Still Not Hooking Up Much…

31 March 2014 | 2 Comments

Loads 2014-6 & 7

I’m still not hookup up much lately. Maybe now that the weather is getting nicer my mood will change, but who knows…

A couple weeks ago I fucked the black guy in the neighborhood I who fuck pretty regularly. I didn’t have a lot of time so it was a quickie. He sucked me a bit to get me hard then I put him on his belly and fucked him until I came a few minutes later. Then he jacked off and pushed the head of his cock in my hole when he came. It was supposed to be a two day load, but it didn’t seem all that big – who knows. All I do know is his cock was so big even the few seconds he was in my ass hurt like hell.

Then this past weekend this guy was hosting in a hotel in Chelsea. My load was the 6th one he took that day. When I rimmed him you could taste and smell the sweet muskiness of a well bred hole. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to cum that time either (I love a cummy hole). Curiously he wasn’t a tourist – he lives here in NYC, so maybe we’ll fuck again in the near future. He had a nice body – sort of otterish, and he seemed to have a nice big thick dick on him as well – not that dick size matters when the guy is a total cumdump bottom. 😉

Part of me wants to start going to sex parties again. Problem is I’ve gained a little weight back since Thanksgiving so not feeling as sexy as I did a few months ago. And so many of the parties are expensive and sorta suck action-wise. But one way or the other I need to get back into the swing of things.

But on the plus side I’ve mostly been not hooking up because I’ve been in the mood to code. Programming is a pretty solitary endeavor – it’s not really the same headspace as interacting with someone for a hookup. But I feel like I’ve learned a ton of stuff and that I’m really starting to accomplish something that could be incredibly productive. So things are good, even if I’m not fucking a lot.