Skinny Black Guy Got Two Loads From Me

3 February 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-8/9

Well, the hookup I just had helped catch me up a bit on my 100 load goal for the year – the guy got two loads from me – which is rare for me – so by definition a good hookup.

I wasn’t really all that sure I wanted to hookup. I was having a nice mellow day – getting stuff done on Tumblr & on my blogs. I’d occasionally look at BBRT & A4A – and oddly, A4A was far more active today. There were two black guys on A4A who both wanted to hookup and both were definitely my type. One was up for videotaping the hookup which is a good thing, but I have to be in the mood for it since it just takes more effort since you have to be “on” completely when the camera is rolling. The other thing going for the other guy was that he was close by. I sorta wanted to host – after all he said he’d be up for stuff like bondage and flogging, but he wanted to host. Since he was within walking distance I said I’d go over, but I knew that meant no BDSM – unless he had gear laid out when I got there, which I doubted with this guy.

It took me a little bit to get out the door ’cause I had gotten the 11mm ring in my PA and it was in there so tightly that I had trouble getting the ring out. But I did finally get it out. I headed over to his place. I think I know why he wanted to host – he was in one of those nice new buildings that are all over Harlem these days. For a 20-something to have his own place in a nice building and have it nicely furnished – he was clearly above average and it was his way of letting me know that.

And he was well above average in terms of looks too. He had a nice tight body. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were a model or something. He offered me a drink, which was cute, but I was there for sex. We played a little bit (awkwardly) in the main room and then I suggested we go into the bedroom. Once there I proceeded to strip down as did he. He had a pair of those assless underwear / jockstraps on that are so popular these days. (They’re not exactly jockstraps – what is the proper name for them?) He seemed a bit unsure of what to do and just stood there, so after fingering his ass while feeling up his body, I finally suggested he get on the bed so I could rim him.

I couldn’t quite tell if he was completely clean or not, so I went pretty gently on the rimming, but still gave it my all – I just didn’t get too deep (so to speak). That got me rock hard, but I took my time, stopped jacking my dick and just paid attention to his ass for a bit before finally getting up, lubing my dick and pushing into his hole.

I wouldn’t call his hole loose, but he took my rock hard cock pretty easily. I fucked him doggy style for a minute or two and then got him down on his belly. He was pretty thin which I like when I fuck a guy. His hole felt good, but didn’t grab my dick and really massage it like some holes do. But it was a good hole. It wasn’t long until I could feel my orgasm coming. Then a little bit later I felt a little spurt, but not much of anything. I kept fucking and felt a bit more, but it wasn’t exactly a major load. When I say that sometimes I can’t feel when I cum, this was borderline one of those cases – I barely felt it, but this time at least I knew for sure I was cumming at least a little bit.

As I slowed down he said “you’re incredible”, which was sweet… Clearly he was enjoying himself.

I actually think I came a fair amount. His hole had felt pretty silky before I came – almost to the point that I wondered if he didn’t already have some loads in him. But after I came it was really slick and silky. It felt really good. I got down lower on top of him so I wasn’t having to work so hard to support the weight of my body and I just pistoned in and out of his ass slowly. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was hard enough for a slow fuck.

I never really went soft. I just kept on slowly fucking him for what must have been 5 minutes or so. Then I rolled us onto our sides and still just kept slowly fucking him. That lasted another maybe 5 minutes and then I felt my dick grow and I knew I was getting my second wind. I rolled him onto his belly again. This time I was a little bit at an angle and that was enough for his ass to work my dick pretty much perfectly. I could slowly feel another orgasm building. I was thinking, “this is rare”, but just went with it.

I was fucking him to suit my needs, not his. It was about me getting off – in that moment he was just a hole and I honestly couldn’t have cared whether he was enjoying himself or not. I could hear him grunting and making sounds like he was in pain. When I could clearly see his face he was totally in pain. But he wasn’t telling me to stop or slow down. He was just laying there taking the abuse to his hole. Needless to say I wanted to cum a second time and I did what I needed to do to make that happen.

It took a while for the second orgasm to come (so his pain was pretty drawn out) but when it did come, it was major. I could feel my load totally flooding his hole.

At that point my dick did start to deflate pretty quickly. We spooned and I caressed him. He was quiet – so quiet I wondered whether he was falling asleep. Finally, I wanted to go so I stirred and he got up as well. He commented “that was intense – intense in a good way though”. Usually you think of black tops as being the ones who really can “turn out” a hole, but today that top was me and he got fucked really good and hard.

I’m not sure he was expecting a fuck like that. In the moment I think he may have been a little freaked out by it, but I think he’ll remember it as a hot fuck and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for more.

Tomorrow an 18 y.o. is supposed to come over. Hopefully that works out. Last time I fucked an 18 y.o. he later told me he had only been 17 at the time. Luckily 17 is legal in NY. But one way or the other it’s always hot to breed a teen and help them learn to take semi-anonymous loads from complete strangers.