Christian Has An Incredibly Silky Hole

24 May 2009 | 9 Comments

Woke up Saturday morning a bit boned, wanted to fuck, but I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to cum. I was just one of those feelings… Anyway, the fact that the poz guy I fucked the other night had fucked Christian (from Treasure Island), and just a couple weeks before Johnny Miles from Horndawgz had fucked him, I was feeling a little left out. There was a point in time when Christian had shown some brief interest in hooking up with me, but ever after that he sorta ignored me. I figured IML was my chance to get in his hole. I saw him online and asked if he was looking and he said sure, but he wanted a blindfolded pump-and-dump (as if that would be a problem for me).

Bottom line I showered and was at his room about 15 minutes later. I gotta say, he’s totally my type – short, thin, skinny waist, hot ass… He sucked me a bit, but my dick wasn’t really in the mood for a blowjob, so I had him get on the bed on all fours and I rimmed his ass. His ass tasted a little funny, and before I even asked he said he had put a booty bump up there and I might taste it. I usually don’t like fucking guys who are PNPing, but he didn’t seem all that high. But I didn’t eat out his ass as vigorously as I usually do ’cause I didn’t really want anything in my system. Nice hole though…

When I went to fuck him he asked me to take out the curved barbell I had in my dick ’cause he was filming later that day and needed to be in good form. He mentioned he liked PAs, had one himself, but just couldn’t take jewelry up his ass right then. First I fucked him on all fours and then on his belly. I gotta say it was one of the most wonderful holes I’ve ever fucked… Imagine a thick silky muscular ring – that’s his sphincter. Maybe he had just lubed really well, I don’t know, but it felt like putting your dick in a silky bag that was tight at the top and then just a big chamber.

Thing was, I’ve come to the conclusion that what gets me to cum is when the underside of the head of my dick is rubbing against something when I fuck. It’s why fucking a guy on his belly is usually what gets me off. Thing was the only point of pressure in Christian’s hole is the first part of the sphincter. It may feel incredible, but for me at least it wasn’t rubbing the right bits of my dick. I know some of you will say I’m a lame top, but it’s just how my body is built. On top of all that I hadn’t eaten a meal in 24 hours – just Ensure and some small granola bars, so my energy level wasn’t where it should have been.

Bottom line, I didn’t cum with him (like I didn’t cum with Jarod Steel at last year’s IML), but it was still a good fuck.