t seem squeaky clean, but was clean enough – I just didn’t rim him too deeply. It’s funny, I usually don’t get rock hard with a blow job, but rimming gets me there pretty quickly – it’s all about the bottom’s hole. So once I was completely hard I got up and shoved in.

There hadn’t been any discussion of HIV status or anything like that, but it was clear he was there to get fucked and take my load. I got him on his belly and fucked him. It felt good and I came fairly quickly. He got himself a nice thick load a lot like the one above deep in his guts.

We cuddled while he jacked off. Usually I’m not too keen on that but he didn’t expect me to do anything while he jacked off, so it was fine. Then we talked a bit and he left. He lives fairly close. Hopefully I’ll seed him on a regular basis…

Fucked A Hot Twink Half My Age

20 May 2010 | 1 Comment

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For a while now I’ve sorta had a goal of seeding someone half my age – well, it finally happened. Usually I hookup with guys who are upper 20s and 30s, but this one 21 y.o. had been hitting me up and finally things worked out and I fucked him…

He came by and he was possibly hotter than his pics. The perfect twink body – tight, low body fat, some nice tatts – and he was a nice guy with a cute face. When he took off his clothes he had on this neon lime jockstrap that really accentuated his ass beautifully.

I sucked his cock a bit, he sucked mine and then I got him on all fours with his ass hanging off the bed. I got some lube and started lubing up my dick and his ass. When I stuck a finger in him to lube his ass I could tell he was really tight. My finger didn’t go in easily despite the fact that he’s a versatile bottom. Made me wonder exactly how much he gets fucked.

When I went to push my dick in it was a good thing I was pretty hard ’cause it wasn’t easy getting in. I put on more lube, and finally my dick popped into his ass. But it hurt him so much he pulled off. I put on some more lube and he went and laid down flat on the bed. His little perky ass was hot and I knew with him on his belly there was no way he could pull off. So when I pushed in again I tried to take it easy on him, but he wasn’t going anywhere – he sorta had to take it.

I was really gentle until he loosened up a bit then I started fucking harder and harder. Didn’t have to go all that hard ’cause he was still so tight he made me cum just a few minutes later. I was a little disappointed I had cum so quickly, but hey, it was still a good fuck.

I turned him on his side and spooned a bit with my dick in his ass. I was pretty tactile but he didn’t really return it. It was sorta weird, I knew he was into me – he made that clear in what he said, but at the same time he was sorta hands off.

He wanted to cum and started jacking his dick. I asked him what would get him off and he said he was tactile, so I just felt up his body while he jacked off (rough job, but someone’s gotta do it). When he got close I started sucking on the tip of his dick and got his load (sorta mild – not too tangy)…

We then laid there a bit and talked. Interesting guy.




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